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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Support The Harmondsworth 4!

20-12-2007 10:57

Demonstrate 7 January 2008
9am onwards

at Southwark Crown Court
1 English Grounds
(off Battlebridge Lane)
London SE1 2HU
(nearest tube London Bridge)

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Solidarity with Imprisoned Berlin Anti-Fascist Andrea!

20-12-2007 06:32

On the 1.12.07 the Berlin anti-fascist Andrea has been arrested by plainclothes cops of LKA's political branch.

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The Dead Hand of Managerial Capitalism

19-12-2007 22:36

New Ideas for the Redistribution of Wealth and Responsibility in the Twenty-First Century

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Court delivers a victory for liberation fighters the world over

19-12-2007 17:07

Delivering on an update of the Danish Dangerouse T-Shirt sarga a court has ruled that `Fighters & Lovers` are innocent.

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U.S. isolated on the Human Rights Issue in CUBA

19-12-2007 11:20

The recent Cuban decision to sign the International Pact on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the Civil and Political Rights is a clear example of the island's conduct when it is not subjected to external pressures...

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"World Heritage Org"

19-12-2007 09:45

Many of us have been hearing
much about being bared from many of our National Park regions.

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2nd Screening of Videoactivism and Independent Documentaries, Caracas 2008

18-12-2007 21:48

* The collective editors of the Venezuelan journal El Libertario and the Organizacion Nelson Garrido, have issued a call out for filmmakers and video activists from all over the world to present their recent autonomous works concerning active social movements in struggle. This will be held in Caracas, Venezuela, between the 21st and the 28th of January 2008.

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Palestine: PFLP Launches English Website

18-12-2007 20:31

We are launching this English website today, on our historic anniversary, for a number of reasons. We stand today amidst an ongoing assault on our people, marked by occupation, exile, imprisonment, siege, assassination, destruction and invasion, an assault that has continued for sixty years.

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London Home Office HQ Blockaded by Refugee Support Groups

18-12-2007 14:30

Home Office Blockade
9.45am, 18 December 2007: Five people from refugee support groups including No Borders London managed to successfully blockade the front entrance of the Home Office headquarters on Marsham Street in London.

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Philippine President Gloria Arroyo: Economist or Politician?

18-12-2007 11:21

Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo & Imelda Marcos
I think I’m a pretty good economist, but a very bad politician.”
- by Gloria Macapacagal-Arroyo

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“No Borders” Activists Prevent “Dawn Raids” on Children

18-12-2007 05:59

Simultaneous No Borders blockades preventing dawn raids today.

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CDG crisis deepens

17-12-2007 14:59

The crisis at Careers Development Group worsens.

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Jane Mary Mutetsi belongs to Nottingham

17-12-2007 13:52

Jane Mary Mutetsi
Jane Mary Mutetsi is currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC with removal directions set for Tuesday 18th December on British Airways Flight BA063 leaving Heathrow @ 21:05 for Entebbe/Uganda.

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Monday 17th December - Campsfield IRC another disturbance in progress

17-12-2007 07:28

I have just had a call (5:37 am) from a detainee in Blue Block at Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), Kidlington, Oxford, describing a disturbance developing there AT THIS MOMENT.

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Menwith Hill - Illegal and Indecent Surveillance are Routine

16-12-2007 23:43

If you shout too loudly about sensitive issues, The Boys up at Menwith Hill may make their presence felt in your life.

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80,000 march against US airbase construction at Dal Molin, Italy

16-12-2007 23:20

One of the most important movements right now in Italy is the inspiring coalition to prevent the US from building a military base at Dal Molin, Vicenza in Northern Italy. On Saturday 15th December, an estimated 80,000 people marched in cold weather to say No to the base. This was virtually ignored in the mainstream Italian press and TV. Prodi's "centre left" government, supported by parties that say they are against the war, said "The base will be approved". It's a national issue!

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CrossRail has contaminated fragile climate of legality in UK parliament

16-12-2007 15:46

How? By the secret promoters of CrossRail hole plot [‘the CrossRail Bill’, now set to be formally 'considered' in the House of Lords following the 'Third Reading' see more below], Big Business interests and agenda-setters like the USA giant Bechtel, to dictate how the ‘sovereign’ UK and its ‘elected’ parliament and Govt should behave! This is what has been seen in the latest exhibition of ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ as displayed in the House of Commons three days ago when MPs of all parties acted openly as poodles with not a singe recorded move by a single MP against CrossRail at this finalizing procedural stage! The ‘Party’ which has been alleged to have introduced ‘Mr Bean’ into the so-called lexicon learned discourse in ‘ the mother of parliaments’, exposed its own infinite idiocy by competing fur space to show just how pathetically full of ignorance and lack of substance it was…. This is why the Khoodeelaar! Campaign has to carry on with the task that fills that gap s brazenly created by the bankruptcy of the time serving, unrepresentative and overpaid MPs…

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Aggressions Against the Zapatistas of Bolom Ajaw

16-12-2007 14:56

The Other Campaign Mobilizes in Response to Aggressions Against the Zapatistas of
Bolom Ajaw
Authorities, Working Through an Alleged Paramilitary Group, Plan to "Relocate" the
Inhabitants; Civil Groups Called to Boycott Tourism of the Agua Azul Falls

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Totalitarian Oil get out of Burma protest in Chiswick

15-12-2007 18:21

On Thursday 13th December, eight protesters campaigned at the Total Oil
station at 137 Chiswick High Road against Total's funding of the repressive
regime in Burma.

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Subversive Singing Santas Spread Seasonal Sanity

15-12-2007 17:50

Subversive Santas at the Mall
Today, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, activists from Norwich Rising Tide dressed up as Santas and visited Chapelfield Mall to sing a different tune to the usual buy, buy, buy madness of the holiday season.