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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Greece: Three weeks of struggle… and it continues!!!!!

30-01-2007 12:06

Greek universities are paralyzed. More than half of faculties nation wide (Universities and Colleges) are occupied by the students who refuse the privatization of Greek education system .Every day General Assemblies are organized and new faculties are added to the list. At side of the students we find also the university lecturer, primary and secondary education teachers and several trade-unions.

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Cyclist who refused to stay in the gutter wins re-trial

30-01-2007 10:50

Last year cyclist Daniel Cadden was stopped by police for cycling in the road. They said he should have been cycling in the gutter. The case went to trial, and a celebrity loony juge ruled that Daniel should have been cycling on an off-road path, and fined him for obstructing traffic. Daniel recently appealed and won the re-trial.

Speaking outside court, Daniel Cadden said: “I am overjoyed that the ludicrous decision to prosecute me has been overturned. The recognition in this case must go to the real heroes, all those people who have supported it either financially by giving to the Cyclists Defence Fund, by joining CTC or by sending messages of support to myself and my family. Without the support of these people this fight would not have been possible. The overwhelming sum donated to the Cyclists Defence Fund has been testament to the solidarity shown by the cycling community on this issue. This success serves to reaffirm cyclists’ right to decide when to use cycle facilities and when they are inappropriate or dangerous. The first judgement was unreasonable in denying this.”

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Unelected Police attack Labour government

30-01-2007 03:29

Tory supporter Jan Berry (head of Police Federation) attacked the Labour government yesterday in a piece of blatant right-wing propaganda.

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Latin America and the struggle for socialism

29-01-2007 22:57

A Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) forum on Latin America, with video showing.

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Anti-deportation protest

29-01-2007 22:47

Anti-deportation/anti-racist protest and stall on Saturday 10 February 2007, 11.30am-1.30pm.

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Dare to dream beyond the G8: the Resistance doesn’t end June 8

29-01-2007 18:19

But what if we look at the G8 protest not as an end, but as a beginning? If we believe in the success of our plans and activities, it could inspire people to take action long afterwards. We could develop new tactics and new ways of working together. And with this knowledge and inspiration, we don’t go back to our old life, but let resistance bloom all over Europe and whole world next summer and afterwards. United in our belief that we really are “more powerful than they can imagine”.

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A Prison Visit

29-01-2007 15:42

Strip Search
The Government and Penal Reform Charities claim the Prison service works hard to help prisoners maintain links with family and friends. It is they claim evidence of how prison works to achieve successful rehabilitation. Elizabeth, a regular visitor to a prisoner, describes how she was treated. Sadly her experience is not uncommon.

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Loving The Unloved - Reflections on the Struggles of Prisoner's Families

29-01-2007 15:38

Child Prison
By Beth - The partner of a prisoner reflects on the harsh reality of prisons on partners and loved ones as well as prisoners.

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Indonesian NGO protests European Biofuel Plans

29-01-2007 13:58

Sawit Watch, an organisation which represents communities and workers affected by oil palm plantations in Indonesia, has written an open letter to politicians and citizens in Europe against plans to increase the use of palm oil for biofuels. They warn that palm oil expansion for biofuels will lead to more global warming, social conflicts and human rights abuses.

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New Rising Tide Group Starting Up in Norwich

28-01-2007 19:22

Tired of watching politicians and corporations screw up the planet? Think that endless economic growth is at the heart of the climate crisis? Uninspired by sending £3 to Charity X, but not sure where to put your energy? Want to help build just, sustainable solutions here and now? Then come to the first meeting of Norwich Rising Tide!

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Burberry Workers Protest in London, supported by 'No Sweat'

27-01-2007 23:52

No Sweat 'Removers' on their way
'No Sweat' removers supported Welsh Burberry workers in London protest against factory closure outside Burberry's prestige West End shops on Sat 20 Jan, 2007.

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3 protesters arrested at supermaket blockade

27-01-2007 20:12

A Morrisons supermaket was blockaded by over 80 people and three protesters were arrested today (Saturday 27 January) as part of the continuing campaign for a law ensuring rights to use Welsh language.

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Happy Days In Brecon Beacons

27-01-2007 19:30

The tree camp site in Brecon is gaining a LOT of local support. It's in a beautiful setting, and is quite sheltered!

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Holocaust Memorial Day in Nottingham

27-01-2007 18:01

Holocaust Memorial Day in Nottingham

Saturday 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day. An event marked widely. Here in Nottingham

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Video: 24/01/07 - Shell blockades London

27-01-2007 17:40

Video of an evening of Shell garage blockades in London.

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Video-Chronicle: Demonstration against fascist agressions and supporting the acc

26-01-2007 23:56

The past december 28th a private clinic where abortions are practizied was attacked, it is a new example of the fascist agressions rise that is going on in Madrid in the last months.

With this demonstration, the Madrid Antofascist Coordinating Comitee, with some women collectives, denounciates this situation and the fact that the Spanish State denies the right to abortion, wich forces the women to turn to this private clinics.

Video and music produced by La Plataforma

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Global poll condemns Bush administration on Iraq war and global militarism

26-01-2007 21:04

"Global poll condemns Bush administration on Iraq war and global militarism
By: Kate Randall on: 26.01.2007 [17:13 ] (72 reads)

Big Anti-War Rallies in DC, Elsewhere Tomorrow
Speakers to Include Jesse Jackson, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon

Major anti-war rallies are slated for tomorrow across the United States, with the biggest gathering expected at the National Mall in Washington."

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ex-vortex eviction thwarted this morning (pics and film)

26-01-2007 16:50

vortex occupation........
police intervened to establish that the bailiffs had uncertain legal grounds to evict the occupied social centre in stoke newington this morning. unpopular local landlord richard midda will have to return to court to get written clarification before he can make another attempt to evict the site.

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Hatred of poor still glowing against WEF

26-01-2007 16:30

anti-wef march St.Gallen
Protesters carried though actions and demonstrations against the gathering of the rich and powerful at the World Economic Forum this week. Marches and actions took place mainly in Zuerich, Basel, Delemont and St.Gallen in various different forms.