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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Close to 24 million stand up against poverty in resounding message for leaders

19-10-2006 13:54

Is this a clear message from the UN on how the Blair Government and all other 'neoliberal' Governments across the world need to 'reform' the 'welfare-state' that does not violate millions of disabled peoples basic human rights. The current welfare reforms bill reforms is totally against UN anti-poverty message that 24 millions USA citizens have sent a resonding messages to their political leaders.

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Dannitt Wins "Wings of Justice" Award.

19-10-2006 10:07

In the UK, General Sir Richard Dannatt is the current chief of the general staff. This past week, he told a British newspaper reporter "that British troops should be brought home 'soon' from Iraq and that their presence was 'exacerbating' tensions. Not only that, but he, in effect, accused the Prime Minister [Tony Blair] of being 'naive' in thinking they could install a liberal democracy in Iraq." He is the recipient of this week's BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice" Award.

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Ismet Hyseni - Belongs to Glasgow

19-10-2006 05:18

Ismet Hyseni - Belongs to Glasgow
Ismet and the Hyseni clan were amongst the first asylum seekers to come to Glasgow in 1999. Why, after 7 years, is Ismet still waiting for the right to settle permanently in UK? Why was he taken into detention without justification and in a dawn raid? Why is his future still uncertain? Why is he faced with the worry of being forcibly removed from UK? Ismet has a dream - to be a maths teacher here in UK. Please help him stay in UK so he can fulfill his dream - but importantly, because such a dream is also UK's gain economically and socially.

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MENWITH HILL Worker Bus Info

19-10-2006 03:51

Menwith hill is the controversial US army base located between Harrogate and Skipton.

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Rossport Solidarity demo, Manchester Business School, Oct 26th

18-10-2006 21:14

Picket of Manchester Busines School called for Thursday 26th Oct - 11.30 - 2pm. Calling for the MBS to have Shell removed from their list of sponsors, unless Shell ceases its attempts to destroy the environment in Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland.

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What lies beneath Shell's Wild Lie?

18-10-2006 21:09

Kick Shell out of the Natural History Museum
Guests arriving at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award opening ceremony tonight filed past a greenwashed oil executive, an angry orangutang, a languishing tiger and a wandering photography exhibition – all bent on ending Shell’s sponsorship deal with the Natural History Museum.

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Palestine Today

18-10-2006 18:16

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre For Wednesday October 18th, 2006.

The death toll in the Gaza strip reaches four since Tuesday night, while in the West Bank the army attacks cities and takes prisoners. These stories and more coming up, stay tuned.

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John Bridle of Asbestos Watchdog: "lies, illegal tests and self aggrandisement"?

18-10-2006 16:46

Today, (18th October) Shari Vahl on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme investigated a businessman called John Bridle. His company “Asbestos Watchdog” has claimed to be:

“The only UK organisation that can provide unbiased information about asbestos”

The BBC claim that two of the UK’s biggest house builders have been using an asbestos surveyor who is carrying out analysis which the Health and Safety Executive say is illegal.

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18-10-2006 16:01

I beieve this has come about from the work of Paulo Freire's and others work. Has anyone ever come across, or been part, or is involved in the Theater of Oppressed?

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Standing up against criminal fat cats

18-10-2006 13:10

CHODIEV, MACHKEIVICH, and IBRAGIMOV - Billionaire Kazak trio, owners of corrupt international firm Eurasian National Resources Corporation (ENRC), steal from the rich and the poor, sponsor organised crime circles and frighteningly are making progress in listing on the London Stock Exchange.

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Zapatistas defend village against violent eviction

18-10-2006 11:21

Zapatista families in the northern zone of Chiapas, Mexico urgently need solidarity in an important struggle to defend their community against a violent threatened eviction.

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Criminal Paradise is Government

18-10-2006 03:37

The answer is blowing the Constitution and Bill of Rights out the window – the Triads, Mafia, Latino, Cuban groups and various South American drug cartels all have something to learn from Cheney and Bush; in fact, they look positively tame in comparison. When confronted with accusations (and proof) of murder, torture, theft/plunder, illegal surveillance, etc, on levels traditional organised crime could only dream of, what is the recourse of neo-cons? Legislate and change the Law (it’s an ass anyway). Simply legalise activities that were once considered crimes and criminalise those who oppose or disagree! There’s nothing that compares to stealing government – computerised voting, subterfuge, lies, fabricated terrorist threats and THE POWER TO LEGISLATE – it’s just too damn easy!

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17-10-2006 19:58

Verse-omercial for the American New 'passive resistance' Left, brought to you by the US Department of Homeland Security, the American Friends Service Committee, the Committee to Resist Alienating People (CRAP), and various other cowardly American Peace Without Justice groups, all 'collaborating' to "secure Peace while maintaining Process." (God Help Iran!)

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Clean Clothes Campaign Organiser to speak at Nottingham University

17-10-2006 18:27

Jeroen Merk, Sussex University academic and an organiser of the UK Clean Clothes Campaign wil be speaking at the CSSGJ Open Seminar series at Nottingham University on 26 October. all welcome.

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Saving Queens Market from the developers

17-10-2006 17:30

The women of the Olympic borough of Newham, London will be taking to the streets from their local Plashet Park on Saturday 28 October, heading a procession to save Queens Market, London’s most multi-ethnic market.

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Palestine Today

17-10-2006 17:16

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre for Tuesday October 17th, 2006.

Three youth are killed by Israeli troops in Qabatia near the West Bank city of Jenin and in Hebron city, south of the West Bank, Israeli soldiers take four residents prisoner. These stories and more coming up, stay tuned.

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Pathfinder hits the buffer

17-10-2006 17:11

Thanks to the courageous and determined efforts of a handful of local campaigners in Liverpool, the neo-Labour Pathfinder project appears to have been derailed.

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Photos of Survival Vigil

17-10-2006 15:59

Photos of today's vigil outside India House

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Guerrilla Gardening at Dalston Lane

17-10-2006 15:35

Guerrilla Gardening at Dalston Lane 1
During the "Day Of Celebration" last Sunday there was also a collective
effort to transport the roof garden from the soon-to-be-demolished
building, re-planting it in the little square, as part of an ongoing
process to re-claim land for the benefit of the community, and
following in the tradition of guerrilla gardening.