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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Urgent Action: Help save the life of brave journalist

22-11-2006 16:54

Colombian journalist FREDY MUÑOZ ALTAMIRANDA has been arrested by Colombia's notorious secret police after participating in a workshop organised by one of the BBC's US correspondents.

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Asylum Statistics: Q3 2006

22-11-2006 16:22

The Home Office has released its "asylum statistics" for the 3rd quarter of 2006 (July, August and September). Below is a summary of the main points.

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Corporations Profiting from Death and Repression in Oaxaca

22-11-2006 15:35

A List of US, Canadian and European Corporations Profiting from Death and Repression in Oaxaca

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Anarchist Roberto Catrino Lopez in Prison Hospital

22-11-2006 14:47

On Wednesday 25th of October the anarchist prisoner Roberto Catrino Lopez started a hunger and thirst strike at the PI Lelystad (Dutch Prison), where he is kept, as a protest against his medical treatment.

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Info leak on secret BNP conference

22-11-2006 12:47

This weekend (Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th) the BNP are holding their national conference and demo in Blackpool.
The location is supposed to be secret but local sources believe that The De Vere Hotel is the most likely location.
The demo is going to be on Saturday near the Winter Gardens. The police have nice little protest pens all ready for the fascists.

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On the ground: Santa came early to Chiapas but he didn't bring me flak jacket

22-11-2006 03:51

The latest report from San Cristobal: Tuesday 21 November 2006.

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Mexican Embassy Demonstration

21-11-2006 23:21

Photos from the demonstration at the Mexican Embassy, Monday 20th Nov.

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Safe Haven Pipeline demo update photos

21-11-2006 22:13

the camp
the protest enters its scond week now but we need more media coverage - most of it is at Trebanos - some of the protestors from there came down to check out the other site and brought their HTV loaned Video camera.

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Protest Caterpillar- Stop the war profiteers! Wed 22 Nov 5.30pm

21-11-2006 18:44

NOV 22ND 5.30 PM

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Oaxaca - day of action minute by minute in the rebelion

21-11-2006 18:34

november the 20th oaxaca.minute by minute. Global day of action. general stricke. PFP strickes against demonstrators in Oaxaca, breaks into the faculty of Law.

original and ammendments < free media centre collectives

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report of oaxaca solidarity actions in london yesterday

21-11-2006 15:39

RESPONDING to an emergency call for solidarity from the people of Oaxaca in Mexico, over 70 activists, trade unionists and politicians came together in London yesterday to protest against violent repression and electoral fraud.

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The Birmingham International Brigade remembered

21-11-2006 13:06

West Midlands Antifa remember anti-fascists who fought in Spain 60 years ago.

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Riot in Kampala, Uganda.

21-11-2006 12:42

Police and Army open fire on people resisting destruction of their tint shops in Kampala

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Polish Antifa Victory

21-11-2006 11:57

Torun/Poland- antifa demo

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Photo's: Protest @ Mexican Embassy (20.11.06)

21-11-2006 00:45

Photo's: Protest @ Mexican Embassy (20.11.06)

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New Mural Wall Painting at the ASBO in Radford 2

20-11-2006 20:56

This Saturday saw the continued work on a wall mural painting project at the ASBO squat in Radford [33 Burns Street]

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Arboretum Pub is burnt out by arsonists and listed building lost

20-11-2006 20:49

Arboretum Pub is burnt out by arsonists and listed building lost.

This has been quite a landmark on the Nottingham Scene and is adjacent to the Arboretum Park, the venue for many live music events over the years.

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On the ground: Video report, road blockades in San Cristobal

20-11-2006 19:25

Video and written report on the EZLN road blocks on every way into and out of San Cristobal, shutting most the city down as the 20 November celebrations of the 1910 revolution begin.

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Petition to Prime Minister in support of pensioners

20-11-2006 18:52

A petition demanding that this society take better care of our elderly

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Anti-racist/anti-deportation protest - Saturday 25 November 2006

20-11-2006 18:35

Anti-racist activists from NWASDG and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! will be holding another anti-deportation protest on Saturday 25 November from 12-3pm on Market Street in Manchester city centre.