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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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"Common Ground" Community Garden Finally Evicted

18-10-2007 12:55

Say "Cheese"
Report on Thursday 18th Octobers eviction of Common Ground Community Garden.

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Public meeting & Exhibition celebrating 1857, 1st Indian war against imperialism

18-10-2007 04:24

Public meeting and Exhibition in Birmingham to celebrate the anti-imperialist struggle of 1857 in south asia.

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Total Oil London HQ receives body bag

17-10-2007 20:16

Campaigners continue the weekly protest at Total Oil's headquarters in London.

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Boycott Total petrol Now!!

17-10-2007 14:04

Britain is the worlds 2nd largest investor in Burma.

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BBC Complaint

17-10-2007 11:32

Misleading article on BBC TV news this morning (17 Oct) implied that Moseley Road Pools are under threat due to falling swimmer numbers which is not the case. Threat to baths is Birmingham city council seeking to cut back costs of leisure provision and their neglect of the baths over many years has bought about a big repair bill.

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5,000 demonstrate against nuclear waste dumping in north Germany

17-10-2007 02:40

In north Germany more than 5,000 people (police say 2,000) took part on Saturday 13 October in a demonstration against a planned final nuclear dump in the former Schacht KONRAD iron ore mine in Salzgitter.

The demo was called by an action coalition of environment groups, trade unions and initiatives.

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Myanmar's “Saffron Revolution”: The Geopolitics behind the Protest Movement

16-10-2007 19:13

Burma’s “Saffron Revolution,” like the Ukraine “Orange Revolution” or the Georgia “Rose Revolution” and the various Color Revolutions instigated in recent years against strategic states surrounding Russia, is a well-orchestrated exercise in Washington-run regime change, down to the details of “hit-and-run” protests with “swarming” mobs of Buddhists in saffron, internet blogs, mobile SMS links between protest groups, well-organized protest cells which disperse and reform. CNN made the blunder during a September broadcast of mentioning the active presence of the NED behind the protests in Myanmar.

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HLS demo, November 10th

16-10-2007 17:29

Despite the recent government and police repression, the SHAC campaign is as strong as ever. HLS is still nearly $100 million in debt, and it is the only company in the world which does not have a bank account or insurance, both of which are instead provided by the UK government in a desperate bid to shore up this failed business.

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Brighton police make early morning raid against squat.

16-10-2007 14:43

Good Morning Pie Face!
At 4am Brighton police demanded squatters leave a new squat on Franklin road. Despite resistance by 5am the squatters had been evicted by the police, who were acting unlawfully without a court order.

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Crisis of trust in Birmingham City Council

16-10-2007 12:46

Friends of Moseley Road Baths suspect Birmingham City Council (BCC) are going to keep the report on future of Moseley Road Baths secret until too late. BCC had said cost of repairs is £30m. Reliable source says more like £12m.

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Crassrail is already discredited- so here come jobs! spin by Crassrail Ken!

16-10-2007 12:03

'Undone mayor' Ken Egostone is risking being exposed as a serial fabricator at the expense of same of the key communities whom he first disenfranchised over 20 years ago when he abused the GLC funding programmes to bribe strategically -and contemptuously racistly selected and placed ethnic surrogates who sacrificed the long term economic, social and human rights of entire communities in return for the corrupting cash that the egotist Livingstone doled out to these colluders... Today Livingstone is embarked on a massive lying project to ensure he gets re-elected in May 2008 as the 'undone mayor'

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Burma activists 'lock on' to Total

16-10-2007 10:43

Off goes the power
Three direct activists have today shut down a busy Total filling station in solidarity with the people of Burma's nonviolent struggle for democracy.
Under a banner saying “May all beings be happy – Free Burma ” the activists have locked themselves together and begun to meditate, locking together the hoses, turning off the power and blocking the entrance to the premises in London's Marylebone Road.

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TOPOFF: Interview Schedule (w/ Urgent Update)

15-10-2007 20:49

Captain May Interview Schedule

The Portland nuclear exercises have begun today, Monday, October 15, and they will last all week. I will be giving regular updates via broadcast and Internet radio on the scenario and any updates. I have two scheduled interviews for today, and one on Thursday, October 18. I give all times in Pacific Standard Time, as the exercises are of most interest to people in that zone:

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Hunger Killing Millions in India on World Food Day

15-10-2007 20:44

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations celebrates World Food Day on October 16th. This was the date in 1948 when the right to food was first formerly recognised by the global community as a basic human right. Yet there is massive malnutrition in India, which is still killing millions of children in India each year, an issue that is very much under reported in the UK press.

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"Drum Them Out!" The NSA Menwith Hill demo, 13 Oct.

15-10-2007 19:18

Dangerous activists needing section 20 containment!!
Britain has declared that spybase NSA Menwith Hill can be used as part of the American Missile Defense system. "Drum Them Out!" - was the recent demonstration to protest this and indeed the whole system of American bases in the UK and their total lack of accountability.

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Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of America

15-10-2007 19:15

Picture from the third day of the indigenous gathering

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Anti-racism march! Defend all asylum seekers! 3 Nov 2007

15-10-2007 17:15

There will be an anti-racism march in Manchester on Saturday 3 November 2007, in defence of all asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants and all victims of racism.

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Last week's direct action news from Greece

15-10-2007 16:58

direct action report 7-15 October

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Postal union agrees to sell-out deal with Royal Mail

15-10-2007 16:46

By means of legal threats and with the connivance of the trade union bureaucracy, Royal Mail hopes to end the postal dispute and achieve its aim of overturning working conditions and pension rights, and eliminate tens of thousands of jobs.

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David Graeber: The Shock of Victory

15-10-2007 12:25

The biggest problem facing direct action movements is that we don’t know how to handle victory.

This might seem an odd thing to say because of a lot of us haven’t been feeling particularly victorious of late. Most anarchists today feel the global justice movement was kind of a blip: inspiring, certainly, while it lasted, but not a movement that succeeded either in putting down lasting organizational roots or transforming the contours of power in the world. The anti-war movement was even more frustrating, since anarchists and anarchist tactics were largely marginalized. The war will end, of course, but that’s just because wars always do. No one is feeling they contributed much to it.