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As CIA Detainees Transferred to Guantanamo, President Bush Acknowledges Secret P

07-09-2006 21:31

Alternative procedures to force some prisoners to talk
President Bush has acknowledged for the first time the CIA has been operating a secret network of overseas prisons. Bush made the admission as he ordered 14 prisoners previously held by the CIA to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay where they could be tried by a military tribunal. Bush said the CIA is no longer holding any detainees but that the secret prisons may be re-opened. We get analysis from Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Barbara Olshansky.

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Slow reconstruction blamed on corruption

07-09-2006 20:09

It has been three years since the fall of the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s government and Iraqis are still lacking basic facilities such as power, clean potable water and sanitation, problems some experts blame on corruption.

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Quinta MegaMarcha photos and SlideShow: Por un Oaxaca Mejor

07-09-2006 17:48

José Jiménez Colmenares de San Felipe
SlideShow of photos taken on September 1st, 2006, during Oaxaca's 5th MegaMarcha which started in the community of San Felipe and ended at the zócalo in the center of Oaxaca City. Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets and marched to demand the immediate departure of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO), liberation for political prisoners, the cancellation of 70 government arrest warrants for people involved in the leaderless Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO, by its Spanish initials) movement and the desire for popular governance. (4:22 minutes / 6.5 MB)

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Day 7 of Mersey Fire Strike: More Delaying Tactics By Authority

07-09-2006 16:49

FBU picket in Croxteth
With just forty hours to go in this round of strikes, the Fire Authority finally agreed to come back to the table....on Monday! Meanwhile, the Authority has planned an away day at Aintree racecourse, to paid for by the taxpayer!

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45 gays outed in Uganda witch-hunt

07-09-2006 16:46

The Ugandan tabloid newspaper, Red Pepper, has outed 45 gay and bisexual men, including army officers, priests, university lecturers, entertainers, bankers, students and lawyers. It also published details of five venues popular with gays and lesbians.

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22 Iraqi Kurds detained today

07-09-2006 16:23

Today, 22 Iraqi Kurds were detained at mainly reporting centres across the UK with plans to forcibly deport them next week to Northern Iraq in another high profile, media event. This follows the forced deportation two days ago of 32 Iraqi Kurds. The government is clearly now going for it big style on mass deportations.

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UK-based coal company in Bangladesh might have been kicked out

07-09-2006 12:21

Further to an earlier newswire story about 30000 people demonstrating in Bangladesh's Phulbari district against Lonodn-based Asia Energy's plans to extract 15 million tonnes/year of coal for export (police killed 6 an injured 300) it appears the company has suspended its shares

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25th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights – Behatokia

07-09-2006 09:55

The latest Basque Observatory for Human Rights - Behatokia Bulletin, is available on our web page,, or, to directly download it in compressed format:

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Australian government sets course for militarism and war

07-09-2006 05:47

The drive to war
The drive to war and the militarisation of society that accompanies it are not passing phenomena, but the surest signs of a deep-going crisis of the entire social order. They signify that the private profit system has become completely incompatible with the interests and aspirations of the vast majority of the world’s population.

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This is What Democracy Looks Like ... Cops Promote Violence at Community Festiv

06-09-2006 21:52

A friend of the void has sent shocking photos of a police 'violence workshop' held at Regent's Street Festival over the weekend.

Whilst most people were happy to drink over-priced and soak up the bland entertainment on offer it seems the Met had a very different agenda.

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Malik Must Stay Campaign

06-09-2006 18:41

At sentencing the judge imposed a term of imprisonment for the offence but also recommended that Malik should be deported, as his presence in the UK was 'not conducive to the public good'. Malik accepted and served the prison sentence for the offence but does not accept the recommendation to deport and is appealing against it.

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Triumph of Blairism! Not in the Crassrail holed East End of London !

06-09-2006 16:58

The Blaired news media led all day yesterday with the alleged prescription for a 'Blairing departure' by the man whom today’s [Wednesday 6 September 2006] Guardian has raised to the highest level of praise possible. Triumph of Blairism. What is the commodity? Where is it to be found? Certainly not in the East End of London whence Blair has now recruited THREE tokens and tools of propaganda, as if to compensate for the ouster of Oona King from her over-Blaired seat in Bethnal Green and Bow. The Crossrail hole plot has been endorsed by Alan Meale who obstructed evidence being given to the Crossrail Select committee [June 2006] that would have exposed crucial defects and the fundamental flaws in the sham CRASSRAIL project. So how is Blairism seen to those fighting the oppressive Blair schemes down in the East End?

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Day 6 of Mersey Fire Strike: "We are not getting anywhere."

06-09-2006 13:59

Firefighter Mark Rowe - Speaking up for Merseysiders
Even as he was announcing another eight dates of strike action against the Fire Authority's cuts agenda, Merseyside FBU secretary Les Skarratts admitted "We are not getting anywhere."

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Feminist Fightback conference - more details

06-09-2006 13:58

Feminist Fightback is a conference for feminist activists, which will be
held on Saturday 21 October at the School of Oriental and African Studies,
London. Please see below for our launch statement.

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Willow Walker

06-09-2006 12:30

A gig to raise funds for the Willow Walker will be held at the Guildhall in Cambridge. It starts at 8 oclock

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GAGGED! #13 Autumn 2006 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

06-09-2006 11:52

GAGGED! #13 Autumn 2006 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter • Against Power & Profit • Anti-Copyright
it's alot prettier on .pdf - theres pics too

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Festival Promotes Disabled Peoples' Rights....

06-09-2006 10:41

Hundreds of people were in Trafalgar Square for the fourth annual Liberty festival for disabled people's rights.....

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Keep Our NHS Public meeting in Merseyside

06-09-2006 10:30

7:30 pm Wednesday 13th September
Lydiate Parish Hall
286 Southport Road, Lydiate
(near the 'Scotch Piper')

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9/11 INSIDE JOB, where are our academics on 7/7?

06-09-2006 09:59

75 leading professors and scientists in the US say there is now evidence that 9/11 was perpetrated by the Whitehouse to justify invasions in the Middle East according to a Daily Mail report, yes I know shocking, the Hate Mail publishing anything but it is on the net so not sure if it is in their disgusing hate filled, neo-nazi sympathetic rag.. Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job' ... could be news as the only Hate Mail story worth repeating ever!!! i am getting ideas from moron press ... i don't even get paid to think like this ...
Where are British academics on the real events of july 7th
Where is the public inquiry
Where are the academics looking at the evidence against so called Al Qaeda operatives in the UK?

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Climate Camp follow up meeting @ Common Place, 10 Sept

05-09-2006 23:31

After such an intense & out-of-the-ordinary week a few people thought it
would be good to meet-up to talk about our experiences at the climate
camp. So, if anybody fancies an informal chat who was involved in whatever aspect of the camp, see you there, 8 pm Sunday 10 Sept, at the commonplace.