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About a hunger strike in Germany...

01-08-2008 09:58

A hunger strike will take place in the German prisons from the 1st until the 8th of August. The organisation Iv.I., 'Representation of the interests of the prisoners', is mobilizing for this hunger strike.

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Celebrate Fitwatch's 1st Birthday at Climate Camp

01-08-2008 09:40

This year's Climate Camp will also celebrate Fitwatch's first outing to a major protest. Since then we have gone from strength to strength.

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RATB celebrates the Cuban Revolution

31-07-2008 19:50

Cuba fiesta 26 July
On 26 July 2008 RATB held a successful live music event in Brixton, south London, to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Moncada attack, the spark of the Cuban Revolution.

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Big Brothers latest gadgetry now in use at a ‘Fat Cat’ demo near you.

31-07-2008 18:23

A massive and violent insurection erupts in the City of London.
This morning while reporting the antics of some trots outside the Goldman Sachs building in the City of London; I noticed a strange protrusion on the hat of a cycle cop.

At first glance it looked like a trendy new device for holding a spare lipstick. On closer inspection a wire was spotted coming from the back of it. The copper in question was friendly enough and explained that the device had completed its trials and would be rolled out for general use within a couple of months. As well as the head cam there was a second one on his chest in case anyone tried to grab the more obvious one. It was activated by a switch and also stored the 30 seconds of footage prior to its activation.

If all the Police are due to be trained and issued with this gear, does that mean that a certain unit (known for their blue shouldered jackets) will soon be surplus to requirements? Well, if in a couple of months time you spot some familiar faces working as security guards in your local Tescos, you now know why…..

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26th July Revolutionary 'Hip-Hopera' in Newcastle

31-07-2008 17:14

RATB activists at the stall
Members and Supporters of Rock Around the Blockade (RATB) celebrated
the 26th July with live music and street theatre at Grey's Monument in
the centre of Newcastle.

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GRASS Call Out: Occupy and Save Wembley Park Sports Ground From Privateers

31-07-2008 15:08

The press release from Grass Roots Alliance for Social Sports (GRASS) who have currently occupied the Wembley Park Sports Ground on Bridge Road and Forty Avenue in North London in protest of private Academy school investor Ark gaining control of the sports fields, taking away valuable green space and amenities from the coummunity.

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Eviction Postponed for Wembley Sports Ground; New Threats

31-07-2008 13:48

Barricade At Proposed Construction Site Entrance
On Wednesday morning the Wembley Sports Ground occupiers and local businesses saw off council workers, who came to evict the local businesses as part of a simplistic divide-and-conquer manuever, but were forced to back off and postpone the eviction 'til Friday.

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Call-Out 2 Climate Campers: on route, visit Wembley Sports Ground Occupation

31-07-2008 06:20

If you are on yr way to the Climate camp, why not stop off at the wembley recreation ground tent occupation that is already up and running. Support needed.
A short video of one GRASS campaigner can be seen here.

Wembley Tent City Occupation, Forty Avenue, Wembley:
Nearest Tube: Wembley Park (Metropolitan Line)
Turn left out the station, walk up the hill to main junction on Bridge Rd, turn left, walk 100 metres, turn left into the gate way to Wembley Park Sports Ground and you're there.

Buses: From Central London: 18 from Euston to Sudbury and then the 182 to
Wembley Park Station (the N18 runs past Sudbury. Get off at Wembley
triangle from which Bridge Road is a 15 minute walk past Wembley Arena).
Other routes: 83 from Golders Green Stn, 302 from Kensal Rise Stn, 297
from Willesden Bus Garage.

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Climate & Capitalism, Climate Caravan Visits The City

30-07-2008 20:04

Penguins invading the southern end of London Bridge ...
Wednesday 30th July, the fourth day of the Climate Caravan traveling to this year's Climate Action Camp in Kingsnorth, Kent. The theme of today's leg was 'Climate & Capitalism', and so, there's probably no better place to point out the links between Climate Chaos and Capitalism's obsession with making bucks out of the depletion of the planet's natural resources, than the Square Mile.

Fleeing penguins and polar bears, and climate refugees on boats migrating due to the devastating effects of climate change, invaded London Bridge at about eleven in the morning, and they slowly made their way into the City of London. The traffic in London Bridge was brought to a standstill for about one hour, whilst protesters gave away hundreds of leaflets and the Camp's newspaper to the passers-by.

The Caravan then moved into the City itself, with a detour through several of the City's main landmarks. It eventually stopped at the global investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs, where a long speech was made through the bike sound system about the sort of 'investments' Goldman Sachs are involved in, and how this relates to Climate Change and its effects on communities and the environment. It was also pointed out that Goldman Sachs had already been targeted before by the Justice For Cleaners campaign, for their low standards of employment conditions for the City's army of invisible cleaners.

The Caravan then moved to St Paul's Cathedral where it stopped for a couple of hours for lunch. A photo exhibition was set up, whilst the bike sound system kept playing chill tunes for the participants, as well as for the many tourists that approached it to find out what was all that about.

The Caravan then set off for the meeting point at Liverpool Street station, where it was joined by some more people waiting there. It then moved to the nearby headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where bags full of pennies where thrown at the main entrances to symbolize the corporation's investments in Climate Chaos.

Here there are some pics of the day:

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KCC youth group gets 'mosquito' buzzers taken down

30-07-2008 19:49

Kent Youth County Council reps get County Council to take down the infamous 'mosqito' buzzers on buildings that 'deter' youngsters

Sorry about report from June- delay

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Why is UAF splitting the anti-fascists? For a united anti-BNP demo on 16/08/08

30-07-2008 11:22

Unite Against Fascism are refusing to support the locally-organised trade union demonstration against the BNP's Red, White and Blue "festival" on 16 August and, in an act of unbelievable sectarianism, have called their own.

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Digital Freedom in Education & Youth - North West :: First Meeting

29-07-2008 22:00

DFEY-NW[1] (Digital Freedom in Education & Youth - North West), the North West of England's first group focusing on young people and issues of freedom in the digital world is looking forward to it's first meeting EVER in August.

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Shell's security company revealed

29-07-2008 21:49

The illegal destruction of Glengad beach in Ireland is being overseen by I-RMS, a private security company with a background in military training. Last week 13 residents were arrested when they tried to question the legality of the work. There have been numerous complaints against unidentified security videoing families using the beach for swimming.

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Time for the Shamocracy to End, Time for Real Democracy to Begin

29-07-2008 14:09

The political system is corrupt, democracy is just a sham and we, the people are being repressed by a small number of faceless dictators who control society who through the use of fear have maintained their control over us. The time has come for this to end and for us to live in a real democracy and we can if we stop relying on a system that has failed us time and time and rely on ourselves.

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Chiswick Free Burma Protest against Total Oil

28-07-2008 21:50

Six protesters from held a demonstration at Chiswick West Four Total petrol station, 137 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick W4 2ED on 23rd July. They called for French Total Oil to stop funding the brutal Burmese junta with hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the French Total operated Yadana gas pipeline. Burma earns most of its foreign currency from gas exports and spends 50% of its budget on the military in a war against its own people. Since the mid 1990s French Total Oil has played a significant role in keeping the brutal Burmese junta in power, against the wishes of the Burmese people.

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Wembley Sports Ground: GRASS Call Out - Council Fascists Evict Businesses

28-07-2008 16:48

Barricade - Ain't Nothing Coimng In
The New Wembley Park Sports Ground Campaigners have made a call out for more assistance. Barricades are going up, already halting today's work on the privatised Ark Academy school. Meanwhile, the council have appeared and hit the five businesses, including the sports ground itself, with immediate eviction.

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North Camp street parking

28-07-2008 15:15

ticket machine obstructing highway
Car parking restrictions imposed without public consultation in North Camp are unlawful and unenforceable. That the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor continues to collect monies from an unlawful scheme opens the council, its officers and individual councillors to criminal prosecution.

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Stalinist Spanish Civil War Artwork Vandalized on San Francisco's Embarcadero

28-07-2008 04:02

Propaganda of the deed to commemorate the beginning of the Spanish Civil War the right way...

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Students and Striking Workers Picket LSE Starbucks Event

27-07-2008 16:59

Student and Workers Picket Starbucks
Students and striking local government workers united to picket a London School of Economics (LSE) event in Starbucks on Kingsway, Holborn last week, in opposition to the university’s and coffee chain’s support for the state of Israel's occupation of Palestine.