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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Dubstep rebellion - the British banlieue comes to Millbank

10-12-2010 10:22

Paul Mason is BBC Newsnight’s economics editor. His blog entry stands alone from the total mass of shit that the BBC came out with during their live broadcast where the running commentary and the images clearly were out of step. Mason really gets to grips with the composition and anger of yesterdays crowd. As was widely shown on TV yesterday in an interview with some young people, the kids doing most of the fighting back described themselves as 'coming from the slums of London'.

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A sad day for democracy

10-12-2010 04:59

Parliament Square
When Parliament is surrounded by barricades to keep the people out. When Parliament is guarded by riot police to keep the people out. When this happens we know that those inside no longer represent the people.

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Student Fightback - another great anti-cop tactic brings rewards

09-12-2010 23:45

Bring on the paintbombs!! This is the kind of art we can all dig!

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SchNEWS 751: Hacktion Stations

09-12-2010 23:39

A real (but largely virtual) war is being fought over control of information and your right to hear the truth - especially any truth unpalatable as far as the ruling elites are concerned. In their guise of 'The Authorities', the nod for a full on assault on WikiLeaks was given sometime ago; a not-so-covert campaign to shut the website shut down and trace and punish those responsible is well underway.

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The anti-cut movement needs be radicalised

09-12-2010 22:22

The movement is now stuck in visible violence but lacks ideology. It is worrying that student elitism and insufficient understanding of the capitalist system will bar the working class from joining the struggle and end the movement badly.On the other hand, the leftists fail in radicalising the movement by mistaken strategies.

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How to join the Anonymous Hackers Payback Operation for beginners

09-12-2010 22:21

An introduction to the Anonymous group currently organizing the attacks against Paypal, Mastercard and other perceived enemies of Wikileaks. Freedom fighters sign up here!

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Sri Lanka War-Crimes Accountability The Tamil Perspective 15/01/2010 10Colombo32

09-12-2010 21:13

## "Responsibility for many of the alleged crimes rests with the country’s senior civilian and military leadership" ## "...[Tamil] vulnerable to political or even physical attack if they raise the issue of accountability publicly...[if] the international community push...[it] would seem to play into the super-heated campaign...that there is an international conspiracy against Sri Lanka and its “war heroes.”" ##

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Violence against student elected uwesu by met police

09-12-2010 19:40

elected represented of uwesu hospitalised by met police in london during tuition fee protest. Paddy Besiris, st Matts Chair of UWESU has been admitted to hospital after a head injury inflicted by excessive force by the MET police. 24 hours ago at an event hosted by centre forum David Cameron, prime minister, praised uwe professor Steve West current vice canceller of Samantha Cameron's alumina. Today popular representative lies in hospital following police brutality propping up Cameron's coalition.

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Freedom to protest demos

09-12-2010 18:44

A reminder for tommorrow

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(Pissed off) 'Statement on the Goldsmiths Occupation'

09-12-2010 17:54

A brave statement from one of the occupiers of Goldsmiths asking questions of the endless obstructions, rhetoric and total toss spouted by ' pseudo-radical academics, anxious union reps, obnoxious sub-trotskyists and pedantic anarchist hangers on'. Worth reading!

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Book Bloc comes to London

09-12-2010 15:22

Inspired by and in solidarity with the Italian protesters in Rome, and all those fighting austerity cuts

The Book Bloc joins the student and public sector workers' protest to affirm and defend what is under attack: Our universities and public libraries, literacy, thought, culture and jobs. In the past few weeks our attempts to do so peacefully have been met by police with batons, riot shields and horses. These are not isolated incidents of brutality but part of a system of institutional violence. By bringing books into the streets we are drawing attention to the violence at the heart of the neo-liberal ideology of the Con-Dem government.

When the police kettle us, baton us or charge us we will not only see police violence against individuals but the state's violence against free thought, expression and education.

Books are our tools – we teach with them, we learn with them, we play with them, we create with them, we make love with them and, sometimes, we must fight with them.
Book Bloc

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Exeter University occupation

09-12-2010 01:53

Students stand together during the first hour of occupation
Exeter University has joined others around the country in holding an occupation and teach-in. Direct action started today after a march and involves University and Exeter College students, and non-students too. By late evening it was clear the day had been a success: inspiring, well-attended, constructive and welcoming. Students plan to remain overnight and have planned a full programme for tomorrow.

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Southend Anti Cuts Demo Sunday 12th December

08-12-2010 23:39

March and Rally - 'Stop the Cuts - Defend Our Public Services' in Southend, Essex

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Tuition Fees Protestors invade Cambridge shopping malls

08-12-2010 21:52

Kings Parade, rapidly becoming the 'traditional' starting point.
Today in Cambridge, both of the local Cathederals of Consumerism were invaded by several generations of angry students, fighting for a future that doesn't involve getting themselves into vast amounts of debt.

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Birmingham University cuts protest speeches - Tuesday 7th December

08-12-2010 17:48

Video from the Birmingham University cuts protest speeches.. Click here to view video..

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London Occupations Teach-Outs Euston at 5pm

08-12-2010 10:33

'Come all ye minds of intrigue. After a very successful teach-in day, it is time to once again break out of the university bubble. This time we take to the streets in a form of protest quite different than the usual. Our message that education and access to knowledge should be open and accessible to all will be made all across London, as lectures and discussions erupt in train stations, museums and shopping centres…'

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Calling All Activists - Join Us on the Ground in Palestine!

08-12-2010 01:41

Activists Pull Down Settlement Fence in Beit Ommar, Palestine
Join the Palestine Solidarity Project in Beit Ommar, Palestine, and become part of the growing international movement to support Palestinian non-violent resistance. We are in need of volunteers to join us this winter and spring as we struggle to end the Israeli occupation in all its forms and to promote justice and self-determination for the Palestinian people. We have a wide range of programs lined up for the next few months, and are in need of dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to help make our goals a reality.

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National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts - 15/12

07-12-2010 23:53

Take action now to defend the Welfare State. We will not pay for their crisis.

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Network X Gathering

07-12-2010 23:21

A call out for a gathering for a network to fight the cuts and beyond. to bring together existing networks and provide the platform for the way forward.