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Amdani Juma: Write to Ministers

06-06-2008 17:45

Amdani Juma's deportation has been postponed until Tuesday 10th June, but remains a real threat. There has already been a massive campaign in support of Amdani and a huge amount of pressure. We hope to continue that by writing to a number of Ministers who may be able to apply some pressure in his favour.

Below are template letter to Alan Johnson (Secretary of State for Health), Hazel Blears (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government), Jacqui Smith (Home Secretary) and Gordon Brown (Prime Minister). Please send as many as you can. Feel free to adapt these templates, but please avoid being hostile.

When you've sent your communication off, please also send a copy to so that Amdani's solicitor can make the authorities aware of the extent of Amdani's support.

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$3.5 million luxury home torched in South Carolina

06-06-2008 16:23

Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. - 16 partially or recently constructed luxury homes have been intentionally burned down in southeast Charlotte, western Union County, and Lancaster County, South Carolina since 2001. Authorities have yet to find who is responsible for the fires, but now believe that radical environmentalists may be behind the arsons. The most recent development to go up in smoke was a $3.5 million mansion destroyed Monday evening, see pictures below.

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BBC Disinformation Alert No. 22476

06-06-2008 13:16

BBC2's Working Lunch Friday, 6/6/08 implements 'Gatekeeper' strategy to disorientate viewers over rising oil prices.

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My letters to GLW and John Pilger on president Mugabe

06-06-2008 02:32

Having been made aware of articles by Pilger and in Green Left Weekly that demonise president Mugabe of Zimbabwe, i have written the following letters to them.
People who dont know that Mugabe has been defended by Fidel Castro, who rightly sees the Zimbabwe liberation as much under threat as the Cuban one.

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Bilderberg 2008 confirmed at Chantilly, Virginia nr. Washington DC

06-06-2008 01:30

Outside the Westfields Marriott hotel this afternoon
So will Dick Cheney fulfill that little promise his puppet George W. made to the Knesset about dropping a few nasties on Iran and putting the last remaining fragments of the UN Charter through the shredder? Let's hope not.

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North West Aerosols Gets Away With Killing

05-06-2008 17:32

North West Aerosls was found guilty of breaking Health and Safety law yesterday (Wednesday 4th June) at Liverpool Crown court, but the company was fined only £2. This is an utrageous insult to the worker, Chris Knoop, who was burned to death in the factory fire.

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Prossy Kakooza must not be returned to Uganda!

05-06-2008 14:17

Prossy Kakooza
Prossy Kakooza is a 26-year-old woman seeking asylum in the UK. She fled Uganda after suffering vicious sexual, physical and verbal attacks due to her sexual orientation.

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Barack Obama’s Pernicious Refusal to Defend the Causes of Black/Brown People

05-06-2008 07:37

Obama's "fierce" critiques of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger puts him in opposition to the sentiments of "millions of black people" and puts him in the camp of those "who view the majority of black pain as illegitimate." By pursuing an agenda that refuses to recognize "black" or "white" issues, Obama is playing with a 400-year-old fire.

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Squatting in the media, a squatter responds

05-06-2008 02:39

On Monday 2nd June, inaccurate and prejudicial articles about squatting appeared in the Hate Mail and the Torygraph, then not to be out done, the Daily Star. All were regurgitating some bullshit statement from the conservative party made by Eric Pickles (a particularly nasty right-wing pro-hunt homophobic toad from Essex). So clearly lacking any genuine research or analysis and so blatant in their anti squatter bias, I felt compelled to complain...

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Merseyside Claimants Action Group launched

05-06-2008 01:33

Wednesday's leafleting session outside Hordan House in Birkenhead may have been a small event, but if the anger expressed against the dole is anything to go by, it could be the start of something big.

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Another TCAR member snatched, protest this Friday and fax request

04-06-2008 23:00

This is the third asylum seeker we know of being detained in Newcastle in the last few weeks, all scheduled for flights with Ethiopian Airways. If you are at risk of deportation or know anyone who is, please spread the word to be alert, especially if Ethiopian Airways flies to your country. If you have somewhere else you can stay temporarily it may be a good idea to not sleep at your usual address.

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Why are the police using surveillance on journalists?

04-06-2008 22:01

Police should stop routine surveillance of reporters and photographers covering demonstrations in London, the National Union of Journalists has told Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.
NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear made the call in a letter to Smith after receiving complaints that journalists, particularly photographers, were facing what amounted to harassment by members of the Metropolitan Police Forward Intelligence Team (FIT).

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Labour prepares ground for privatisation of postal service

04-06-2008 21:02

A supposedly independent inquiry set up by the Labour government, under the chairmanship of Richard Hooper, is preparing the privatisation of the Royal Mail postal service.

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Press and Govt Propaganda food and electricity shortages = GM and nuclear power

04-06-2008 11:32

Like the US, the British press and UK Government are engaged in a propaganda exercise using food shortages to push GM foods and harmful cheap production in the developing world while using false energy problems to push the case for expensive and harmful nuclear solutions without debate. Nuclear power is very expensive and will allow industry led by Adrian Montague to fix electricity prices at higher levels. Please note the similarities in tactics employed in the US with the UK.

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British Man poisoned by NZ vineyard chemicals needs donations

04-06-2008 00:53

blatant TREASON betrayal on us as ratepayers,by CEO of the MDCouncil bob penington,and MP doug kidd

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Battlelines drawn in city squat eviction

03-06-2008 22:24

... more photos on the squat's back yard fence ...
On the front line of Londons expanding city fringe, opposing sides are
squaring up for battle. On 4th June at Gee Street Magistrates Court,
property giant Hammerson will seek a possession order on a Victorian
warehouse that has been left empty and open to the elements since
attempts to gain consent to demolish the building failed.

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Demo to support Amdani Juma, activist, at risk of deportation - Mondays Pics

03-06-2008 20:47

Since his detention on friday 30th May, this is the second demonstration in his support in the Market Square.

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What to do about corporate globalization?

03-06-2008 15:11

We have protested. We have marched. We have surrounded international elitist meetings with our numbers.

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Governance and the Institution of the Common - Seminar. 5 June, London

03-06-2008 08:46

The Art of Rent is a cycle of 4 meetings that started in January at Queen Mary University of London. This series of public seminars was open to everyone: our experiment with the academic structures to build a sort of open university. Open to London, to everybody who live here or pass through this metropolis. We tried to take the word "metroversity" literally and experiment a metropolitan space inside the university's space itself.