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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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UG#598 - Incredible Edible (Local Food, Environmental NGOs, GM Labels)

07-12-2012 23:33

This episode we compare the output of the agribusiness industry with locally grown food. In our first hour Pam Warhurst, a founder of the "Incredible Edible" movement, focuses on growing local food as a way to grow community. After pieces on why US doesn't label GM foods and on how large environmental NGOs work with big business, we conclude with news of a 7 acre food forest in Seattle.

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UG#599 - What Economics Can't Tell You About Money (Alienation, Black Magic...)

07-12-2012 23:31

This week, a set of sideways looks at money. We begin with an interview of David Hawkes on a range of ideas about the 'magic' of money, its ability to promote materialism and alienate humans from their work. Next an audio version of Robin Upton's 2011 presentation, "What Economics Can't Tell You About Money", followed by a radio adaptation of the film On Modern Servitude.

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London ABC letter writing and christmas card afternoon- this Sunday!

06-12-2012 17:17

1990 strangeways riot - 2012 LDN ABC xmas card
Seasonal solidarity – London ABC letter writing and christmas card afternoon.

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New Years Eve: International Anti-Prison Demos & Actions

06-12-2012 07:46

New-years-eve to the prisons!
Everywhere to the deportation and detention centers!

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8 & 9 December - Stop G8 Bristol Meetings

06-12-2012 00:42

The next Stop G8 meetings will be held on 8 & 9 December in Bristol at Kebele Social Centre (14 Robertson Road, Easton, BS5 6JY)

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Plebs occupy offices of "plebgate" MP Andrew Mitchell

05-12-2012 18:29

Earlier today a group of angry plebs occupied the offices of "plebgate" MP Andrew Mitchell in response to the continuing cuts and austerity measures and also to coincide with today's Autumn Budget Statement.

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Does the Energy Bill Herald An End To Opencast Mining?

05-12-2012 15:29

LAON's 17th Press Release analyses what the effect of implementing the 2012 Energy Bill will be on the UK Surface Mine Coal Industry. The prognosis is that it faces medium to long term decline. As a consequence, over time, the strength of the current 'Need for Coal' arguments will slowly weaken. However, it may not come soon enough to prevent two new 9 and 10m tonne surface mines from being developed, one in Scotland and the other in Wales.

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Interview With Militant Prisoner John Bowden by From Here On In

05-12-2012 11:11

Recent interview with John Bowden by Bristol-based publication 'From Here On In' to be published in the next issue (

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Curo Housing Group tenants slam dickensian living conditions

04-12-2012 08:35

Curo Housing Group tenants demand immediate action on essential repairs ie: 45 year old single glazed metal framed windows,dillapidated toilets ,kitchens and bathrooms still not replaced as promised 13 years ago

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Day of action against adidas

03-12-2012 12:37

On Saturday 1 December, people across Britain took part in a day of action against adidas. With actions at every major adidas store in the country.

Adidas have refused to pay their former workers in Indonesia $1.8 million in legally-owed redundancy pay. Other brands using the factory have agreed to pay their share of the $3.4m the workers are owed.

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Gustavo Rodriguéz - Antagonistic violence

03-12-2012 08:38

Gustavo Rodriguéz Antagonistic violence:

Approaches to the armed struggle in urban environments
from an anarchist perspective

An Introductory text for a debate with comrade Gustavo Rodriguez, at the Centre of Anarchist Information (CEDIA), Mexico City, 8th of October 2011

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November 28: Appalling attack and deafening silence

01-12-2012 19:49

On the evening of the November 27 at 06:07 PM (local time), flames were lit in commemoration of Maaveerar Naal 2012 (Martyrs’ Day 2012). It was initiated by the Tamil students from the Jaffna University.Pre-deployed Sri Lankan troops forcibly entered into the Ladies’ Hostel and attacked the students and damaged properties, soon after they realized that the flames were lit inside the Ladies’ Hostel of the Jaffna University. The victims called the University administration to escape from the attack and seek safety. However, following the attack tensions prevailed.

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The Clause 21 Growth and Infrastructure Bill Threat: More Info

01-12-2012 15:54

'If the Government gets it's way, are we likely to get more 'mothballed'opencast sites pock-marking our countryside'

On Tuesday, the HoC Growth and Infrastructure Public Bill Committee are likely to debate Clause 21 of the Bill to which we have lodged an objection.

This press release highlights what might be at stake if the Government pushes ahead with its plans to ease the means by which planning permission for new opencast sites can be given for new surface mine sites, just when the UK Coal Industry, increasingly reliant on surfaced mined coal, experiences a financial crisis and a significant decline in the UK's ability to burn coal. We may indeed be left with a pock-marked countryside as a consequence.

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Victimisation of students forces UCL occupation to withdraw

01-12-2012 12:42

A student occupation at University College London (UCL) has been forced to disband after university management gave notice that they would hold three students liable for £40,000 worth of costs.

The occupation was established in protest at UCL’s plan to open a new campus in Stratford, east London. The development of the campus would require the demolition of the Carpenters’ Estate, and the eviction of hundreds of council tenants from their homes. Robin Wales, the Labour executive mayor of Newham, has defended the plans. Among his many justifications, he has said: “you find people who say it’s their chance to move to Southend.”

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Unfairness committed by Tower Hamlets Council

01-12-2012 12:23

A trendy sounding outfit has been set up by Tower Hamlets Council with an even trendier Anglican Clergyman Giles Fraser put at the top. The plug for the Commission, one of a number by local Councils, claims the object to be "looking at how to improve equality outcomes in their areas."
So is that another hype or is that part of a sinister agenda like making the Rightwing attacks on Society acceptable?

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Cameron heckled at Xmas lights ceremony

01-12-2012 09:31

Prime Minister David Cameron was heckled on Friday evening at a Christmas lights ceremony in Witney by several people angry at the impact of welfare reforms and cuts. The protesters read the names and details of people who had died as a result of these policies, and held placards accusing Cameron of having "blood on his hands".

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Critical Mass Defence: Urgent Callout

30-11-2012 19:44

Nine people are being prosecuted after the police crackdown on London Critical Mass in July. You could be a crucial witness for their defence or help us find one! Their trial is in February, but we need to gather evidence by December 10th. That’s really soon!

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Never Trust A Hippy – The Green Charity With 20,000 Workfare Slaves

30-11-2012 19:05

The Conservation Trust for Volunteers (formally BCTV) have been exposed as one of the largest exploiters of unpaid labour.

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Prisoners for Peace day on 1st December

30-11-2012 10:25

War Resisters' International urges supporters to contact people imprisoned for their actions for peace, marking 'Prisoners for Peace day' on Saturday, December 1st.

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News from the Library Street Social Centre

30-11-2012 02:11

The Library Street Social Centre, is a fairly new autonomous community centre situated on in the Large Colorama Building on Library Street in Elephant and Castle (SE1 0RY) we regularly hold talks, film screenings, and social events. Anyone is welcome to approach us and put something on. Below is a report of the Peoples Kitchen and Film Night we had yesterday (29/11/12) for more infor see our website librarystreetlondon(dot)wordpress(dot)com.