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Time for the Shamocracy to End, Time for Real Democracy to Begin

Vin Horago | 29.07.2008 14:09 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles

The political system is corrupt, democracy is just a sham and we, the people are being repressed by a small number of faceless dictators who control society who through the use of fear have maintained their control over us. The time has come for this to end and for us to live in a real democracy and we can if we stop relying on a system that has failed us time and time and rely on ourselves.

It’s time for real democracy, not the shamocracy which we unfortunately have to suffer at today.

For the first time in human history we are in the position to have real democracy, not the fake version we live in. At this moment in time the term democracy has never been more repulsive and fake. It is clear that elected and perspective politicians are for the most simply tools of the Military-Industrial Media Infotainment Complex (MIMIC), the Banking world and other members Ruling Elite, it may seem a large number of people but the truth is that only a small number of families control all of these corporations and have been working on an agenda to enslave the rest of humanity through their institutions and politicians.

As always, they try to sell us their ideas of our enslavement that it is in our best interests and have, throughout history, used fear and violence to quash our self-determination. There has never been a just war in human history, each successive war has been a control tool to keep us subdued and to enhance the Ruling Elite’s power and control over us. There are many institutions of control in place which keep us in check and each one of them is simply an illusion. We are brainwashed in these institutions from the day we are born and we take for granted such as money being needed when it isn’t, that nation states are important and to support our leaders and wave the flag when this is bullshit all of humanity is one race and nation states are an invention to divide us. We are steeped in the propaganda that not to support the country of our birth is akin to be a traitor, even if the reasons for not supporting are justified by the behaviour of the representatives of our nation is simply abhorrent, the Ruling Elite using their political tools, media propagandarists and security enforces quash any dissent and make others fearful of speaking out and carrying out any action to change for the better.

One of the worst illusions we have fallen for is that of democracy, we have yet to see a true democracy – the country of Switzerland comes the closest to this and it is far, far from being perfect.

The way which democracy is practiced around the world today is bullshit, we are “given” a vote to elect bought politicians who will serve their paymasters and not the people who elect them. This has become increasingly clear since the rise of capitalism, which is fascism in a new word not to scare the masses.

If you have ever explored the meaning of capitalism and the way it operates it is designed to put all control in the hands of a tiny number of people who control one corporation – take capitalism to the logical conclusion and you will find that only one corporation will be left who will control all food, all water, all power and all resources which will basically mean the people who control the corporation will decide who lives and who dies as they will control everything and we will have to comply completely otherwise we will get nothing. This may seem too much for you to get your head around but it is fact and if you look at the corporate take-overs and the ever diminishing number of corporations, which is the consolidation of food, water, power and resources into a smaller number of individuals you will see that this prediction is real and not some conspiracy theory fantasy. The small number of individuals who control the remaining corporations control the world at present by buying politicians and dictating what the media informs us, telling us what to think and how to behave.

Democracy, in its proper form is the will of the people on all issues which concern us that means on every issue which arises we should vote on it and the majority outcome is what is passed. However, this is not what occurs at the moment when the politicians make decisions against the will of the people and expect us to abide by their decisions no matter how out of touch they are with public opinion.

In the age of information and technology we have the means of introducing real democracy with the use of computers, most of us at this point in the so-called Western world have access to the internet and through this technology real democracy can be achieved. This would take away the need for politicians and the whole charade of the elections which are nothing but a sham as the Ruling Elite have already decided on who is going to be their next representative to consolidate their power and control.

Through the internet each issue which occurs can easily be voted for by every person, information pertaining to all sides of the issue can be easily found and understood and voted on accordingly to the individual. This being the case there is no excuse anymore for us all to be fully involved in how our country is run and indeed on a global scale. The present political system has failed and it is clear it has been set up and is now being abused by the Ruling Elite in order to widen the already cavernous gap between them and the rest of us by their buying of politicians who then follow the orders of their paymasters which has led to this current moment where the war of terror is becoming never ending and threatens to go nuclear; health care being privatised which puts a large number of people at risk as they can not afford private health care and the prescribing of harmful pharmacuetical drugs manufactured for profit; the continuing growth and trials of GM crops which nobody wants but our voices are not being listened too which threatens the environment and the use of chemical fertilisers whcih causes the soil to become sterile which will lead to the collapse of farming in the years to come; the allowing of oil companies to continue their grip on power and hold us to ransom for their products even though free-energy is within our grasp and other crimes against us and the world all of which the politicians through their complicitiy with the Ruling Elite have allowed to fester and many millions around the world to suffer undue hardships. It is by continuing to participate in their system which allows the continuation of suffering and we are at point where we no longer need to participate in their system, we can by using the technology at our disposal create our own system which is based upon peace, harmony and equality, a system where our one world can become truly one.

With issues such as war I would imagine that if we the people decided if a war should be waged that no war would ever be started again as it is against our common interests to be involved in war as war only causes death, destruction and suffering to all, every one is affected by it and our civil liberties are corroded – though it is clear that war is now just another control method of the Ruling Elite to consolidate their control and enhance their materialistic fortunes.

If we continue to rely on a corrupt political system to bring us the change we want, peace, equality and a good quality of life for all it isn’t going to happen in a million years or however long it will be before we are all made extinct by the lunacy of the Ruling Elite, we have to be the change, we have to take control of our own lives in every aspect of life and not allow the Ruling Elite to control such basic rights as healthcare and education; we have to be the ones to stop MIMIC and their perpetual war for profit and control because the politicians present and future are all controlled by this group and will not listen to our demands to stop all war. We are all one, there is no division only invented divisions by the Ruling Elite designed to control us and it is time to put an end to all divisions and all the harm which they have caused and rebuild all bridges which have been knocked down by the fear and hate brainwashed into us by the Ruling Elite.

What we have to understand is that we are part of the Earth, not separate and not ‘special’ like we are led to be believed by the propaganda and lies told by the Ruling Elite and their illusions such as religion and education. We have, by believing their lies ended up at this crossroads in our Earth’s history when we can go in different directions, if we allow the present insanity to continue the chances of a majority of the present life on our planet over the next 50 years is very, very slim or we can take control of our destiny and take control back from the Ruling Elite and create a world wherein peace is universal and we live in harmony with everything we co-exist with in our home, the Earth.

Vin Horago
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