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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Earth Activist Training

23-03-2004 10:52

2 week permaculture course for activists in Gloucestershire

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Demonstrate against Israel today (Tuesday)

23-03-2004 10:34


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Eviction At Blackwood Is Happening NOW!

23-03-2004 09:20

Blackwood Eviction Is Happening NOW!

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For Urgent Public Notice:

23-03-2004 08:04

Dear indymedia readers and contributors,
It has come to my attention that articles covering national liberation struggles overseas particularly from Colombia and Nepal are being removed somehow after they are posted. This is disturbing and very offensive for anyone wanting to post news and information and is in breach of the spirit of this website. Maybe someone can help with this problem? This ongoing right-wing political activity must stop.

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Concert for Palestine - Wed 24/03

22-03-2004 19:27

Jazz muscian Gilad Atzmon will be performing in aid of Palestinian children in Gaza.
7.30pm Wednesday 24th March 2004
Firth Hall
Western Bank
University of Sheffield
£8/£6 concessions

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22-03-2004 16:51

Some participants in this year's collective have produced a statement which is now online and also available to download as a pdf.

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money for nothing

22-03-2004 16:15

having acquired a private permanent mooring after six years of continously cruising, British waterways are expecting £6:50 per foot of boat per year on top of the £9 per foot of boat per yera I already have to pay the private mooring operator, they say I have to pay this because they own the land under the water (which I pay a yearly licence for) which is below my boat!

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1984/5 Miners Strike - Burning Issues, play by Banner Theatre on Merseyside

22-03-2004 14:58

Early morning picket, Celynen South Colliery - 6 November 1984.
Burning Issues
A new touring production to mark the twentieth anniversary
of the 1984/5 Miners Strike.

Thursday, March 25: Citadel Arts Centre, St Helens: 8.00pm
For more details ring 01744 735436

Friday, March 26: The Picket, Hardman Street, Liverpool: 8.00pm
(for the National Union of Journalists annual conference)

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Video hilites & fotos from M20 NYC Peace Mobe

22-03-2004 14:25

For those who still don't get it
A DC IMCista's Excellent New York Adventure, starring NYC herself, and over a hundred thousand citizens of conscience. RealVideo, 07:49

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US Latin American strategy focuses on Colombia

22-03-2004 13:41

Colombia today is more strategic to Washington's hegemonic plan in the region than ever before. It is no coincidence that the military component of the Free Trade Area of the Americas is called Plan Colombia.

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Stop Britain's Other War!

22-03-2004 05:21

Upcoming Event in London
Stop Britain's Other War! Justice and Reparations for the African Community!

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52 APF activists arrested under Apartheid law

21-03-2004 18:59

This morning, police opened fire with stun grenades on members of the Gauteng Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) who were protesting against water privatisation and the installation of pre-paid water meetings. Fivety-two APF members were arrested, including 6 children, on charges of violating the Gatherings Act.

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Photos from Trafalgar Square March 20th Anti-War

21-03-2004 17:05

One year since the Iraq war began, tens of thousands of people gathered in London's Trafalgar Square to remember the year that has been and protest the UK's continuing involvement in the war.

More photos at

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ESF: deporting the poor from cities

21-03-2004 16:40

After Rotterdam, Amsterdam also plans a ban on low-income inhabitants: London and other cities are moving towards a similar strategy. The London ESF is a showplace for creative social entrepreneurs - the kind of people who should replace the poor, according to this philosophy.

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Novel approach to community development.

20-03-2004 14:59

A reader's review of Iain Brimswall's novel "The Zoo Keeper", which critically depicts community development from the perspective of a deprived housing estate, is currently available on the Urban Rim website .

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Posters for M20

19-03-2004 21:29

Posters for M20
Anti-War-on-Terror Posters

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The Balata Project comes to Cambridge

19-03-2004 16:29

Soldiers arresting men from Balata (Dec 2003)
Last Sunday and Monday, The Balata Refugee Installation came to Cambridge. The installation consists of artwork, photos, film and writing by and about the people living in the Balata Refugee Camp in the West Bank, Palestine. The Installation is currently on a tour of the UK, Sweden and the US.

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Fighting Temporary Work Week.

18-03-2004 21:31

Fighting Temporary Work Week.

This year, as every year, that parasitic front organisation for the promotion of temporary work over permanent worthwhile labour, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), is planning to name one lucky worker as “One in a million”. This is as a part of their self-style National Temporary Worker’s Week.