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Bush-Arroyo Axis Plans Deeper U.S. Intervention In The Philippines

03-07-2008 19:09

Via the corrupt Arroyo regime, Bush/Pentagon is planning deeper intervention in the "killing fields" of its former colony, in the name of the war against "terrorism." But this is bound to resuscitate the Furies of the Filipino-American War of 1899-1902, and arouse the revolutionary energies of 90 million Filipinos against US imperialism and global capital--a future that Washington is not yet prepared to contemplate.

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Farnborough town centre crisis worsens

03-07-2008 17:33

Empty shops, boarded-up retail units, a failing town centre.

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I Stand by the River: a film showing about race and class in the US, 11 July

03-07-2008 15:47

As part of Ideas for Freedom, the annual weekend of socialist discussion and debate, we will be showing "I Stand by the River", a film about the Memphis refuse workers' strike which Martin Luther King was supporting when he was assassinated in 1968.

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Massive Police training facility Gravesend, Kent - Pics

03-07-2008 13:53

An aerial shot of one of the largest police training facilities in the world hunkered down in the luscious green pastures of Gravesend, Kent, where England’s formidable Metropolitan Police force tackles hypothetical anarchy in a lot that looks like a amusement park more so than a staging ground for urban unrest and abatement. The 9,250 square meter site (38-hectare) was opened back in 2003 by the private company Equion, according to the BBC “through the government's Private Finance Initiative, using both public and private money.”

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Article 8 Right to Family life - strengthened by Law Lords

03-07-2008 11:39

If you have sought leave to remain in the UK on Article 8 grounds, have been refused on the grounds that it would be 'proportionate' for you to leave the UK and a make the application from abroad and the Home Office are enforcing that decision;

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Wembley Summer Camp Open: Squat The Land, Smash School Privatisation

03-07-2008 10:43

Brent Planning Committee: Residents Say No To School Privatisation
Teachers, residents and campaigners in Wembley, Brent, North West London, have re-squatted the Wembley Sports Ground and are calling out for people to join them, squat the land and join the largest protest against the privatisation of the UK education system.

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Please help Bridget O'Koro and Osaivibie

03-07-2008 07:32

Bridget and Osaivibie
Bridget and Osaivibie from Nigeria have been in detention since the 12th May. They are currently in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) and due to be forcibly removed from the UK to Nigeria on Saturday 5th July on Virgin Nigeria Airways flight VK296 from Gatwick to Lagos at 22.30hrs.

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Fitwatch at G8 Protests

02-07-2008 22:13

FIT on the rampage - Carnival For Full Enjoyment, Edinburgh, G8 2005.
4th July - Japanese Embassy - 12pm - 101-104 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7JT

5th July - London Fete Against the G8 - 12pm - Croydon Central, North End, Close to the entrance of Whitgift ShoppingCentre

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Privacy Campaigners Welcome Airlines' Opposition to ID Database

02-07-2008 22:07

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Privacy campaigners have welcomed airline bosses' strongly-worded letter opposing plans to force airport workers to register for government ID cards from next year.

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Tibetan Solidarity Benefit Night - Sat 5 July

02-07-2008 21:58

Saturday 5 July
@RYAN"S BAR, 181 Church St, Stoke Newington, N16 0UL 8pm
ALL WELCOME! Suggested Donation: £3
Please come along and support the people in Tibet in solidarity.

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Another attempt to remove Rebecca Lutayakamya and Darren

02-07-2008 16:24

Rebecca & Darren
30 year old Rebecca Lutayakamya and her son Darren from Uganda, have been in detention since Tuesday 29th April. They are currently in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and are due to be forcibly removed from the UK to Uganda on Thursday 3rd July on British Airways flight BA63 to Entebbe at 21:10.

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Disabled People's Direct Action Network meets with James Purnell MP

02-07-2008 12:22

Six Disabled People from the Disabled People’s Direct Action Network (DAN) met with James Purnell (Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) and Anne McGuire (Minister for Disabled People) on the 30th June 2008 at Caxton House, Tothill Street, London.

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Shell to Sea Benefit Gig - Sat 5th July @ the Common Place

02-07-2008 09:16

Shell to Sea Benefit*, Sat 5th July 08,

Line up: Ruskspin…Dubstep, Ruberlaris …Reggae/ Dub/ Ska, other dj’s - Reggae, Drum and Base/ etc. till 1am, £3 members,£4 non- members on the door@ the Common place = 22-25 Wharf St, LS2.

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stephen Gowans in inteview on Zimbabwe

02-07-2008 03:06

good interview, to learn what you cant on Western media, MSM and 'alternative'

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G8 Filmnight at Bowl Court this Wednesday 8pm

01-07-2008 19:15


Screening of G8 shorts and the film 'Public Blue', about the eviction of the
homeless/squatter communities in Japan. There will info about Saturday's
protest and discussion.

at Bowl Court Social Centre ( )

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Pre-Climate Camp street medic training!

01-07-2008 18:24

The UK Action Medics are running a 2 1/2 day street medic training in Leeds during the run-up to Climate Camp. It will be a 20 hour course that will teach you the basics of general First Aid, as well as skills to deal with medical situations specific to direct action, such as dealing with chemical weapons and the police. We will also be offering sections specifically tailored to situations likely to arise at this year’s Climate Camp, such as water safety and public health. The course will involve scenarios and hands-on practice and, although we cannot offer you any official accreditation, the 2 1/2 day training is the minimum standard for membership of the Action Medics, and will equip you for a wide range of situations, from hypothermia to baton wounds.

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Resistance in Oaxaca! Film night.

01-07-2008 17:04

Final event in the UK Resistance in Oaxaca! tour will be Wednesday´s film night at LARC (London).

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Pedro Fernando: 20 Months in detention - 20 months too long

01-07-2008 13:29

Pedro Fernando, originally from Cabinda/Angola, turned 21 and then 22 in an immigration removal centre. I met him just after his 21st birthday which I only realized by looking through some of the papers he had given me.

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Minutes of Manchester NO2ID Meeting, June 2008

01-07-2008 12:23

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Manchester's campaign against the Database State is going from strength to strenth. Find out what's going on and how you can get involved!