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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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10 Arrested at 'Banned' Marks and Spencers Picket

04-12-2004 21:13

10 people were arrested today in Manchester city centre at the weekly picket that opposes Marks and Spencers' support of the Israeli state.

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Whilst they stuff their faces.......

04-12-2004 16:27

We invite concerned people to join us for an afternoon and evening of
protest at Marks and Spencers ongoing links with the state of Israel.

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Comments re: The American Dream

04-12-2004 07:42

Is it not preferable for each one of us to be accountable and held responsible for our own actions? Should not Rumsfeld (prisoner abuse) and Kissinger (mass murder of civilians) be surrendered to the International Criminal Court of Justice for war crimes? Or should they hide behind the people – who are offered as targets instead?

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Building Bridges Radio - US Representatives Demand Election Irregularities Inves

03-12-2004 22:01

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Reports presents this 28 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON LA INDYMEDIA WEB LINK BELOW

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Yes Men Score A Hit for Bhopal

03-12-2004 18:13

The BBC has been forced to apologise after falling for the latest stunt from by The Yes Men ( who impersonated a Dow Chemical spokesman and said the US company accepted responsibility for India's Bhopal disaster.

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03-12-2004 17:51

In the short term, if Ukrainian people manage to get rid of censorship, systematic police brutality, corruption and state ordered killings, that in itself will be a victory. But in the long run, something new has been born. Call it “civil society” or “autonomous networks of resistance”, whatever it’s called, it will influence future events and, hopefully set an example to people everywhere

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Defend Oxford Council Housing - Say No to Privatisation

03-12-2004 11:54

Further information about the public meeting to be held in Oxford Town Hall on Tuesday 14 December at 7.30pm

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03-12-2004 10:29

Matthews Ndlovu, an activist of one of the APF's community affiliates
(the Phiri Concerned Residents Association) was, on Wednesday this week,
convicted and sentenced on a charge of 'malicious damage to property' in
the Protea North District Magistrate's Court to a fine of R25 000 or 2
years in jail.

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Lest We Forget Eureka Stockade!

03-12-2004 04:13

On October 16, 1975, five journalists filming the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, for Australian TV channels, were killed at a place called Balibo. This name seems set to become one of the rallying cries of 2nd Renaissance secession movements in Australia. The facts surrounding the Balibo killings are so damning of the central governments of Australia and Indonesia that the event will rank in Australian consciousness with the Eureka Stockade uprising of 1854.

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Homeworkers demo, Cowley Road Tesco

02-12-2004 16:24

On Saturday December 11th there will be a demonstration outside Tesco on Cowley Road in support of the rights of homeworkers.

Meet in the Tesco Metro car park at 11.30am.

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Anarchist Bookfair 2004

02-12-2004 16:09

The annual Anarchist Bookfair took place in London at University London Union, Saturday 27 November 2004.

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02-12-2004 13:53

The Zanon ceramic tile factory, a democratic, worker-run factory in Patagonia, is facing a serious threat of eviction, and the workers have asked us to gather international support for their struggle.

To sign the petition, please click here:

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Trade Unions. Their Past, Present and Future

02-12-2004 12:48

Wenn die Gewerksgenossenschaften notwendig sind für den Guerillakrieg zwischen Kapital und Arbeit, so sind sie noch weit wichtiger als organisierte Kraft zur Beseitigung des Systems der Lohnarbeit selbst.

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(INDIA) Drug majors lobby for patent bill safeguards

02-12-2004 11:02

The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) has approached finance minister P. Chidambaram seeking safeguards in the patents (amendment) bill to shield domestic firms from the onslaught of multinational companies who misuse the patents regime. The bill is expected to be introduced in the winter session of Parliament.
IPA has stated that cases filed in the high courts of Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai for exclusive marketing rights by global majors such as Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer and Lilly for drugs used to treat cancer, diabetes, bacterial infections and impotency reflect this misuse

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Calling all temp workers, wage slaves, job seekers....

01-12-2004 15:02

PRECARITY Gathering // Dec. 11th, 2004
Calling all temp workers, wage slaves, job seekers, new dealers....

PRECARITY* Discussion Day >> IDEAS & ACTIONS >> DEC. 11th. 2004

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Good news for anti-ID campaign

01-12-2004 14:38

A press release from Financial Times, at, published today December 1st.
Good news for anti-ID campaigners.
Anti-ID views from a traditionally "respectable" lobby.

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Sherwood Forest Camp on High Eviction Alert

01-12-2004 14:36

Sherwood Forest protest camp at Mansfeild Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire are on high eviction Alert after they have been issued new Papers earlier this week, Balifs and unmarked security vans are now patrolling the area and equipment is being delived to site.
The camp expects to be evicted very soon. They need people to act now, get on camp

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Trapese Roadshow Workshops at Merci 15th & 16th Dec

01-12-2004 11:56

T*R*A*P*E*S*E -
Two Day of Workshops - At Merci - Bridge 5 Mill,

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Protest at Coca-Cola's Violence In India

01-12-2004 10:28

FAX ACTION: Coca-Cola: STOP Destroying Lives, Livelihoods and Communities in India

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Australian Greens warn of 'politicised' terror trials

01-12-2004 03:43

"At least give the numbers of lawyers who have been put onto that list and the criteria for black-banning lawyers from Australian courts which is used by the Government to politically determine who is or who isn't suitable to come before Australian courts," he said.