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Palestine Solidarity Initiative Hails Application Fee Victory

18-03-2009 12:10

The Palestine Solidarity Initiative has hailed the School's decision to waive application fees for applicants applying to the School who live under Israeli Occupation. London School of Economics students ended a week-long theatre occupation in January after the School's administration agreed to their demands in full.

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Vigil at Israeli Embassy Kensington, London, 3-7pm Wednesday

18-03-2009 07:57

Vigil today at the Israeli Embassy in support of the peace activist critically injured while observing a demonstration in the West Bank last Friday.

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Support Nicole Vosper - Green Anarchist / SHAC Prisoner

18-03-2009 00:37

Nicole was remanded into prison today (19/3/09). Please show her your support by writing to her on the address below or sending a message to her myspace page and we will print it out and pass it on.

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Demonstration against cuts at JMU

17-03-2009 17:39

demo against cuts forced on staff and students a John Moores University

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Activist Critically Injured in Demonstration Against Israeli Wall

17-03-2009 15:59

On March 13th, 2009, Tristan Anderson, from Oakland, California was critically wounded in the village of Ni'lin after Israeli forces shot him in the head with a high-powered tear-gas canister. Tristan is a dedicated activist and reporter who has long been committed to social and environmental justice in the U.S. and abroad in places such as Oaxaca, Iraq, and Palestine. Tristan has posted his reports to Indybay since 2001.

Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | Video | International Solidarity Movement

Recent Indybay Coverage By Tristan (he also posted as "Eric Blair" and "Cricket"):
Four Demonstrators Shot and Wounded in Ni'ilin, Palestine | Last Four Oak Grove Tree Sitters Forced Down | Reclaim The Streets SF | March 19 - A Day of Many Actions

More Of Tristan's Indybay Reports Over the Years.

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Scotland Yard aid in quelling dissent in Greece

17-03-2009 14:44

The Greek mainstream news source Kathimerini announced yesterday that an appeal to Scotland Yard was made by Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis to aid Greek authorities in stamping out dissent in the country.

Greece has seen a wave of politically motivated rioting, occupations and direct action since the killing of a teenage boy by a police officer in December last year. The situation remains tense as protests have continued into 2009.

According to the article key figures from the British police force will be offering advice on dealing with dissent across the spectrum from bombings to low level vandalism.

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Sheffield Students Occupy Hicks Building

17-03-2009 09:57

View from concourse 1
Sheffield students showing solidarity with the people of Palestine have staged an occupation of the Hicks Building, close to the centre of the campus of the University of Sheffield.

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Tinsley House IRC blockaded by protesters 07:00 today

17-03-2009 07:49

Anti-deportation campaigners are risking arrest to stop the collective expulsion of approximately 50 Iraqi refugees from the UK. Campaigners have locked themselves to the gate of Tinsley House detention centre at Gatwick airport, where some of the deportees are being held, in an attempt to prevent the forcible deportation.

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CWU demo against privatisation

16-03-2009 22:42

On Saturday 13th March, the Communication Workers Union organised a march through Bilston, Wolverhampton in protest against government plans to privatise the Royal Mail.

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Direct Action Germany: End of February

16-03-2009 21:26

City mayor caked! (Oldenburg)
03/03/2009 - City mayor caked! (Oldenburg)
03/03/2009 - First attack against the Thor Steinar shop in Friedrichshain (Berlin)
02/03/2009 - Spontaneous demonstration for Christian S. / Stones against a Commerzbank (Berlin)
28/02/2009-01/03/2009 - Arson attack on expensive cars (Berlin)
01/03/2009 - DHL branch painted olive green (Berlin)
26/02/2009 - Army vehicles burned down! (Burg)
26/02/2009 - "Erik and sons" hacked!
24/02/2009 - Tires of two police vans slashed (Berlin)
24/02/2009 - Police prevents arsons attack – probable target the german army (Karlsruhe)
19/02/2009 - Package station of Wuppertal's post office colored (Wuppertal)
18/02/2009 - War memorial rendered nicer (Göttingen)
Mid-Feb - Antifa actions during the neonazi demonstration

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Direct Action; Cyberspace, USA, Italy, Mexico & Netherlands

16-03-2009 20:55

13-16th March


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Leader of Landless People’s Movement in South Africa Fears for her LifeCalls for Solidarity

16-03-2009 15:41

The Landless People's Movement in South Africa has suffered years of ongoing state repression. Jo'burg activist Maureen Mnisis has been particularly targeted for intimidation and was tortured in a Soweto police station in 2006.

As the election approaches in South Africa repression of radical movements is being stepped up and there are fears for Maureen's life. Solidarity is urgently required.

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Stop 'Double Punishment' of Foreign nationals

16-03-2009 12:24

There are approximately 12,000 foreign nationals in the UK prison system

It is a fundamental principle of UK law that a person cannot be punished twice for the same offence. If you have committed an offence that society deems a crime and sentenced to a term of imprisonment by a magistrate, judge or judge and jury, once you have completed your sentence, you are released from prison as it is deemed you have repaid your debt to society and that is the end of the matter - and for the great majority of people in the UK, it is: you can only get punished once.

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Kurds Celebrate Newroz in Trafalgar Square

15-03-2009 23:08

Most people at Newroz wore Ocalan t-shirts
On Saturday 14 March, KUrds celebrated the Newroz New Year festival in Trafalgar Square, calling for freedom for Ocalan and peace in Kurdistan. Boris's message to the Kurds was yet another gaffe by London's clown mayor. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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SHAC Time For Action 4 - 21st March Launch

15-03-2009 21:51

Video Brighton Vegan Fayre 2009
The launch of the new Time For Action movie from Stop Huntingdon Annimal Cruelty (SHAC) will take place at Brighton Vegan Fayre - on 21st March.

The video documents the global struggle against Europe's largest and most exposed vivisection lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in 2007-2009. SHAC info & merch stalls will be included - See you there!

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Coca-Cola Destroys Indian Villages, Despite Warning by Coca-Cola Study

15-03-2009 20:28

As the summer of 2009 approaches, the village of Kala Dera in north India is bracing itself for yet another season of acute water shortages – thanks largely to Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola should never have located its bottling plant in a drought prone area which had already been declared as overexploited by the government. It was malfeasance on the part of Coca-Cola to locate its plant in such a water-deficit area, and it was a grave mistake on the part of the Indian government to allow the plant to be located in Kala Dera.

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We Stand with the Iranian Students - Manchester Protest 25 March, 1pm, UMSU

15-03-2009 16:03

Recently Arrested Students
Manchester HOPI are calling a day of action on the 25 March at the University of Manchester Students' Union (UMSU) starting at 1pm. We are calling this demonstration in solidarity with members of the Students for Freedom and Equality group, who have been arrested and tortured by the Iranian regime for standing up against imperialism, militarism, homophobia, patriarchy and state repression.

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Berlin: United We Stay!

15-03-2009 11:15

A translation of a statement written by the organizers of the United We Stay collective, which held a large demonstration in Berlin yesterday to bring attention to the gentrification of the city.

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BNP fundraising event attacked

15-03-2009 09:44

BNP activist Tony Ward
A fundraising event for the British National Party in Leigh, Greater Manchester on Fri 13 March was attacked by anti-fascists. A BNP trailer was totally wrecked, and one BNP activist, Tony Ward, was allegedly attacked with a hammer, requiring hospital treatment.