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Parliament Square, 6pm today - will we be arrested for singing Christmas Carols?

RW | 21.12.2005 10:00 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Will Tony Blair arrest us for singing songs of peace and goodwill in Parliament Square? Christmas Carol concert will test the limits of government free speech ban.

Hundreds of people will today risk arrest and prosecution by singing Christmas Carols in Parliament Square.

The service will be supported by Maya Anne Evans, recently prosecuted for reading out the names of dead British soldiers near the Cenotaph, together with the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, who was forced out of his job for criticising the use of torture, and Rachel North, a survivor of the July 7th bombings.

Writing on her blog, Rachel North says:

"I have been more or less unable to deal with Christmas this year... All the sentiments of peace on earth, hope, joy, when it felt like we were reaching the end of a year of horrible bloodshed and hate and death and war, led by men who claim to be godly, but know so little of compassion, of peace... That both fighting sides say they do it for 'God' and 'freedom' and 'justice' as they murder and main is more than I can stand...

I urge you to join us if you can make it, in Parliament Square on Wednesday this week at 6pm. It's important to protect these traditions, beloved of us all in this country for a thousand years. Now more than ever."

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