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£7m Big Mac 'was from surveilance'

Associated News Papers | 29.07.2010 14:04 | SOCPA | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | South Coast | World

The Daily Mail has apologised to Tamil Hunger Striker for false accusations.
Does such an apology have any meaning given the damage done to top kill the Tamil protests.

I clearly remember that the source was attributed to surveillance team of the protest.
To be fair The Met did deny any involvement in this character assassination when confronted as soon as the 'story' emerged - but this was only to the insignificant Tamil media.

Is it correct that police did not take action on Daily Mail (and the Sun) ?
Is it not that such 'character assasination' is another aspect the culture of bullying and intimidation through surveillance.

Funny even McDonalds' managers gave interviews to stories about how the Tamils ate up all their food or similar around the same time as the said accusation.

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