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Gagged! #20 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

Gagged! collective | 18.10.2007 16:05 | No Border Camp 2007 | Culture | Other Press | Social Struggles

GAGGED! #20 october 2007 FREE
See the pdf here:

No Border Camp - south wales anarchists on tour

offending the cops - cardiff activist nicked for swearing

GAGGED! benefit gigs - we go punk rock crazy this november

Destruction of Tara - anti-motorway protests in ireland

Thatcher BROWN-NOSED - Labour, tory - same old story!

Total shut-down! - funders of Burmese junta targeted

L.N.G. KILLS!!! - One worker dead as protests continue

paedophile cop walks free - one law for them, another for everyone else

capitol city Transport Hell - Cardiff Buses face privatisation

& lots more. audio to follow.

Gagged! collective
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