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March of discontent: lessons in work struggles (Italy)

30-03-2013 20:43

The working class is awakening, and the mobilisations of the last few days among the logistics sector workers in Emilia Romagna are the first signs. Recently, we have seen two different images of work struggles: the Peugeot workers in Paris clashing with the police on one hand; and the sad, resigned-looking picket organised by Fiom outside a Fiat establishment in Italy, on the other hand. Both are fighting for their jobs, but the differences are clearly visible and stimulate many diverse reflections. The French workers’ determination in defense of their rights and dignity has spread to the Italian logistics sector workers’ mobilisation on March 22, and manifested in their determination to defeat the enemy. Workers of different backgrounds and origins, Italians and migrants, have united against the exploitation carried on by the worker cooperative owners and the main worker cooperative, the Coop.

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Baring Teeth: New Blog Aimed at the UK AR Movement

29-03-2013 18:45

Baring Teeth aims to inject the UK animal rights movement with a dose of radical discourse surrounding intersectional politics (i.e. racism, sexism etc.).

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UG#624 - The Vast Machine To Perpetuate Hopelessness (Marxian Class Analysis 1)

29-03-2013 17:46

As we approach the climax of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years, we begin a series of talks by Economics Professor Richard Wolff introducing Marxian class analysis.

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UG#625 - Jettisoning Accustomed Categories of Thought (Marxian Class Analysis 2)

29-03-2013 17:39

This week is something of a continuation of episode #624, featuring the second part of economics professor Richard Wolff on Marxian class analysis, and we approach the end of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years. I hope it works as an aid to help to rethink what you think you know about economics and politics and to jettison any categories of thought which you find unhelpful.

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UG#626 - Where Communism Meets Capitalism (TPPA, Marxian Class Analysis 3)

29-03-2013 17:33

This episode we note some similarities between the so called extreme 'left' and 'right' ends of the political spectrum - when the government claims the ability to unilaterally decide how to run things, the stated ideology often goes by the board anyway. Bryan Gould discusses the confidential 'trade agreement' TPP, noting that it is less about free trade and more about subduing national sovereignty to the multinational corporations who devised it. In our second hour, we continue with Richard Wolff's Marxian class analysis, looking specifically at the 1917 Russian revolution.

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UG#627 - The Progressive Process of Desocialization (Marxian Class Analysis 4)

29-03-2013 17:28

This week, two Marxist professors speak on the social impact of capitalism and especially in USA. First, Silvia Federici speaks on 'The Progressive Process of Desocialization', how capitalism breaks down communities and people's human relationships of care. Next it is the turn of Richard Wolff who applies his Marxian class analysis to the US household, noting that more and more adults are rejecting the traditional (feudal) model of domestic exploitation and either living alone or in more egalitarian patterns.

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Gearing Up For March For England In Brighton

29-03-2013 14:33

Here is the link to some of the latest info on the March For England and their fascist mates coming back to Brighton, Along with contact details for stopMFE

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28-03-2013 18:52

Southern Brazil
Do more, I continue, is at the heart of our proposal, putting under increasing national and citizen control all the vast and complex productive chains of agriculture and agro-industry of the XXI century, with invaluable impact on what we call productive intelligence per capita.

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Bedroom Tax Song

28-03-2013 14:54

nationwide call out

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New British Union - contact your local fascist today

27-03-2013 21:17

The New British Union (NBU) is a fascist cult led by BNP reject Gary Raikes. They view themselves as a revival of Mosley's British Union, dreaming of thousands of blackshirts marching through the streets. In reality they're barely more than a few easily led fools and some school kids that Gary has been grooming, but they're still fascists who think they can organise openly and as such it seems sensible to cast a wary eye in their direction.

Recently the NBU kindly posted contact details for their 'District Officers'. Here's a wee bit more info on a few of them.

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27-03-2013 19:24

Southern Brazil
Do more, I continue, is at the heart of our proposal, putting under increasing national and citizen control all the vast and complex productive chains of agriculture and agro-industry of the XXI century, with invaluable impact on what we call productive intelligence per capita.

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27-03-2013 18:16

Is capitalism not slavery? Or has the definition been forgotten?
Why do we tolerate a system so rotten?

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Atos Mass Read 9th April

27-03-2013 08:03

Looking for people to take part in a mass read of the Atos Monologues on 9th April

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Call out against the EDL Infidels in Sunderland March 30th

26-03-2013 23:28

This is a leaflet produced by North East Anti Fascists for use in Sunderland and beyond to mobilise against the far right.

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26-03-2013 19:05

Southern Brazil
The core of our proposal is the idea of adding value to agricultural production by conjugation with that of agro-industrial and industrial production, in order to increase farmers' income, the collection of taxes and return on investment of the national state, "deflating" major brazilian centers of all a well-known and extremely costly problem, from the perspective not only of public finances, but also from an emotional and humanitarian angle.

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End the WTO and the Stop the new wave of Free Trade Agreements

26-03-2013 11:18

Call to action of the Indonesian People's Movement Against Neocolonialism-Imperialism toward Bali WTO Ministerial meeting on 3-6 of December 2013

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School for Eco-Warriors Will Teach Teenagers How to Stop Global Warming

25-03-2013 21:46

The eco-warriors in Enfield who recently survived a terrible ordeal at the hands of the corrupt and crooked Enfield council which could have killed them, are planning to open the School for Eco-Warriors to teach young people and everyone else as well, about how to engage in direct action to stop global warming before it drives humanity to extinction this century.

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Bristol bookfair after-party fundraiser info

24-03-2013 21:22

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective brings you a night of radical music to wind down to after the 2013 Bookfair - kick back and dance yer boots off!
This is a split fundraiser for us and Bristol Defendant Solidarity. Any funds raised that we do not need will be shared out to other groups locally, as usual.

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JSA & ESA South London Claimants Union

21-03-2013 13:32

For a Claimants Union in South London!

Wednesday 27th March 4pm
Eileen House, 80-94 Newington Causeway, SE1 6EF

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Is Welsh Planning Policy for Coal about to Hit the Buffers?

21-03-2013 12:18

The new Welsh Minister for Housing and Regeneration, Mr Carl Seargent, is about to make a decision on the Varteg Hill Opencast site application. If he decides to uphold the Appeal recommendation arising from a recent Public Inquiry it could set a new precedent for how all other Welsh opencast site applications are decided. It could have even wider repercussions across England and Scotland as well. This press release explains why.