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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Levellers' Day 19 May 2007

02-05-2007 08:50

Levellers' Day Poster
The 33rd annual Levellers' Day is being held this year on Saturday 19 May, in Warwick Hall and gardens, Burford, as usual. It is always an excellent day out, even if it rains, with inspirational speakers, food and a variety of musical entertainment. For more info, tel: 01865 727731.

See below for the press release.

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Cuba.May Day

02-05-2007 01:41

Multitudinal parades took place in all Cuba for the International Workers Day’s. Workers, students, housewives and retired workers, massed in the main plazas to join Cuba’s struggle against terrorism...

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Oaxaca Solidarity Film Night! CAMBERWELL SQUATTED CENTRE

01-05-2007 23:22

As part of our regular Wednesday Film Nights, we will be showing two films that focus on the recent struggles in Oaxaca, Mexico. Event is free. All welcome.

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Short report of mayday march and dancing in the streets!

01-05-2007 22:53

"Event for all"
Mayday began with the gathering of the Unions, autonomous bloc and Turkish Workers organisations, amongst others, mobilising at Clerkenwell Green to set off on the march to Trafalgar Square. The march itself was largely uneventful, being smaller than past years, brisk of pace and fairly contained by police and stewards

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Preston Council's Crazy Plans To Barrage Ribble: One Step Closer to The Brink

01-05-2007 22:21

The Riverworks Barrage across the River Ribble is one step closer to reality today after Preston City Council decided, against the advice of local people and environmentalists, to apply to the North West Development Agency for funds for a feasibility study into their plans to build a barrage across the Ribble and 4000 homes and businesses in it's floodplain - plans that would threaten the precious environment of the Ribble Estuary and raise the flood risk to local residents.

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May Day Picket of Liverpool Army Recruitment

01-05-2007 19:22

The neatest banner in the world is successfully attached.
After turning away from the lure of warm beer and a cover of John Lennon's Imagine at the official Merseyside TUC rally, ten activists from the Liverpool Social Forum picketed the Army recruitment office on James Street, to try and stop young scousers fighting and possibly dying for oil in the Middle East.

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Chesterfield Mayday

01-05-2007 19:17

The Bank Holiday TUC Rally and Demonstration meets at Chesterfield Town Hall for a march through the streets to New Square on Monday 7th May.

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Quick Report from Dancing in The Streets London Mayday Street Party

01-05-2007 18:06

The street party is still going on with around 80 people near to Canary Warf in east London. Hundreds of police and security guards are in the area.

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Low-Key May Day March and Rally in Liverpool

01-05-2007 17:35

March sets off from St George's Plateau
About eight hundred people - including many from the striking Public and Commercial Services union - marched through Liverpool city centre this afternoon, in an event organised by Merseyside TUC.

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Feministas' Mayday - Guerilla Stickering

01-05-2007 17:03

Feministas Guerilla stickering campaign today...

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BNP man on firearm charge

01-05-2007 16:56

A British National Party candidate standing for election to Walsall Council has been charged with possessing an imitation firearm.

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Mayday Early Report - South London

01-05-2007 16:38

50 people share food, drink and music in Kennington Park, South London. A 15 foot Maypole was erected before the eye of bemused officers of the law and dancing proceeded.

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Mayday, Germany: Anti-Nazi rally turns into Riots

01-05-2007 16:26

before the riots
Germany, Dortmund. 2000 antifascists gathered in Dortmund on tuesday afternoon to protest against 1500 neo-nazis who try to use mayday for fascist propaganda. After the police declared the anti-fascist protest illegal and tried to desperse it, the protest turned into heavy riots.

on tuesday afternoon.

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Canary Wharf update

01-05-2007 16:17

Loads of police everywhere Hijackers performing.

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Sheffield Mayday 2007

01-05-2007 16:16

Over 4,000 members of the PCS were on strike today in Sheffield to oppose cuts, privatisation and pay cuts, over a dozen city centre offices were picketed. Strikers joined other protestors for a march and rally from Moorfoot to the Town Hall.

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Police questioning people at Canary Wharf

01-05-2007 15:35

Not much happening 4.30pm.

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Mayday: Riots in ISTANBUL

01-05-2007 15:07

In Istanbul, Turkey, mayday protests turned into heavy riots when police tried to stop several thousand protesters to reach central Taksim-place in Istanbul where in 1977 500 000 people celebrated mayday and where police-snipers killed 36.

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In Defence of Work Conditions: PCS Strike and Rally in Birmingham

01-05-2007 14:48

not a very impressive turn-out!

About 70 people turned out today for a rally in Chamberlain square, Birmingham, called and organised by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS). The event was one of many events up and down the country.

Earlier in the day, groups of workers picketed in various locations as part of a national discontinuous strike on May 1st. The PCS had launched a national campaign in defence of jobs, services, pay and work conditions. Their demands include no compulsory redundancies and relocations; no more outsourcing without consultation and agreement; fair and equal pays and decent work conditions.

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Federal Army Harrasses Zapatista Commanders

01-05-2007 14:37

Federal army aggressively harasses Zapatista Commanders and delegates of the Other Campaign.