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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Activists' briefing on the politics of the National Union of Students

23-12-2005 13:36

Activists from Education Not for Sale, a network of radical student activists, have produced a dossier on the shenanigans of the National Union of Students bureaucracy at the 2005 NUS conference in April.

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Crossrail hole Bill - NO CAMPAIGN warns Alistair Darling MP on Xrailk ££ abuse

23-12-2005 13:09

100 Hrs GMT Friday 23 December 2005-12-23

To Alistair Darling MP

Dear Alistair,

Questions to ALISTAIR DARLING (MP, Secretary of State, UK Transport Department) about the 'uses' and abuses of the £100M he (A Darling) has just granted for CROSSRAIL promotion

1. The statement made on your behalf in the (UK) House of Lords by your colleague (the peer called Davies) refers in effect to the ‘power’ as being made available in section 6 of the Railways Act 2005 when you had made the grant of £100Million available to the Cross London railway (CLRL).

2. However, the contents of Section 6 of the Railways Act 2005 do not show any requirement that the fund/s made available under the statute (‘The Railways Act 2005’) will have to be publicly accounted for and that a rigourous and independent and publicly inspectable and needed regime of accountability and justification would prevail over and around all the uses of the granted public fund/s.

3. That raises the most obvious possibility that a part (or more) of the fund/s may well be open to abuse and in the context of the FACTS of the many corrupt tendencies that have been shown by the main bands of the anti-society, anti-social, pro-sleaze promoters of the Crossrail hole Bill plans as far as these violate the very future stability, existence of the community in the Brick Lane London E1 Area, the chances of such abuses are very real.

4. As we have shown during the past 2 years in our representations, in our analyses and in the evidence against the plan for a Crossrail hole in the Brick Lane London E1 Area and as we have also highlighted those in our questions put to you against the Crossrail hole plans and against the Crossrail hole Bill,

5. Identified members of the controlling group on the present Tower Hamlets Council have made several totally untruthful statements in the area quite wrongly and unlawfully and dishonestly ‘asserting’ that the Crossrail hole attacks as planned on the community would mean that there would be ‘benefits’.

6. The identified pluggers have all been associated with the controlling group on the present Tower Hamlets Council. Either they have been members of the Council. Or they have been overly paid agents or contractors and employees of the present Council.

7. No member of the public in the Borough of Tower Hamlets who is not linked with the controlling group on the present Tower Hamlets Council has said or implied that there could be anything but disaster for the community unless the Crossrail hole plan in the Brick Lane London E1 Area is stopped completely.

8. Your granting of such a large amount of public cash to the secretly operated CLRL makes it very possible for substantial misuse in promoting the series of lies for a Crossrail hole by temporarily diverting or distorting the focus of the community's attention with the abuse of funds that may well be channelled into the hands of elements that the CLRL and your Department wishes to influence in order that the Crossrail, hole plan would remain as it is in the Crossrail Bill.

9. What is the actual mechanism that is in place to show that our observation and analysis and apprehension are not factually founded?

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23-12-2005 12:38

Due to the overwhelming success of the first solidarity cafe night we are
having another this thursday - last one before christmas, then every
saturday evening in the new year. Everyone welcome.

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Broadway market campaign continues... Come and suport!

23-12-2005 11:03

Despite the eviction of Tony's cafe on Broadway Market on Wednesday, we are going to go on fighting for Tony to get his place back and to defend Spirit's shop. This isn't the end, it's just the beginning.... Please come to our Xmas Party on Tuesday at 1pm.

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Publication of all London Peace Conference Sessions

23-12-2005 08:25

Traprock Peace Center has just published to the internet its comprehensive coverage (audio, photos and video) of the London International Peace Conference, held on December 10, 2005. 1400 conference delegates called for worldwide antiwar demonstrations on March 18 and 19, 2006 to demand an immediate end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

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AADHIKAR DAILY WORLD COMMENTARY - Tony Blair's assault on the poor in UK

23-12-2005 05:54

John Hutton - who was put in place as the UK Secretary of State art the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) following the latest resignation by David Blunkett - has failed to deal with many questions that have been pout to him by legal rights and human rights advocacy organisations in the Uk following the publications of the and the misleading findings of the Public Accounts committee (PAC HC) of the UK House of Commons and also those of the UK National Audit office (NAO UK).

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European film crew visits Spodden Valley.

22-12-2005 21:56

The birthplace of the asbestos industry...
Producer Hendrik Verbeure and Cameraman Mark Schellingerhout are Belgian based filmmakers who have just visited the Spodden Valley. They came to Rochdale to film the former Turners Brothers Asbestos site. This visit is central to their 2 hour documentary on asbestos and the diseases caused by exposure to the dust and fibre.

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John reid on Trident renewal

22-12-2005 16:46

Reply from Defence Sec Dr John Reid to a constituent's letter on Trident Renewal via former Tory leader Micheal Howard MP.

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Waverley say no to housing privatisation

22-12-2005 15:45

Waverley has been added to the growing list of councils where the tenants have said no to the sell-off of their homes.

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What are Social Human Rights?

22-12-2005 13:49

Who prosecutes those responsible that more than a billion people must live from a dollar a day while wealth constantly grows?

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Photoshop for freedom - how YOU can beat the Parliament Square crackdown!

22-12-2005 13:42

This is just another idea for how we might work to highlight the absurdity of Blair's criminalisation of peaceful protests in Parliament Square.

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South East Wales anarchist newsletter

22-12-2005 11:37

latest issue of South east Wales anarchist Newsletter 'Gagged!', now on double figures...

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21-12-2005 22:36

BRICK LANE LONDON E1 AREA NO TO CROSSRAIL HOLE ATTACKS Campaign focus on the Facts Of Another Crass Payment by Tony Blair To the big business interests, Crossrail Promoters, of £100 Million Of Public Cash! Blaire’s Transport front man Alistair Darling Shows Two Fingers To ‘Parliamentary accountability’ and to the MPs Select Committee on the Crossrail hole Bill’!

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21-12-2005 17:49

AS BLAIR completes his ‘term’ as a Little President, at least he can share with his role model GW Bush the notion of being able to publicly deride sense and show contempt to the concept of fairness and justice.
AADHIKAR DAILY WORLD COMMENTARY on Blair causing poverty hardship and deprivation to millions of people in Britain

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Thursday night free cinema - Fallujah, War Of The Worlds

21-12-2005 14:03

The rampART social centre now has a stunning video projector setup thanks to a kind donation. The setup utilises a 8ft wide screen, full blackout, half decent sound (not 5.1 surround sound but what activists videos have that anyway) and seating for about 80 people.

This thursday, the second of the relaunched rampART free cinema gets into the christmass spirit and brings you the shocking RAI TV documentary 'Fallujah - the hidden massacre'. We'll also be screening some little seen video propaganda from Iraqi insurgents for a view of the other side. Enough reality, we'll screen classic clips from the ultimate war film of all time, 'Apocalypse Now' then enjoy the mass distraction of the 2005 remake of War Of The Worlds.

Films start 8pm SHARP

Entry FREE. Popcorn etc available.

15 rampart street, London,

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Peace workers denied access Bethlehem

21-12-2005 12:13

Latest news 9pm: lawyer says Israeli authorities will try to
deport the 3 early tomorrow morning before she has a chance to file a court request to freeze the deportation and pursue the
matter in court. Their phones seem to have been taken away and they are incommunicado.

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URGENT - Protest against eviction on Broadway Market 6pm today

21-12-2005 11:43

Francesca's Café in Broadway Market, Hackney has been evicted today from 7am. There will be a local show of solidarity against the eviction outside the Café at 6pm this evening, please come and show your anger and support.

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Parliament Square, 6pm today - will we be arrested for singing Christmas Carols?

21-12-2005 10:00

Will Tony Blair arrest us for singing songs of peace and goodwill in Parliament Square? Christmas Carol concert will test the limits of government free speech ban.

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Urgent eviction of Broadway market cafe NOW

21-12-2005 08:34

occupied for 3 weeks by an inspiring mixture of locals and activists this cafe that is going to be illegally turned into yuppie flats at 34 broadway market is now being evicted and demolished - please come down and help stop the further gentrification of hackney- support needed now - eviction began 7am..

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21-12-2005 03:45

hunger strike
MTST Manifest:
Hungry at Christmas, pro popular housing!