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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Anti Coca Cola Campaign

09-02-2004 12:40

The communities near the Plachimada plant of Coca Cola in India,
where one of the bottling plants of Coke is situated are
engaged in a battle since last two and a half years
against the exploitation of the ground water and the
subsequent drying up of wells in the area resulting in
acute shortage of drinking water.

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Zimbabwean Bishop takes the gospel to the West

09-02-2004 06:43

Zimbabwean Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi leader of the Zion Christian Church is taking religion the other way round. He is taking the gospel to the West to show howGod has manifested himself in Africa.

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Euromayday 2004 Preparation meeting report

08-02-2004 15:22

January, 31st, 004 - paci paciana - bergamo (italy) Various subjects and realities from different parts of Europe have met to better define the idea of an initiative on precarious workers and condition, through the organization of a euromayday 004.

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Workers Rights are Human Rights

07-02-2004 15:33

Gangster Capitalists probably from Liverpool murder 19 workers-
immigrants without access to the protection of the Law or the solidarity
of the rest of the working class.

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Seattle WTO Free Speech Case Heard By US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

07-02-2004 00:09

Free Speech Case From WTO 1999 In Seattle Heard By 9th US Cicuit Court of Appeals

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Green Leader Visits Merseyside

06-02-2004 23:10

John Whitelegg, leader of the North West Green Party will be speaking at two meetings in Liverpool on Monday 9th February.

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May Day in Dublin anyone?

05-02-2004 17:05

May 1st: Days of Action against the bosses EU

From protest to resistance, an invite

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Bristol-Stop-The-War Newsletter : 4th February 2004

04-02-2004 03:22

GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION : SAT 20th MARCH : Section 9 For Bristol Details.

NEW FREE SERVICE : A paper version of this newsletter is now available to
download. Please print copies & give/sell them to people who don't have email.

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Palestine: The Hour Before Dawn

03-02-2004 17:32

A British traveller in Palestine reports again on his experiences of the occupation.

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Hutton Inquiry : ACT NOW !

03-02-2004 09:18

This Wednesday Parliament will be debating the Hutton Inquiry. I urge you to contact your MP by fax at to call for a FULL and OPEN independent inquiry.

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China Labour Action Express No. 41

02-02-2004 15:44

Selected Summaries of Chinese Workers' Protests in December 2003

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Travellers to be evicted in Histon

02-02-2004 11:21

Travellers 'must go' - Published on 31 January 2004
Cambridge Evening News

A GROUP of travellers in Histon could be forcibly thrown off land they are illegally occupying - but council officers say they hope to avoid violent clashes seen recently in Essex.

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Vomit Bowl Sunday

01-02-2004 11:34

The grand illusion in US sports and the hypocrisy that goes with it

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Council Tenants - Heads we lose, Tail we don't win!

31-01-2004 16:49

Capital of culture council housing - Here's the working class reality!
Hill rips up decency pledge
Housing minister Keith Hill has turned away from the government’s commitment that all tenants’ homes will meet the decent homes standard even if they vote to stay with their council landlords.

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George W Bush Voted Best US President With Name George W Bush

31-01-2004 15:56

Bush Is No1 Liberator and Justice Bringer
Click Below To see Article About The Worlds Best Liberator.....

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Romanian News

30-01-2004 20:19

Press review of various unpunished crimes

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Civil Servants strike London 29/01/04

30-01-2004 12:34

Pix of PCS civil servants strike. Pickets from the Royal Courts of Justice and the Home Office London.
As usual comments and feedback about these pix will be very much appriciated.

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Students lobby against top-up fees

30-01-2004 12:12

Hundreds of students attended a lobby of parliament against the New Labour Governments proposed top-up fees. A peaceful sit-down protest was broken up by police who were uneccessarily heavy handed.
Your comments and feedback on these pix are very welcome.

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Civil Servants Strike for Fair Pay for All

30-01-2004 09:55

Fair Pay For All
Government offices across the country were picketed for a second day today in a dispute over low pay.