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06-07-2005 15:20

On Monday 4th July we came back to Edinburgh from the peaceful and inspiring blockade of Faslane nuclear submarine base. On the way home when we got to Princes Street we saw a small crowd of people and a large number of riot police. We walked down Hanover Street unchallenged, as did dozens of other bystanders, curious about the assembled riot police who blocked off Princes Street on either side of the assembled group. We interviewed and filmed young protestors who were playing the Darth Vader tune on a kazoo and waving peace flags in front of a line of riot police. The atmosphere was relaxed. Some people were snoozing in the afternoon sun. Tourists were taking snapshots. Most of the people in the area were observers like ourselves.

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Report and analysis of Police Tactics around the Sheraton Hotel

06-07-2005 12:02

How the police got the delegates out of the Edinburgh Sheraton Hotel

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big numbers of police vehicles coming to town

06-07-2005 12:02

at least 80 large police vehicles heading FAST up london rd towards town- the protesters herded into regent st best watch out!!

gonna kick off

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Agathon Rwasa - a strange innocence regained

06-07-2005 11:38

John Mellor travelled to Burundi to meet the family of Richard Ndereyimana, one of the victims of the bloody attack on the "Titanic Express" bus, which was ambushed en route to Bujumbura on December 28th 2000, and in which Richard's fiancée, Charlotte Wilson, a British citizen, also died.

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Gay Turk hunger striker wins concessions

06-07-2005 10:28

International solidarity campaign gets results
OutRage! backs call for Mehmet Tarhan's release
Write him letters of support, urges OutRage!

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CFUV interview with Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite download

06-07-2005 06:43

Max Sloan has a conversation author Lawrence ytzhak Braithwaite on witchhunts, gangs, terrorist, gentrifcation, crack and fear culture on Sad and Beautiful World/ fri 16 may 2003

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Geldof asked for too little. Support Alternative G8 Edinburgh Declaration

06-07-2005 03:44

Geldof compromised - asked for too little. The Protestors know that his failing to include militarism, human rights violations, environmental destruction ...contributes to the problem.

Here is an Alternative G8 Declaration that is more inclusive.

Joan Russow (PhD)
Global Compliance Research Project


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Beacons of Dissent! Ablaze Above Gleneagles

06-07-2005 00:16

On Tuesday 5th July, the first wave of hillwalkers set off into the Ochil hills - walking for several hours to reach the peaks overlooking Gleneagles itself.

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Lib/Lab Cult Squad

05-07-2005 23:04

The Lord is my Shepherd -- I shall not want!
Rudd is blunt about their original mandate. "The challenge was made sharply manifest by family first having adopted a 2004 election political posture that was no different from being a wholly owned subsidiary of the liberal party," Rudd says. "They preferenced the liberal party in almost every seat that counted."

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Report of `Carnival for full enjoyment` on Monday 4th July. 12 photos attached.

05-07-2005 23:02

This is a 1,500 word report of the `Carnival for full enjoyment`
which took place in Edinburgh on Monday 4th July 2005. 12 labelled photos of the day are attached.

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Live8 Shocker!

05-07-2005 22:02

David Beckham was present within the Golden Circle at Live8, Hyde Park... Beckham accepts huge amounts of 'sponsor' money from third world labour abusing corporations like Nike...

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G8 wooden theme window shopping

05-07-2005 20:54

Repetitive theme for Edinburgh shop windows
New shop window designs caused by Police scaring businesses into losing trade.

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The mumies in Edinburgh

05-07-2005 19:24

Two mumies were seen distributing anti-capitalist material in the cities of Edinburgh -- July 5th, 17:30.

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Video; Saint Bob Geldof licked my camera. Crazy Interview

05-07-2005 19:05

We saw him from the bus and ran to interview him. It's difficult to tell from this short interview how deeply this man cares about Africa. To be honest he seems quite tired and a little strung out from Live8. Rather than comment he licked the camera.

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Crane occupation in Edinburgh - further details

05-07-2005 18:54

Crane stoppers protest against 'Brownwash' of anti-poverty movement

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a different view of Saturdays protest

05-07-2005 17:10

Report on my trip as Youth Worker with a group of 13- 16 year olds to the demo on Saturday

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Photos from life in Edinburgh

05-07-2005 16:29

Some photos from the political living and meeting spaces in Edinburgh.

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Liverpool social housing and local parks under threat.

05-07-2005 16:07

Liverpool social housing and local parks under threat.

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Small Video - Local retaliation Monday

05-07-2005 13:40

Local relatiate to Police taking over their town. Small Video not duplicate of earlier one.

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Questioning Live8 'Class Dividing' Golden Circle...

05-07-2005 12:27

Posh & Becks were allowed into the Golden Circle at Live8 even though David Beckham accepts six figure sums of money from labour abusing corporations like Nike! What on earth is going on!!!