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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Intl Day against Homophobia.

29-03-2005 15:40

An International Day against Homophobia has been declared
for May 17th 2005.

Please sign the petition...

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Spot The Difference...

29-03-2005 15:32

Which do you prefer ?....

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British Trotskyism and Iraqs Ba'ath Party

29-03-2005 13:26

An unspoken part of British history is that of the British Trotskyist Movement and its relationship with Iraq’s Ba’ath Party during the 1980’s.

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New law on One-China

29-03-2005 05:49

The 10th National People's Congress (NPC) of China just finished on March 14, 2005 after nine and a half days of working on various issues of government work, economic and social development, central and local budgets, etc. The top legislature also adopted the Anti-Secession Law setting a legal framework for China-Taiwan relations.

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A private London school stands accused of sanctioning a racist terror campaign

27-03-2005 19:22

A London school stands accussed of conducting a 'racist terror campaign' against a lone elderly neighbour for two years despite repeated calls to the Police who failed to launch a criminial investigation.

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27-03-2005 17:41

EURO MAYDAY – LONDON LAUNCH NIGHT - Friday 1st April – 7pm
The Institute for Autonomy, 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1E
Cinema, Discussion & Cafe

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Bank of Scotland HBOS: Evicted Family – Call for Right of ‘Right of Respect'

27-03-2005 01:08

Bank of Scotland Chief Office London
The Shalom Family Campaign for Justice, from Wales, recently targeted the Bank of Scotland, (a Crest Plc major shareholder, via HBOS), at the Birmingham NEC National Boat Caravan and Outdoor Show 2005.

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Israeli War Crimes

26-03-2005 16:50

This is a summary of israeli war crimes in Palestine for the week ending 24 March 2005. 8mins (english)

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Smash Edo high court injunction affects 1000+ people.

26-03-2005 15:20

Yesterday Smash Edo, Bombs out of Brighton and 14 individuals found themselves issued with intended injunctions against them in the High court, London.

This is the first time that groups outside of the Animal rights movement have found themselves issued with intended injunctions at the High court.

Over 1000 people are connected to the groups listed in the injunction, most people in the anti-war movement in Brighton are members of Sussex action for peace, Smash Edo etc.

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Temp punches team leader at Leeds warehouse

26-03-2005 15:06

Reports emerged yesterday that a temp had "punched out" his team leader at a Morley warehouse. Team Leader X, described by employees as a "cocky gobshite" was said to have been "bleeding" profusely and "bawling like a baby".

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'Leaflets Trouble' by anti-Straw group outside Blackburn mosque

26-03-2005 11:57

Graphic of LET article
A group of muslim campaigners were assaulted in Blackburn yesterday when distributing leaflets urging people not to vote for Jack Straw in the upcoming general election.

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Islamists attack students in Basra

26-03-2005 10:39

Students at Basra and Shatt Al-Arab universities have staged a strike following a series of violent attacks on students by religious extremists and supporters of Al-Sadr's Madhi Army, whilst British troops and Iraqi police stood by.

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Caterpillar "Defence" 16/3 - photo and report.

25-03-2005 17:47

Sp[ecial delivery for management!!!
A handful of protestors visited Cat "Defence" in Shrewsbury on 16/3 to hand out copies of the new War on Want alternative Company Report on Caterpillar, and to remember all the victims of Israeli military Caterpillar bulldozers in Palestine.

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World Bank: An army doesn't march on an empty stomach...

25-03-2005 17:39

Fact is that the financial help given by the world's international loan shark banks, like Wolfowitz's World Bank or the IMF, often is referred to as "Development AIDS", or USAIDS...

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Unions to strike over BBC job cuts

25-03-2005 13:15

NUJ members working for oppressive management
Back in Medaevaltimes governments put out the eyes and ears of politicalprisoners. Now,all they think they have to do is to put out the eyes and ears of the British public: BBC programme makers.

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Eastbourne's torture state investor in trouble with Greenpeace as well

24-03-2005 18:04

Lister Lutyens, the Eastbourne company engaged in timber imports and the manufacture of garden furniture, reveals that as well as drawing flak from the Burma Campaign UK by investing in the world's worst torture state, it is also under strong environmental pressure from Greenpeace.

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Palestinian Political Prisoners Day Actions

24-03-2005 17:03


Call for demonstrations on April 18th at ICRC offices!
Demand that the ICRC take public action against
Israel’s treatment of Palestinian political prisoners!

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Voices from the Bethlehem Ghetto

24-03-2005 14:53

New Website Features Voices from the Bethlehem Ghetto

From Oxford student Bex Tyrer

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Mayday 2001 Protest Detention Case Fails : Event pictures

24-03-2005 14:49

the High Court has rejected compensation claims that their "right to liberty" under the European Convention on Human Rights had been breached when they were held for over seven hours along with thousands of other people.
The concequences of all this, might be a bit grim !!

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Plunderers of Iraq

24-03-2005 13:44

Join the corporate pirates in a week of action