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An All-American Insurgency: The Attack on the Raleigh GOP Headquarters

24-11-2004 21:17

On November 6th, only four days after Election Day, anarchists in North Carolina took power into their own hands by trashing the Republican Party headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is an action of great symbolic and tactical importance to anarchists and anyone else interested in defeating the Bush regime. We analyse the importance of this action and its ramifications for future actions.

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Help Ukraine!

24-11-2004 20:41

People went to the streets, on strike or to Kyiv, first of all, because they are sick and tired with organised criminal gang holding power in their country for the last decade. People of Ukraine felt that at this point they’re robbed of any future hope. You can do a lot. There are no small deeds now – everything can be helpful, can prevent bloodshed and give support to the people.

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Council Tenants

24-11-2004 02:19

Enquiry about letter and voting paper for December. This letter is being sent to tenants of council houses in Sheffield.

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Indonesian police set-up Jakarta man?

24-11-2004 00:14

Makes you want to move to Indonesia doesn't it? Sounds like a great place for a holiday? A great place for civil liberties as long as you don't get set-up, framed and become a scapegoat for the golden triangle the US, Indonesia, and Australia!

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South Devon Hunt Violence

23-11-2004 19:31

As news of a forthcoming foxhunting ban hit the news, the hunters, not content with fox/deer/badger/grouse/pheasant/peasant/rabbit*(delete as appropriate) bashing, hit saboteurs on Dartmoor. 3 sabs were injured during the attack.

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Burning Solidarity with Fallujah - Palestine

23-11-2004 11:18

'Al-Fallujah' spelt out in flames lights up the sky on Jabal Ash-shamliya, the m
Nablus, Palestine, shows solidarity with the people of Falluja by writing 'Al-Falujah' in Arabic in flames on the mountain above the city

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23-11-2004 10:32


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rampART radio

23-11-2004 07:33

support your radio, indtmedia radio rampART needs your listen factor
today ( rough ) schedule...

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U.S. ELECTION: Democracy in Question

23-11-2004 00:17

Interviews with John Zogby and Ralph Nader, plus what's now known about Election Day, suggest something went very wrong on Nov. 2.

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mobilisation for protest against EU summit 2005 in Luxembourg started

22-11-2004 18:36

In june 2005 a EU summit takes place in Luxembourg.

Mobilisation to protest against the politics of the EU are in preperation, for more information, visit:

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thousands mass in kiev as election results contested

22-11-2004 15:29

check out MAIDAN - An Internet Hub for Civil Resistance to Authoritarianism in Ukraine - reporting in English at this important time for our Ukrainian neighbours...

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Smash Edo pictures Brighton

22-11-2004 13:01

heres some first class pictures of Edo/mbm bomb making factory in Brighton recieveing some collateral damage.

Operation search and destroy continues. Watch this space!!

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Laing O'Rourke Workers Solidarity Action

22-11-2004 06:10

Workers Solidarity Against Bosses Profits

Several cranes have been occupied on the Laing O'Rourke Kings Cross Rail Link construction site, in solidarity with workers on the site who are fighting a new pay deal.

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{LIVE} 11/22 debate Naomi Klein vs Nokia a.o.

22-11-2004 00:02

IDFA2004: film for thought
IDFA 2004 live internet stream: 2PM C.E.T. (= 1pm UK, = 6AM EST NewYork) [english spoken] 'IT'S OUR BUSINESS' The debate looks at new definitions of globalism, localism and ethical fair trade practices.

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Celebration of Basil Hinton's politically active life

21-11-2004 17:50

Basil Hinton 1927 -2004
21st Nov - on Saturday evening there was a very special event at East Oxford Community Centre to celebrate the life of a remarkable socialist, revolutionary and internationalist.

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Tory & Jamaican gay hate continues.

21-11-2004 15:37

Two recent articles show that hated towards gay people continues both in the UK and
the world.

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Manchester Indymedia Filmscreening- "Summit Good"

21-11-2004 14:58

flyer extract present
Summit Good: In the lead up to the G8 summit coming to Scotland, we tell our own stories about Summit Mobilisations. Film Screening
The Dancehouse – Oxford Rd – opp BBC - Sunday Dec 19th
7:30 for 8:00 start - £2 – none refused entry for lack of funds

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Join campaign against ID

20-11-2004 23:54

logo of campaigners
Text of the petition (closing date tomorrow) to be submitted to government before it is too late. Please go to original website to sign the e-petition.

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20-11-2004 23:50

Protestors picketed Starbucks in Edinburgh’s High Street for three and a half hours on Saturday 20th November. Demonstrators served up free zapatista coffee, proclaiming solidarity with the rebel indigenous movement in Mexico and with New York Starbucks workers in dispute with the coffee giant. The action was jointly organised by Edinburgh Branch Industrial Workers of the World and Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group.

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Street protests greet Apec summit

20-11-2004 16:18

More than 4,000 military-style police on the streets, using water cannon and tear gas on protesters in Santiago ahead of a summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation forum (Apec). Just hours before US President George W Bush arrived, crowds threw stones and chanted slogans against the US leader. Up to 250 people were arrested on the fourth day of confrontations between police and protesters. Mr Bush and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are to attend the summit, where talks will focus on security and trade.