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Digital Freedom in Education & Youth - North West :: First Meeting

DFEY-NW | 29.07.2008 22:00 | Education | Social Struggles | Technology | Sheffield

DFEY-NW[1] (Digital Freedom in Education & Youth - North West), the North West of England's first group focusing on young people and issues of freedom in the digital world is looking forward to it's first meeting EVER in August.

| What is DFEY-NW |

DFEY-NW is a group formed in response from a growing need in the Northwest of England for a Group to encourage and promote young people's involvement with the free software community by creating a social space to make it more comfortable for young people to get involved with GLUGs and FSUGs.

| Meeting |

To get things started, it has been suggested that the first meeting should be used to work out:
1) what projects[2] we wish to undertake
2) what we can do to get more free software into education
3) what we should do in future meetings

It has been suggested that we should work closely with local GLUGs and FSUGs and similar groups, to help young people be given the help and respect needed to encourage them into the community.

| When |

To find out what the best date is for those interested to meet, a poll has been created:

Please fill it in and indicate which dates are best for you.

| Where |

What do you think? Where is convenient for you? What do you suggest?

My suggestion would be somewhere in Manchester, but I would be very interested about suggestions of venues from other locations.

Venues in Manchester:

I'm happy to contact the MDDA[3] who have been very welcoming to Manchester Free Software Group in the past, though they like people to book sooner rather than later.

Many of the other popular venues (such as Fab Cafe, Rain Bar, The Britons Protection, the Water House) are pubs/bars which some people may feel uncomfortable or have problems being in, though the Corner House may be an option which is not likely to cause problems.

Anyone have any better ideas? Feedback is crucial here. :)

| Contact |

We have a Mailing list:
and a forum interface:

We also are on IRC at
#dfey on
There is also a web interface if you haven't mastered IRC yet:


Looking forward to your suggestions,

Tim Dobson
DFEY-NW Co-Organiser



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