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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Palestine Today

15-06-2006 15:41

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Thursday June 15th, 2006

Army arrests three residents from Nablus and invades Kofer Harres village near Salfit also Army arrests one resident from Attil village And four residents from Hebron Meanwhile Unknown gunmen abducts a resident in Khan-Younis town in the Gaza strip

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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Matilda is a cave! Squatter's Filmnight

15-06-2006 14:31

Film Night on Friday 16th June in Matilda, starting 19.30h.
Featuring the classical squatter movie Themroc (see beneath) and more delightful films.

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15-06-2006 13:56

Here is a animated gif of images from yesterdays eviction at Matilda you have to sit and watch enjoy..

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Camp for Climate Action - London Neighbourhood Meeting

15-06-2006 13:01

Camp for Climate Action - London Neighbourhood Meeting
Tuesday, 20 June, 7.00 PM @ The Square (20-22 Russell Square, WC1)

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amazing 3 hour occupation of Dutch airport runway

15-06-2006 11:48

For European Day of Action on Aviation, where there was stuff happening at about 25 different airports.

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Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign Film Night

15-06-2006 10:12

Map to the Common Place
Leeds PSC Presents -The Iron Wall- a film by Mohammad Alatar alongside the "Children Under Occupation" art exhibition.

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Israel Occupation Forces' strategy (by Latuff)

15-06-2006 08:08

Israeli Occupation Forces' strategy
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their resistance against U.S. backed Israeli occupation.

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War On Terror Act 4 Scene 3: Terrorism Act-Fear Creation

15-06-2006 06:41

There was an article on Guardian unlimited by someone called leader, on the police raid and shooting of a young Muslim, which, now appearing to have been based on flimsy intelligence is yet another diesel soaked rag to the anti-western fire burning throughout the Islamic world. The article titled Intelligence needed, which can be read here prompted me to share my views on the matter.

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Friday Night at the Square - June 16th

15-06-2006 04:14

Benefit Reggae Dance - Broadway Market Campaign
(In aid of the ‘Save the Spirit of Broadway Market’ Campaign)

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Yorkshire Forward, Matilda and the Discurs of Health and Safety

14-06-2006 23:39

Matilda stays
Now that Yorkshire Forward (YF) has put the dispute over using Matilda to escalation it is important to reflect upon their discursive strategy.
The argument used in this mornings attack on the Social Centre is that health and safety in the building was poor.
By putting forward this argument YF is trying to avoid talking about the real issue of the conflict: Who takes part in the development of the city?

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anti-zionist jew demo at parliament square (pics)

14-06-2006 23:19

some pics of the orthodox jews demonstration at parliament square yesterday when israeli premier ehud olmert visited westminster

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Anti-Censorship counter demo next week

14-06-2006 17:55

Jerry Springer The Opera is coming to Nottingham next week, and with it a whole bunch of religious pro-censorship protestors. It's time to stand up for freedom of expression, and resist censorship on the grounds of "offensiveness" and religious sensibilities.

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Palestine Today

14-06-2006 16:25

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Wednesday June 14th, 2006

One Killed another injured in clashes in Khanyounis, while Gunmen set fire to the house of head of the Preventive security force in KhanYounis. The Israeli Army invades Beit Wazen village and arrests three, Army and settlers attack a Hebron resident and his son, Army confiscates a house in a Bethlehem village.

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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oaxaca city 14 junio dos muertan

14-06-2006 16:09

today, wednesday 14 june, the mexican military police have violently evicted over 4000 school teachers, who have been occupying the streets of oaxaca city, mexico for the past five weeks, demanding basic amenities for their schoolchildren. During the course of the evictions this morning two children and two teachers were killed.

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Network Against the G8 -- 2006 -- English info bulletin #2

14-06-2006 13:27

Now in english....


This bulletin is prepared by some members of Moscow group of Network Against G8 (SPB8). It is result of common discussions in inter-regional meeting of 28th of May 2006 between St. Petersburg group of Network Against G8, St. Petersburg League of Anarchists, Punk Revival, FrontAIDS, Indymedia, Indyvideo, Legal-team, Medical group, AFA St. Petersburg and individual activists, but bulletin does not necessarily reflect opinions of all members of the network. We will publish new issues as soon as there is something to tell. Please distribute it widely!

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14-06-2006 12:40

THE SQUARE O.S.C. will resist its eviction - announcement

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Brian Haw Press Release

14-06-2006 12:07

Police change charge against Brian Haw at the last minute.

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Apartheid Israel bans its Arab citizens from internal flights

14-06-2006 10:45

People who argue that Israel is an apartheid state say that the system of apartheid is much more subtle than the old South African model of "whites only" beach signs. But sometimes it really is just like South Africa...