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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Talk Tank 29 July - Scan Dot Org 30 July mp3

31-07-2006 20:46

Talk Tank - length: 59 mins. mono 14 B Scan Dot Org - length: 30 mins. stereo 27.6 MB
Talk Tank - Weekly News Commentary - 29 July 06

AUSTRALIA: NSW Talk Tank - length: 59 mins. mono 14 B Scan Dot Org - length: 30 mins. stereo 27.6 MB Talk Tank - Weekly News Commentary - 29 July 06

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Irish Political Status Coalition Launched

31-07-2006 16:35

Support Irish Republican Prisoners fighting for their right to be treated as Political Prisoners for their Political Actions and the right of 6 Republican Prisoners to be Repatriated from English Jiails as is their right. "Support All Republican Prisoners"

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Melbourne 30 July - Rally for Peace - Stop Israeli aggression

31-07-2006 04:24

Melbourne Palestine Solidarity Rally 2006
For the third week, Melbourne's Lebanese and Palestinian organisations, along with supporters from across the community, rallied to demand an end to Israeli aggression and demand an immediate ceasefire.

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City of Culture university axes languages

30-07-2006 17:02

A university in the European Capital of Culture 2008, Liverpool, is axing its prestigious Language School and sacking staff.

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Internationals in Beirut-Antiwar demonstration

30-07-2006 13:31

press release of the International Civil Mission

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Notts Defy-ID Bulletin 3 Released

30-07-2006 10:41

Nottingham Defy-ID's third bulletin (August 2006) is now available for download and distribution.

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30-07-2006 09:51

We begun a critical mass of cyclists, together with a bicycle-run mobile sound system, to take our message to the streets of Hackney, through pre-recorded messages we transmitted the sound of wars, through protest/ lie-ins in targeted spaces, street performance, through fliers and through our voices.


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SOCPA - anniversary sleepover in parliament square

30-07-2006 09:50

each sunday afternoon, a group of anti-socpa campaigners have an open picnic (all are welcome - bring food and ideas to share) on parliament square. socpa is the serious organised crime and police act, part of which bans protest around parliament unless authorised and controlled by police.

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Wanna buy a used social centre?

29-07-2006 19:39

Fresh on the market to day is this semi detached three storey social centre located in a desirable East London situated in a quiet cobbled street just a stones throw from the city's financial district.

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Lebanon Actions + Leaflet

29-07-2006 17:33

Many leaflets have been distributed, many interesting conversations have been had. A banner has been painted and various Cambridge groups have come together to protest and start to organise against the war crimes of our government, the U.S State and Isaeral.

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Anti CCTV placards and banner

29-07-2006 14:17

Anti CCTV banner
Placards and a banner from the CCTV protest on Birchwood Road on Sunday the 24th of July.

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29-07-2006 12:22


So many people have contributed
to the success of the Save Dale Farm
Campaign, we'd like to thank you
by inviting you all to our Street Party.

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29-07-2006 06:18

In the context of the profound economic and political crisis in the Philippines today, what could be the significance of celebrating the one-hundred-year anniversary of the coming of Filipino contract labor to Hawaii? Are Filipinos the new compradors for the militarist U.S. Empire? Or are they harbingers of a new generation of combatants from the oppressed communities, from the internal colonies of the metropoles? At the turn of the last century, the revolutionary leader Rosa Luxemburg elegized the plight of the subjugated natives in "las islas filipinas." Today, U.S. Special Forces are back to reconquer the neocolony, with the natives no longer smiling, now up in arms, united with people of color in Mexico, Venezuela, Palestine, Lebanon, Hawaii, Nepal, and other battlefronts of our beleaguered planet. Whither the emerging Filipino diaspora?

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28-07-2006 22:27

Sorry about the delay of the analysis. This report is not of my creating and the recomendations are not my own. Evenso it is an useful analysis of the mainstream media. Treat it as such

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Emergency National Demonstration, 5 August, Hyde Park, noon

28-07-2006 21:08

Assemble 12 Noon Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London
Coaches to London from around the country. More info soon.

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Liverpool Factory Worker Dies in Crush

28-07-2006 20:32

A Liverpool worker was crushed when a fork-lift truck fell on him in a factory. The 44-year-old Anfield man died early today on the Halebank industrial estate, Widnes.

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28-07-2006 13:29

Israeli and Palestinian Sources Concur: Israel Made War Inevitable

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Britain's youngest Prisoners - Lack of 'Duty of Care'

28-07-2006 10:07

The 'Hunger strike' by the parents of detained children at Yarl's Wood is still solid this morning. One of the mothers I just spoke to said that none of the parents took their children to breakfast this morning and will probably keep their children away from lunch and supper.

Children in detention are the forgotten children, often snatched' before dawn and imprisoned indefinitely. Somewhere this side of the wire are friends, teachers all wondering what has happened to these children and their parents.

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Norwich's Citizens Support Lebanese People

28-07-2006 09:46

Report on a Public Meeting held in Norwich, Uk on the crisis in Lebanon

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Camp Titnore - High Court Update

28-07-2006 08:05

The campsite was in the High Court in London yesterday, heres a short summary of what happened