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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Big Hole Created in the Scottish Planning System

15-07-2013 19:36

LAON's 29th Press Release explores further the consequences of the recent Court of Sessions decision that Scottish Coal now have no legal responsibility for restoring certain abandon opencast sites. LAON claim that this decision could affect every current site in Scotland where minerals are being worked and all future applications for mineral extraction.

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"Austerity Isn't Working": National Demo Liverpool 27/07

13-07-2013 17:27

You are invited to be a part of history and attend a demonstration in 2 weeks time that will see everybody who opposes the cuts demonstrate in Liverpool town centre. This is our opportunity to come together from all over the UK, whether you are a bedroom tax group, a pensioners group, a union branch, an anti cuts group or an individual who has enough of life and the austerity measures that have been put in place by Etonian elite and carried out locally.

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Boycott workfare Brent

12-07-2013 09:44

Picket Sainsburys Homebase Willesden, London NW10

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Free Evenia Mawongera - stop the deportation

11-07-2013 12:56

Evenia, who has lived in the UK for 10 years and whose children are British citizens, has been detained by the UK Border Agency awaiting possible deportation to Zimbabwe. We cannot allow this to happen. Support the campaign, sign the petition!

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UG#653 -The Biopsychosocial Approach (The Growth Of Child Development Disorders)

11-07-2013 10:40

Following on from last week, another show on a very important but commercially sidelined scientific backwater. Dr. Gabor Maté combines personal testimony, anecdotal evidence and a lot of scientific research to tell a story of child development very different to the one pedalled by institutions such as the Drug Industry, the criminal justice system or other profiteers of human disfunctionality. Increasing ill health, Maté suggests, is a natural response to an increasingly sick society.

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Cambridge Food Stores Hiding Their Bins.

10-07-2013 23:40

It has come to light that in the last few weeks many local food shops have started to actively hide their food waste bins, meaning that many of the poorer residents of Cambridge now no longer have a supplemental food source at a time when they need it the most.

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The Rescue of UK Coal could be a Threat to Communities

10-07-2013 13:21

This press release reveals why certain communities across the UK are not jumping up and down with joy over the rescue of UK Coal. They are now threatened with the prospect of more opencast mining, just when the UK Coal's consumption is due to drop significantly

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Jimmy Mubenga: Heathrow deportee 'unlawfully killed'

09-07-2013 15:30

A man being deported to Angola on a British Airways flight was unlawfully killed by guards who were restraining him, an inquest jury has found.

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UK protest against the murder of Juan Vázquez Guzmán

08-07-2013 18:38

Representatives from groups from around the UK delivered a letter to the Mexican Embassy in London yesterday protesting against the assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán and the continued harassment of indigenous peoples in San Sebastián Bachajón in Chiapas, South East Mexico.

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Newcastle/North East EDL page incites racial attacks and slurs

08-07-2013 17:41

Newcastle EDL poster suggests 'blowing up' mosques
A page used by the North East EDL has a track record of posting racially abusive posts.

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'Radical Wales' article - the People's Assembly movement and our own

08-07-2013 15:54

An article, in essence, asking autonomists to consider, as and when possible in their local area, to be a part of, what is in effect there's already - from the Zapatistas, to Los Indignados, to those in Greece, Istanbul, Iceland and Brazil - the People's Assembly movement is alive and we could make it something incredible here in the UK.

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Watching the BBC's newswatch?

08-07-2013 13:59

The BBC's NEWSWATCH is supposed to be about getting the truth and the ethics into the output of the Corporation. But does the slot deliver what moral and ethical viewers expect it to?
Jimmy Saville is only the tip of the iceb erg of unaccountability on the BBC

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Egypt: Insurrection or Interregnum?

08-07-2013 08:53

The toppling of Morsi by the combined efforts of millions aided by the military have introduced new factors into the volatile situation in Egypt. This article considers a number of them both positive and negative.

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KHOODEELAAR! SCOOPS BBC Sunday Politics Programme about Tower Hamlets Council

07-07-2013 21:03

The BBC Sunday Politics programme broadcast today 07 July 2013, fronted by Andrew Neill had its London segment carry a piece on Tower Hamlets Council featuring John Wright, the Shadwell resident who had been stopped from filing the Council on Wednesday 26 June 2013. But the BBC Report was incoherent and lacked any clear or contextual info even from John Wright himself whom they showed. KHOODEELAAR! scoops the BBC in their view report posted on youtube tonight [Sunday 07 July 2013]

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Solidarity Rally with the Non-Citizens in Munich/Germany

04-07-2013 18:42

On Wednesday the 3rd of July a solidarity rally took place in front of the German embassy in London. The protest campaign supported the struggle of the so-called Non-Citizens in Munich/Germany whose hunger strike was forcefully ended when they were violently removed from the square they and supporters had occupied a week ago.

Below the open letter of the striking asylum seekers to Angela Merkel.

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Fight workfare - Sheffield, Brighton, Glasgow, London and everywhere!

04-07-2013 13:53

Boycott Workfare's national week of action is coming up soon, with events confirmed for Sheffield, Brighton, Glasgow and London, and more on the way.

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Please come to Grow Heathrow

03-07-2013 11:06

Grow Heathrow at Court
We will give more updates as soon as we can, but the short story is that we urgently need people to come to site to help us plan. We’ve just heard that we lost our appeal in the UK’s second-highest court so the landowner now has a live possession order. We don’t know the landowner’s plans, so we don’t know whether or when he will apply for a warrant from the County Court for bailiffs, and beyond then whether or when he might hire bailiffs.

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Nkululeko Gwala Murdered in Cato Crest

03-07-2013 07:20

Nkululeko Gwala
On June 26th, Nkululeko Gwala, an Abahlali baseMjondolo member, and a well known and respected housing activist, was murdered in Cato Crest. Twelve shots were fired. The style of this assassination is very similar to the assassination of Thembinkosi Qumbelo, also a well known housing activist (but not an AbM member) who was killed in the same area on the 15th of March this year. There are also strong similarities to the attack on our movement in Kennedy Road in 2009.

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UG#651 - Deep Green Resistance (Earth At Risk Conference)

02-07-2013 22:48

A trio of speakers this time, two of whom have been regular contributors to the show. We listen in on a conference that happened in California in 2011 entitled Earth At Risk. While they outline contrasting approaches to resistance, the speakers are united in their conviction that the culture of capitalist golobalisation has no mechanism for self-regulation and so Direct Action is necessary to stop its ongoing ecocide.