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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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US Presidential Candidate: Free Education is Possible

03-08-2007 19:23

As millions of college students begin preparing to enter college this fall, many have become accustom to increased tuitions year after year. Nationwide college tuitions are climbing and in some states the increase is 10 percent or more going into the fall semester. Stewart A. Alexander, a Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for President, says free education is possible through university level; a position the PFP, Peace and Freedom Party, has supported for 40 years.

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Demonstrate in support of Iranian workers, women, students - 9 August, London

03-08-2007 10:24

Left-wing activists will be protesting outside the Iranian embassy on Thursday 9 August in solidarity with the workers', women's and student movements in Iran.

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Video of July ride of London Critical Mass.

03-08-2007 07:09

Video Police videoing sound system rider
As usual at the start of the ride the police were threatening riders with sound systems with arrest if they dare to play them within the SOCPA zone around Parliament. Something they do not do to motorists with sound systems. The photos show police hassling a rider with a sound system.

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Bush Hiding Secrets of "Dictator Act" from HomeSecCom Chairman.

03-08-2007 04:03

Captain Eric May, the Internet intelligence writer, updates his investigation into a possible summer false flag and dictatorship by Bush.

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Africanist Movement establishes program for 2007 Sierra Leone elections

02-08-2007 15:29

The Africanist Movement, an organization based in several territories in West Africa, launches its revolutionary national democratic program that will provide solutions for the desperate problems facing African people and expose the neocolonial petty bourgeoisie contending for power through the electoral process. This general campaign is occurring during the election season in Sierra Leone, where in early August members of parliament and a new president will be elected.

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Time for your 15 minutes of Fame

02-08-2007 15:22

A request for extras to appear as Road protestors in a forthcoming respected ITV production.

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'Seven Years On' KRAFT Seeks Sanctuary

02-08-2007 14:15

A report of KRAFT (Kirklees Refugees and Friends Together) seven year on celebration which took place in July

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Breaking News - Jean Charles de Menezes

02-08-2007 14:11

Jean Charles - shot dead by armed police
The official report from the IPCC has confirmed that the senior counter-terrorism police officer, Andy Hayman, misled the Met Commissioner over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005.

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Yet another front-group joins the BNP's fast-growing collection

02-08-2007 13:48

That makes twenty-five, no twenty-six, no twenty-seven etc etc

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Rossport Activist slams new Irish government announcment as a "Sad Spectacle"

01-08-2007 20:30

Eamon Ryan, minister for Natural Resources, when he supported the Rossport Five
One of the main arguments against the Shell scheme in Mayo has always been that the people of Ireland would see little or no benefit from the exploitation of their resources. Today the new Green Party Minister announced that new terms will apply to licences for the oil and gas of the west coast. However the natural resources are still, in effect, being given away to Shell and other companies...

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Wildcat Strikes Spread Through Royal Mail

01-08-2007 15:48

As a result of drivers refusing to cross pickets set up by their striking colleagues as part of the CWU rolling strikes, suspensions are leading to solidarity walkouts.

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Weekend demo outside 'London Muslim Centre' for victims - 'First Solution'

01-08-2007 15:01

Which was set up at the start of July [2007] to take action to get the money back to the people who have been robbed via ‘First Solution’ is now holding the first demonstration outside the London Muslim Centre this weekend.

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Patient choices: not if you're poor

01-08-2007 09:22

New research from the University of Bristol shows that wealthier people are likely to travel further than poorer people do for elective care - surgery or treatment in hospital which can wait..

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MEDIA RELEASE: Australian Film Crew Questioned by Chinese MIlitary in TIbet

01-08-2007 07:33

South Australian independent filmmakers, Lara Damiani and Alex Alexander, have overcome many obstacles since first deciding to make a documentary about Tibet in
November last year. The latest involved questioning by Chinese military police while filming in Tibet.

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Nottingham Gay Pride : Pictures 2

31-07-2007 20:50

Saturday 28th July 2007, from 12.00-6.00pm
Arboretum Park, Nottingham

A few thousand folks turned out for the 5th Nottingham Gay Pride Bash in the Arbo.

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Nottingham Gay Pride : Pictures 1

31-07-2007 20:44

Saturday 28th July 2007, from 12.00-6.00pm
Arboretum Park, Nottingham

A few thousand folks turned out for the 5th Nottingham Gay Pride Bash in the Arbo.

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"Taking Liberties" Introduced Screening, Thursday 2nd Aug @ Cornerhouse Cinema

31-07-2007 16:51

Manchester NO2ID Logo
This Thursday, I will be introducing the 8:30pm showing of the documentary "Taking Liberties" ( ) at the Cornerhouse Cinema, Oxford Road ( ) and holding a Q&A session in the upstairs bar afterwards.

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Call for support by Anarchists Against the Wall

31-07-2007 12:28




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Migrants Escape from Detention Centre

30-07-2007 23:06

Some inspiring news....Last night a revolt in a detention centre in Bari led to at least 35 migrants escaping, mainly of Egyptian nationality.

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Rough guess

30-07-2007 13:41

Adapted version of a feature which is published by Big Issue in the North. New figures show the number of street homeless in Manchester could top 400. The official number of rough sleepers in the city is seven.