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Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran +

02-08-2010 02:59

"When the spoofs first appeared on the web, not a few readers took the opening paragraphs seriously, because there was such a ring of psychological truth to them.
Anyone who ignores the psychological factor in politics must have been in hibernation during the eight years of the Bush-Cheney pathology. When sane military professionals were testifying to the perils of new wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the neocon faction followed its insane instincts and the bombs began to fall. Dr. Justin A. Frank, an American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, authored a brilliant study entitled Bush on the Couch.(25) Relying solely on published speeches, statements, and interviews, Frank diagnosed the president as seriously mentally ill, actually a sociopath. Were Dr. Frank to examine statements on the public record by Netanyahu, Barak, Peres, Lieberman, Tzipi Livni among others, he might come to a similar conclusion. When, at a recent public speaking event in Germany, I asked the IPPNW member aboard the Mavi Marmora, how he, as a practicing psychiatrist, would evaluate the mental state of the Israeli leadership, he quipped that he was merely a psychotherapist, and did not deal with cases of grave psychosis."

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High Court in Kenya Rules Hundreds of Death Sentences Unconstitutional

01-08-2010 20:08

Kenya further strengthens the 88% of the world's countries not involved
in premeditated judicial murder

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Help Sakine's brave lawyer and human rights activist...

01-08-2010 20:01

He needs our help.
All of us who have closely followed the case of Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani are deeply concerned about the Iranian Islamic Regime's attack on Mr. Mostafaei's family. Last week Mostafaei was issued a summons requiring him to present himself to Evin prison; he did so on 24 July. He was interrogated and released but received a further summons by telephone. Later that day, his wife and brother-in-law were arrested and remain in prison in order to exert pressure on Mostafaei to turn himself in. Scores of human rights defenders have been harassed or arrested in Iran with some being sentenced to death. Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, Sajjad, who has appealed on her behalf has also faced interrogation and harassment.

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Wildcat #2 out now

01-08-2010 16:22

The latest issue of Liverpool Solidarity Federation's local newsletter is out now.

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Dr. Steve Best on "The Left, Capitalism, and Animal Rights"

01-08-2010 15:44

This is an excerpt of Jon Hoch interviewing Dr. Steven Best on April 29, 2010. To hear the entire interview, please see:

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Taunton Benefit Gigs: Renata Zelazna / Womens Refuge / Antifascist

01-08-2010 15:25

19th August - Free Renata Zelazna
16th September - Taunton Womens Refuge
6th October - Moscow Antifa
21st October - Benefit TBA

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J B Spray Squat, Court Hearing Mon. Aug 2nd, CALL FOR RESISTANCE TO EVICTION!

01-08-2010 11:42

The Squat was once valued at 6 million quid!!
The J B Spray squat, in Radford, Nottingham, is facing another court hearing tomorrow in front of Nottingham Magistrates, and so is calling for support, in terms of people joining the squats efforst to resist any attemots at eviction by the bailiffs or the state...PLEASE COME AND JOIN THE RESISTANCE!

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Bangladeshi workers step up resistance

01-08-2010 07:39

BANGLADESHI workers have stepped up their inspiring uprising against slave labour conditions.

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Wkileaks founder 'dissapointed' in Gates

31-07-2010 18:47

"Secretary Gates could have used his time, as other nations have done, to
announce a broad inquiry into these killings," the statement said. "He could
have announced specific criminal investigations into the deaths we have
exposed. He could have announced a panel to hear the heartfelt dissent of
U.S. soldiers, who know this war from the ground. He could have apologized
to the Afghani people.
> "But he did none of these things. He decided to treat these issues and the
> countries affected by them with contempt. Instead of explaining how he would
> address these issues, he decided to announce how he would suppress them.
> "This behavior is unacceptable. We will not be suppressed. We will continue
> to expose abuses by this administration and others."

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Planned EDL Counter Protest in Bradford fails to raise eyebrows

31-07-2010 12:19

Later this month English Defence League supporters hope to parade their hatred through the streets of Bradford but there is a massive campaign underway to legally stop them. But if the EDL do end up coming, should we really allow a counter protest?

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Vengeance is mine,, declareth the Supreme Court Judge.

31-07-2010 11:11

P D James, famed mystery writer, has a character say in effect
"Vengeance is mine,, declareth the judge".(who is enjoined by scripture not to judge.) While Britain is among the 88% of the world's countries which have
ended premeditated judicial murder, the US, China, Israel, Nigeria, Saudi
Arabia are among the 12% of countries on the caboose of the train of history.

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US Treasury Running on Fumes

30-07-2010 17:39

"The White House is screaming like a stuck pig. WikiLeaks’ release of the Afghan War Documents “puts the lives of our soldiers and our coalition partners at risk.”

What nonsense. Obama’s war puts the lives of American soldiers at risk, and the craven puppet state behavior of “our partners” in serving as US mercenaries is what puts their troops at risk."

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Waders tie down Shell testing rig in Mayo, Republic of Ireland

30-07-2010 16:39

10 people from the Rossport solidarity camp delayed Shell’s survey work for the dangerous and experimental Corrib gas pipeline yesterday. The campaigners waded out to one of the rigs drilling boreholes in the Sruwaddacon estuarythe rig at high tide, fixed rope around the legs of the rig, and occupied the space underneath it to prevent the being moved to a new site. Work was delayed for around two hours.

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Manchester Antifascist Alliance (MAFA) news, events and actions.

30-07-2010 16:23

MAFA continues the fight against fascism through the summer and beyond.

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Minister for Culture admires work of London’s gay art festival

30-07-2010 14:08

Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey met the organisers of ‘GFEST – Gaywise FESTival’ – London’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) art festival. In this brief surgery meeting, Mr Vaizey showed a keen interest to know more about enterprising GFEST activities and admired its work.

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The EDL put pig's head on Finsbury Park Mosque. Protest London 31st July 2.30pm

30-07-2010 01:35

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic organisation with links to UKIP, the BNP, National Front, Combat 18, Blood and Honour, White Pride, March For England and the English Nationalist Alliance. The English Nationalist Alliance will be marching in London on the 31st July. They plan to hand in an anti Islam and Sharia Law letter to the UK government in Downing Street.

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Sat7th: BBQ Benefit for Kilburn Unemployed Workers FREE

29-07-2010 16:57

BBQ benefit for newly founded unemployed group in Kilburn using the Direct Action Casework model.

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£7m Big Mac 'was from surveilance'

29-07-2010 14:04

The Daily Mail has apologised to Tamil Hunger Striker for false accusations.
Does such an apology have any meaning given the damage done to top kill the Tamil protests.

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PHILIPPINES: Keeping an eye on Aquino’s commitment to change

28-07-2010 14:59

MANILA - The new administration of President Benigno S. Aquino III begins with an extremely high trust rating of 88 percent – higher than any of the post-dictatorship presidents. This is a measure of people’s belief in the commitment of the Aquino administration to reverse the anti-poor policies implemented during the regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

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Calls for Home Secretary to Ban the EDL from Bradford

27-07-2010 15:42

The Telegraph & Argus, trade unions, Bradford University, political parties, faith leaders, the Chamber of Commerce, dozens of community groups and Bradford Council have all spoken out against the proposed English Defence League demonstration calling for it to be banned.