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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Welfare Reforms - Govt found to have misquoted research findings

07-10-2008 15:24

The Government has been exposed as completely misquoting a couple of researchers whose report they have used to justify the new workfare proposals in the Green Paper — “No one written off: reforming welfare to reward responsibility”, where the report based on a study of the effect on the labour market in Australia of the introduction of a workfare scheme there actually found that as a result, the very long term unemployed in fact grew by 68%!

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Solidarity Film Night

07-10-2008 13:12

Birmingham's autonomous social centres collective present an evening of radical films in solidarity with the Common Place. 7.15 pm, at the Spotted Dog, Alcester St, Digbeth.

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Freedom not fear - some links

07-10-2008 13:02

More info about the freedom not fear international action this saturday:

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Comms Uberdatabase

07-10-2008 11:50

Freedom not Fear 11th October 1pm New Scotland Yard
Bring food, stuff to make noise!

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worse than a war criminal : John McCain

07-10-2008 07:56

Why cant the US field humane candidates?

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Demo by University & College Union, derecognised at Nottingham Trent University

07-10-2008 01:19

On 12:30 on Monday 6th October 2008, staff and students from Nottingham Trent University together with hundreds of UCU members from all around the country held a national rally outside the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham.

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Liverpool Defy-ID / NO2ID Meeting, Thursday 9th October

06-10-2008 21:39

Defy ID Logo
Liverpool Defy-ID are holding a meeting this Thursday (9th October) at 7pm at
Next To Nowhere, the Liverpool Social Centre at 96 Bold Street, L1 4HY -

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...The Clock is Ticking...

06-10-2008 19:47

Time to wake up and realise what is important, and it's not money.

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Freedom Not Fear - Anti-surveillance Day Sat 11th October - Scotland Yard

06-10-2008 15:59

Met Anti-Terror Campaign,
In London: Assemble 1pm at New Scotland Yard, with pots, pans and other stuff to make some noise!!

A broad movement of campaigners and organizations is calling on everybody to join action against excessive surveillance by governments and businesses. On 11 October 2008, concerned people in many countries will take to the streets, the motto being "Freedom not fear 2008". Creative action, from protest marches to parties, will take place in many capital cities.

Call to mass action Saturday 11th October against the surveillance state in
solidarity with activists all around the world.

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TAG Aviation seek massive expansion at Farnborough Airport

06-10-2008 14:30

Airbus A380 Farnborough International Airshow July 2008
TAG Aviation has published the result of its so-called consultation exercise for massive expansion of business aviation at Farnborough Airport.

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NCADC Briefing - Your documents Your Rights

06-10-2008 12:26

You are entitled to the originals or copies of every document the Home Office, your solicitor/caseworker issue that concerns your case; it is your right in law.

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Georgia's Saakashvili: Freedom Fighter or Rights Abuser?

06-10-2008 08:48

we can tell Saakashvilli is a villain, just by looking a his allies.
He is a ruthless despot, whose real character are concealed by his allies esp th US.

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The Banana Incident

06-10-2008 03:40

Bananas, cosmic radiation, and private property.

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Separate Church and State in Israel or Expect More Radical Zionism in the U.S.

05-10-2008 23:05

We, as a nation, can no longer espouse any other position as fair but to advocate for the separation of Church and State in “all” the Middle East—including and especially in Israel and Palestine. Condemning Arab states as backward while ignoring Israel’s own demand for the continuance of a de facto theocratic kingdom based on discrimination is high hypocrisy. And the world can no longer afford this outdated baggage and demeanor.

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Ladbrokes staff strike against pay offer

05-10-2008 20:43

Staff at a Ladbrokes betting call centre on Merseyside are staging a 24-hour walkout in a row over pay.

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Iraqs Forgotten Refugees

05-10-2008 11:01

Jordan and Syria, not the United States, have felt the brunt of the refugee wave that Bush’s invasion has caused.

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2nd Annual Working Class Bookfair Sat 22 Nov 2008 12 - 4pm

03-10-2008 22:18

In an age when left and anarchist bookshops have been closing, here is an opportunity to get some literature in the North East.

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Mustafa Belongs to Nottingham

03-10-2008 12:21

Mustafa Abdulrahim Mustafa from Sudan is detained in Campsfield House IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Saturday 4th October on BMI flight BD 997 from Heathrow Terminal 1, @ 13:15hrs, flying to Beirut, and then on to Khartoum

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Not Around Here!!!

03-10-2008 12:14


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New process against Italian anarchists - Desert the Fear

03-10-2008 09:31

Anarchists in Lecce, Southern Italy, face a new trial by a vengeful state after their efforts helped lead to nearby San Foca immigration detention centre being closed down.

Revolutionary Solidarity against the Italian State - Burn all Prisons