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International Animal Rights Day Candlelight Vigil, Edinburh 10th December

02-12-2007 11:07

Celebrating the 10th International Animal Rights Day, Edinburgh the Fur-Free City (EFFC) and 1World Scotland are organising a candlelight vigil outside the Scottish Parliament.

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Filipino Workers Vow to Continue the Struggle

01-12-2007 21:31

PHILIPPINES: Statements by the Workers Party (PM) & Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL)

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The University of Abahlali baseMjondolo

01-12-2007 20:47

A useful over view of, and introduction to, the militant South African shack dwellers's movement Abahlali baseMjondolo. Originally published in 'Voices of Resistance from Occupied London'

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reminder - public meeting: freedom to protest! LSE, TOMORROW Sunday 2nd Dec

01-12-2007 20:13

Gordon Brown plans to extend the restrictions on demonstrations near parliament to cover the whole country, claiming that this will simplify the work of the police. The current law totally bans spontaneous protests, requiring advance police permission, which allows the police to impose arbitrary limits on numbers and effectively act as political censors. The consultation proposes extending these rules to any protest anywhere, in the name of 'harmonisation', and adding powers to control the content of banners, placards and leaflets. The freedom to protest was won through hard struggle and if we want to keep it we must take a stand to say enough is enough. Come to a public meeting to plan a response: we propose early January.

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Live African Revolutionary Radio

01-12-2007 19:13

Omali Yeshitela
On Omali Yeshitela Speaks this Sunday, 10:00 - 11:00 (10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.) U.S. Eastern Time, presents a speech by African People's Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela in Oakland, California on November 10, 1985 at an Uhuru House banquet to raise money for the case of Freddie Roberts. Roberts was a young African facing false charges for the murder of an Oakland cop.

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Teenagers Take to the Roofs! Protest in Leeds Against Rich Food Emporium

01-12-2007 17:44


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Venezuela under threat of attack by USA

01-12-2007 13:31

An emergency solidarity rally has been called by Hands of Venezuela for 5pm on Sunday
Bolivar Hall, 56 Grafton Way, off Tottenham Court Road, W1 and the nearest Tube is Goodge Street. Supporters are asked to bring banners and musical instruments and to wear red clothes.

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The price of Chinese corruption: what is the next in China's politics, finance?

01-12-2007 13:04

Watch out on the runaway corruption inside China! Has China's ongoing reform altered the nation's political-economic landscape as far as government corruption is concerned? What is the next if this corruption goes deeper? Surpring findings in new reports.

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Tuareg Rebels Gathering Strength in Niger, by Gunter Wippel.

30-11-2007 23:01

The article also reveals how URANIUM is part of the background of the whole conflict.

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New in the UK! Freedom for Political Prisoners 2008 Calendar

30-11-2007 22:51

Available in the UK from Natterjack Press
The Certain Days calendar is a wonderful collection of artwork and political texts addressing some of the most pressing political issues of our day.
Produced by U.S. Political Prisoners: Herman Bell, Robert Seth Hayes and David Gilbert and supporters. All funds raised by this Calendar will go directly to supporting political prisoners and anti-imperialist struggles: see below for details and ordering info.

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Message Board

30-11-2007 18:18

Miss Chin & Calvin
Your being watched!

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"A People Under Fire"

30-11-2007 17:29

Venezuela Bolivariana
VENEZUELA, whose people inherited from Bolívar ideas that transcended their time, now face an international dictatorship a thousand times more powerful than the Spanish colonial power and the newly-formed republic of the United States, which, via Monroe, proclaimed its right to the continent’s natural resources and the sweat of its people.

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E.U. and Global Support for Venezuela's Constitutional Reforms

30-11-2007 16:49

"Over 200 representatives from 13 European countries-including over 150 MPs, MEPs and regional politicians together with representatives of trade unions, national student bodies, women's organizations, peace movements, writers and academics-have backed a statement in support of the Venezuelan government's policies of social progress and democratic inclusion."

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The Citizenist Impasse: Contribution to a Critique of Citizenism

30-11-2007 16:03

"The Citizenist Impasse: Contribution to a Critique of Citizenism" is an essay, originally penned in French, that works toward criticizing the ideology of citizenism. Previously available only in French, Pygmalion Books in association with NOT BORED! is releasing the first English translation on November 30th, eighth anneversary of the Seattle WTO protests, in order to mark the work's critical perspective of that event insofar as it relates to citizenism.

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Boy 15, found hanged at Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institute

30-11-2007 15:12

Boy 15, found hanged at
Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institute!

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France: repression of the student movement intensifies

30-11-2007 12:45

Student demonstrations and occupations are finding themselves the targets of violence organised or incited by the authorities.

November 30th, 2007 by jef costello

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France: Social Security workers to strike over purchase power

30-11-2007 12:42

Jef Costello

In a week that has seen Sarkozy's approval rating drop below 50% yet another group of workers prepares to fight back against worsening conditions.

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France: Students demonstrate in Paris

30-11-2007 12:40

November 30th, 2007 by jef costello

Some 3000 school and university students marched through the streets of Paris today to show their continuing opposition to the LRU

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Fight Against Virus facility in Camden is back on!

30-11-2007 12:36

Despite the planning chief fro Camden, Mike"ruling out" plans for the world's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility on a Camden council estate- the fight is back on!