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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Abused Childrens Concert

19-10-2013 09:33

Celebrity Concert at the o2 Arena 2014 to raise funds for he safe houses.

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Anti-Fracking protests escalate in Canada

18-10-2013 01:11

Serious clashes in Canada between First Nations and the cops. Anti-Fracking protests have come to an escalation. Solidarity is needed.

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Refugee Strike Berlin: Call for Solidarity

17-10-2013 21:15

Refugee strike at the Brandenburger Tor Berlin
At this moment about 25 refugees are in 'dry hunger strike' in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

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UG#666 - The Cancer in Occupy (What is Violence?)

17-10-2013 01:38

After the last show on Chris Hedges, this week we hear a discussion about his controversial 2012 Truthdig article in which referred to "Black Bloc anarchists" as "the cancer of the Occupy movement". He debates with Crimethinc on just how violent is it acceptable (or advisable) to be. Along the way we discuss the purpose of occupy and who defines what violence is anyway?

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On the Out – New Zine about life after prison

16-10-2013 12:59

A new publication has recently been produced by Bristol ABC. On the Out is a collection of writings by ex-prisoners and their supporters on life after prison.

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Black power, anti-fascist struggle & anarchism in the US - 3 talks in Bristol

14-10-2013 10:31

Two former US Black Panthers visit Bristol - as part of a UK tour initiated by the London Anarchist Bookfair collective, various Bristol groups have banded together to arrange 3 discussion meetings in 2 days on 16th and 17th October.

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A4E and "Transforming Rehabilitation"

13-10-2013 22:14

Transforming Rehabilitation is an upcoming Government Contract. A4e are bidding for it as a prime contractor. The truth is that A4e does not have the employees to deliver. So, regardless of any feelings (or rational arguments) one way or another about A4e, there is a clear problem. A4e are seeking to be paid between £5bn and £20bn over the next ten years for doing nothing more than they do for the Unemployed.

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Goodbye, Welcome, my ‘Revolution’…Egypt, The Military, The Brotherhood & Tamarod

11-10-2013 16:26

Egypt…How do we move? In what direction? How do we do this? There is a consensus of urgency, of impending catastrophes, but what action do we take? Many of us think that if the operators of the system are changed that the situation will be resolved, but that is an illusion. We need to come together immediately and move to create a society that is beyond our current reality.

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Campesino strike in Colombia

08-10-2013 20:23

The struggle for recognition of the basic rights of the Colombian, rural population has reached what could be a point of no return as the consequences of recent free trade agreements signed by the Colombian government with the USA, Europe and South Korea among others, take their toll.

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CURO Housing tenants threaten suicide over bedroom tax

08-10-2013 11:17

Curos's head of service development David Clarke said staff were dealing with very angry and upset tenants every day of the week.

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Kebele social centre is 18 years young

08-10-2013 10:58

What started as a squatted empty building in the autumn of 1995, has turned into an 18 year (and counting) experimental project putting anarchist ideas and practices into action on a daily basis. Much to the disgust of Kebele’s many detractors over the years, who wont be coming to the 18th birthday bash! (Update - Kebele's big birthday bash benefit gig on 5th October raised over £2000 for the social centre, thanx to all who came!)

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Harssament, illeghal eviction: what does the dpp of engalnd do?

08-10-2013 10:28

The English DPP Kier Starmer QC is on his way out. He is often given unchallenged platform.

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U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Take Argentina and NML Capital Debt Case

07-10-2013 18:39

The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to take the landmark debt case between Argentina and bondholders led by NML Capital, a hedge fund that buys the debt of countries in financial crisis. Argentina is expected to file a second petition in the coming months that the Supreme Court will review and decide again if it will hear the case. In June, Argentina filed a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court asking the court to overturn a ruling by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals made last October. The ruling ordered Argentina to pay bondholders $1.33 billion based on the court’s interpretation of a pari passu, or parity clause.

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TV License Threats And Intimidation

06-10-2013 23:47

I do not watch television but am receiving threatening letters.

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UKUncut Legal Aid Roadblock in Cambridge

06-10-2013 17:46

They Shall Not Pass!
Yesterday (Saturday 05/10/2013) UKUncut created a disruption to the usual flow of weekend consumerist reality in Cambridge by setting up a roadblock on East Road.

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UK Uncut and DPAC block road in Legal Aid Cuts protest

06-10-2013 15:51

A successful two hour long blockade of the Strand outside the London Royal Courts of Justice passed off without incident yesterday after disabled activists locked wheelchairs together with the support of UK Uncut activists.

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Dissident Island Radio - the HEMP SPECIAL! - episode 127 - 4 Oct '13

05-10-2013 11:00

Have a listen to the latest Dissident Island Radio show - all about HEMP!

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UG#665 - Living In An Age Of Political Paralysis (The World According To Hedges)

05-10-2013 02:58

What to do amidst a vast apparatus designed, as Graeber wrote in episode 624, to "perpetuate hopelessness"? Chris Hedges recommends a path of courageous and unflinching non-violent resistance to the US plutocrats. We hear a 90 minute interview from earlier this week, interspersed with half of a classic Hedges speech, "War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning".

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02-10-2013 22:53


It has everything to do with anarchism and the class war we find ourselves in. Self organisation in our communities, internationalism, taking out the ruling class, it's all part of our struggle for revolutionary change. Mutual aid and voluntary cooperation. By any means necessary