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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Councillor leads protest against Total Oil in Lewsiham

20-10-2007 18:04

20 protestors, led by local Green Party councillor Sue Luxton, converged on the Total petrol station near Catford on Saturday morning. They were raising awareness of Lewisham Council's investment in Total Oil and calling for Total Oil to pull out of Burma.

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Rolls Royce to close Merseyside plant

20-10-2007 15:52

Workers at the Rolls Royce plant in Netherton today claimed the company had given them notice to close the factory with the loss of 220 jobs.

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New pamphlet: Emilio Canzi: an anarchist partisan in Italy & Spain (Paolo Finzi)

20-10-2007 14:39

Just published by the Kate Sharpley Library, a collection of articles devoted to Emilio Canzi, Italian anarchist, who was a key figure in the partisan struggle against fascism in the Piacenza region.

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Mon 22 Oct talk: Moral and legal foundations for the right to the truth on 9/11

20-10-2007 10:36

In his lectures, Elias will outline the moral and legal foundations for the right to the truth, the obligations of states to thoroughly investigate mass murder, and will illustrate the extent to which US authorities have violated their international obligations to establish the truth about what happened on 11 September 2001.

Elias’ empirical approach, devoid of speculation, provides powerful conceptual tools to those who are committed to defend democracy and the rule of civilised law at both the domestic and international level.

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Guantánamo’s ghosts and the shame of Diego Garcia

20-10-2007 09:27

A parliamentary committee is to investigate claims that the British colony - shamefully cleared of its native population to make way for a US base - has been used to hold "ghost prisoners" in the "War on Terror."

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Video of plinth occupation in Parliament Square.

20-10-2007 08:13

Following the forcible eviction of tents from the grass of the Square by Greater London Authority security guards on 17th October, protesters sought an alternative site, where they could not be accused of causing an obstruction. Video:

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New Ring Fort discovered at hill of Tara-activist arrested

19-10-2007 22:32

Activists on tripod arrested protecting ring fort

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Berlin solidarity demo for NZ arrestees.

19-10-2007 18:19

German solidarity demo was held outside NZ embassy, in commercial district of Berlin in support of NZ arrestees.

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Chinatown against immigration raids.

19-10-2007 14:22

On Thursday October 11th the Gerrard street area of Soho (better known as Chinatown) received some unwelcome guests. Dozens of immigration officers dressed in body armour and backed up by dozens of cops raided 5 Chinese restaurants and detained 49 people working in them. The people concerned have not been heard of since. Community leaders are furious about the raid describing it a victimization of an established law abiding community.

Some of those held were initially taken to Dover though their lawyers now been told that they are elsewhere in the immigration system. The lack of information is causing serious anger. It is thought that several individuals have been deported already.

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GLA damage the grass of Parliament Square.

19-10-2007 09:20

Fence damage
One excuse after another to harass Brian Haw's legal protest.

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Will P Hain practise the morality to end poverty

19-10-2007 08:26

The BBC has reported Peter Hain as saying on the BBC1 Question Time programme, "I think the people that paid their money in on the basis of what they believed was the case and found their money was being smuggled away and robbed from them - that's very serious indeed."

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Activists crash biofuel party 2 [afternoon]

19-10-2007 02:06

This week Europe’s largest Biofuels event took place in Nottinghamshire amid growing concerns about severe impacts on climate, biodiversity and food production.

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Activists crash biofuel party 1 [morning]

19-10-2007 01:48

This week Europe’s largest Biofuels event took place in Nottinghamshire amid growing concerns about severe impacts on climate, biodiversity and food production.

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24-hour Total petrol station shuts due to protest

18-10-2007 21:33

During the Thursday evening rush hour, the 24-hour Total petrol station on Marylebone Road in London shut down due to the presence of protestors calling for Total to pull out of Burma.

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The History of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle in Turkey.

18-10-2007 19:16

Why is Turkey threatening to invade Kurdistan and what is the history of the Kurdish struggle for freedom within Turkey?

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No Borders Night at Sumac, Thursday October 25th

18-10-2007 17:34

No Borders Nottingham presents an evening to discuss
the idea of a world without borders and how we might
get there. We hope to make you angry & inspired!

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Reject the deal - restart the strikes

18-10-2007 15:43

Sell out deal is a stab in the back for striking postal workers and threatens to derail the strike - for a rank and file conference of postal workers to campaign for a no vote and fight to restart the strikes!

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New Peace Statue in Parliament Square.

18-10-2007 13:52

Striking a dramatic pose.
Bored with all the statues of warmongers in the square, peace campaigners today decided to erect their own People's 'living' statue on a vacant plinth.

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Manchester nurses continue strikes in defence of suspended colleague

18-10-2007 13:39

Karen Reissmann
Manchester mental health UNISON members will be on strike again on Thursday 18th, Friday 19th and Monday 22nd October.