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Thursday night free cinema - Fallujah, War Of The Worlds

rampart | 21.12.2005 14:03 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

The rampART social centre now has a stunning video projector setup thanks to a kind donation. The setup utilises a 8ft wide screen, full blackout, half decent sound (not 5.1 surround sound but what activists videos have that anyway) and seating for about 80 people.

This thursday, the second of the relaunched rampART free cinema gets into the christmass spirit and brings you the shocking RAI TV documentary 'Fallujah - the hidden massacre'. We'll also be screening some little seen video propaganda from Iraqi insurgents for a view of the other side. Enough reality, we'll screen classic clips from the ultimate war film of all time, 'Apocalypse Now' then enjoy the mass distraction of the 2005 remake of War Of The Worlds.

Films start 8pm SHARP

Entry FREE. Popcorn etc available.

15 rampart street, London,

Thursday, 22nd December 2005, from 8pm (sharp)

Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre (2005)

Veteran admits: "Bodies melted away before us". Shocking revelation RAI News 24.

Ever since the assault on Fellujah rumors circulated that the US used chemical weapons on the city. On 10 November last year, the Islam Online website wrote: "US troops are reportedly using chemical weapons and poisonous gas in its large-scale offensive on the Iraqi resistance bastion of Fallujah, a grim reminder of Saddam Hussein's alleged gassing of the Kurds in 1988."

In December the US government formally denied the reports, describing them as "widespread myths". "Some news accounts have claimed that US forces have used 'outlawed' phosphorus shells in Fallujah," the USinfo website said. "Phosphorus shells are not outlawed. US forces have used them very sparingly in Fallujah, for illumination purposes. They were fired into the air to illuminate enemy positions at night, not at enemy fighters."

But now new information has surfaced, including hideous photographs and videos and interviews with American soldiers who took part in the Fallujah attack, which provides graphic proof that phosphorus shells were widely deployed in the city as a weapon. In a documentary by RAI, the Italian state broadcaster, a former American soldier who fought at Fallujah says: "Phosphorus burns bodies, in fact it melts the flesh all the way down to the bone ... I saw the burned bodies of women and children. Phosphorus explodes and forms a cloud. Anyone within a radius of 150 meters is done for."

The documentary shows close-ups show bodies of Fallujah residents, some still in their beds, whose clothes remain largely intact but whose skin has been dissolved or caramelised or turned the consistency of leather by the shells. A biologist in Fallujah, Mohamad Tareq, interviewed for the film, says: "A rain of fire fell on the city, the people struck by this multi-coloured substance started to burn, we found people dead with strange wounds, the bodies burned but the clothes intact."

The documentary, also provides clinching evidence that Mark 77, an incendiary related to napalm, was used in the attack on the city in breach of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons of 1980.

This video contains images that depict the reality and horror of war.

background reading :

War of the Worlds (2005)
After the shocking realities of war we do the mass media thing to help you wash away the horror with some nonsense Hollywood spectacular. Steven Spielberg exhausting millions of dollars in a film about Aliens melting Humans. Orson Wells infamous radio broadcast of 1938 saw portions of the United States gripped by panic as fictional Martian invaders rampaged across the New Jersey countryside and the became made it's hollywood debute in the 1953 classic film version. If you've been looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction this one has them all from nukes to germ warfare! Now, with it's stunning bombast computer generated special effects, this 2005 remake is a fitting film to show off the new projector and a few hours of mass distraction from the horrors of the real world.

This video contains images that portrait a wrong image of war and patriotism.

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