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Jean Charles de Menezes: still no justice two years on

30-07-2007 13:24

light up the house!
The Jean Charles de Menezes campaign projected this image on the houses of Parliament on Friday of last week. They were commemorating two years since the 27-year-old Brazilian was shot dead by police. For more go to >

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New Wave of State Violence Threatened in Iran

30-07-2007 09:48

Saeed Mortazavi, General and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran in an interview on the television program Kooleh Poshty from channel 3 of the Islamic Republic of Iran's TV network has promised a crack-down on un-islamic dress and behaviours, especially singling out queers.

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Rock Around the Monument! Cuba solidarity report on Tyneside, police harrassment

30-07-2007 01:28

On Saturday 28 July supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Group and its newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! organised a 'Celebration of Resistance' in the centre of Newcastle to mark the 54th anniversary of the 26 July attack on the Moncada Barracks, a turning point in the Cuban revolution.

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Venezuela: Interview with El Libertario

29-07-2007 21:46

* Interview with indonesian anarchist journal EMPTY HEAVEN - May 2007 ( <-- EMPTY HEAVEN collective website; <- indonesian anarchist/autonomist archive). More info in english & spanish about El Libertario:

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836 Million In India live in Abject Poverty

28-07-2007 16:34

While putting into perpespective Poverty in our own countries, the ehtos on how best to deal with it is the same all over and the situation of those poorly served must result in change.

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"Rejuvenation" and the theft of Public Spaces

28-07-2007 12:35

Concert Square has been illegally appropriated (stollen) by the Baa Bar group and Liverpool City Council does nothing.

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Preparation for the Japanese anti-G8 movements in 2008

28-07-2007 10:23

Groups of anti-authoritarians like us are calling for a large network of movements. Meanwhile in May, at the anti-Asian Development Bank protest, anti-US Base movements, labor unions, ATTAC, and NGOs gathered and made an agreement to develop a coalition for the anti-G8 struggle in 2008.

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NIGER: New Tuareg rebellion: hypothecary burdens of the past?

28-07-2007 09:55

New Tuareg rebellion: hypothecary burdens of the past?

Since February 2007 new riots are flaming up in the north of the Republic of Niger. Numerous victims and missed people have been counted yet, among those a significant proportion of civilists. Will unresolved conflicts lead to a repetition of the situation between 1990-1995?

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Another London Critical Mass police hassle.

28-07-2007 07:14

Police routinely interfere with Critical Mass, holding up the front of the ride, targeting sound systems and sometimes ticketing riders. They also video and photograph riders at the start of every event. It is odd though that they never turn up for the December ride, which is close to the New year celebrations.

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Gloria Arroyo's Economy: Not Working

28-07-2007 00:22

Gloria Arroyo's Economy: NOT WORKING
Today, Philippine President Gloria Arroyo will again address the Congress to give a report on the achievements of her government, and at the same time express her primary focus for the next year. As she did during her previous State of the Nation Address (SONA) speeches, she may yet again boast the economic feats of her administration, including the strengthening of the peso and the recent booming of the stock market.

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Marks & Spencer - at it again

27-07-2007 23:35

Employees acting on behalf of UK luxury supermarket outfit Marks & Spencer last night carried out an audacious waste-recovery operation on a party of food-waste 'Recyclists'.

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Cove Brook floods

27-07-2007 17:18

flooded golf course winter 2001/2002
The recent flooding of properties alongside Cove Brook was inexcusable and avoidable. That they did flood was thanks to the arrogance of the ruling cabal at the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor.

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Gagged! 18 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

27-07-2007 10:58

Heres the pdf -
audio to follow inthe next few days.

some last minute diary dates:
Saturday 6pm - Social Ecology seminar -at the PAD, An introduction by Social
Ecology London
Sunday noon - after the fry up at the PAD a presentation on this years
climate camp, films, talks etc etc
Monday 8pm - South Wales Anarchists forum - a networking gathering with
reports from all the local groups & campaigns. All welcome. 8pm, Glamorgan
Staff Club, Westgate Street, Cardiff. If what you read in Gagged! interests
you, why not come along!
Tuesday 7pm - at the PAD reading group subject 'Turbulence' see

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Kick Israeli Apartheid Out of Football –

27-07-2007 09:38

On September 8th 2007, England is due to play Israel in a return UEFA Euro 2008 qualifier at the new Wembley Stadium. The PSC, with the support of the BIG and J-BIG campaigns and Friends of Al Aqsa, will hold a vigil by Wembley stadium on the 8th of September. For more information please visit the PSC website:

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BAA Heathrow Injunction Targets NGOs and Climate Camp! Huge Implications...

27-07-2007 09:27

BAA is seeking to gain an unwarrented injunction against environmental campaigners to prevent them protesting against climate change and the expansion of heathrow airport.

The story featured two days ago in the Uxbridge Gazette:

Since then, the scale of the injunction BAA is seeking has become clear. They have targeted not only groups related to the forthcoming Camp for Climate Action, but also several campaign groups composed of local people opposing the airport's expansion, and even mass membership organisations like The National Trust, FOE, RSPB, Greenpeace, as well as the Campaign to Protect Rural England and others!

The injunction hearing which could see millions of people liable for arrest if they approach heathrow, will be heard next wednesday.

The Independent newspaper put the story frontpage today, and it's now been featured by BBC, Guardian, and other news sources. More details below:

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UK State Pension = two thirds poverty level: Report

27-07-2007 08:53

University of London team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has just published a report in the International Journal of Epidemiology defining the minimum income required by older people to live healthy and decent lives.

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Solidarity with the hunger strikers

27-07-2007 01:36

Please pledge to go on a one day hunger strike in solidarity with the Tamil nationals in deportation centres.

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Crushing Blow for Pensioners in Poverty

26-07-2007 20:38

Recent falls in poverty amongst those aged 65 and over are unlikely to continue after 2007-08, even after the implementation of the proposals outlined in the Government's Pensions White Paper.