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Feministas' Mayday - Guerilla Stickering

the Feministas | 01.05.2007 17:03 | Mayday 2007 | Gender | Social Struggles

Feministas Guerilla stickering campaign today...

Feministas were out in the sunshine today for a spot of covert stickering for May Day... we transformed and informed in designer shops [Harvey Nichols], newsagents, tourist info boards, Ann Summers and a range of other places of public interest.
With 'Capitalism Kills' and 'Feminists are Everywhere' stickers we helpfully snuck into the conciousness of ladies of leisure, buyers of 'women's' and 'lads' magazines, purchasers of sweatshop produced clothing [Primark], places of worship, cash machines customers and general bods on the street.
We'd love to hear what pixiying you were up to today and hope you've all had a chance to make the world a better place...
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