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A Road of Destruction: the Manta-Belém corredor

12-01-2007 05:45

The blogpost pasted below can be found with links and pics here: It is about the projected trade route from the Pacific port town Manta in Ecuador to the Atlantic port Belém in Brasil, which is a serious threat to the rain forest and a shame upon the socialist revolutions in South America.

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4 protestors killed in Cochabamba Bolivia

11-01-2007 22:51

In an demonstration in Cochabamba, Bolivia, violence has errupted. 4000 demonstrators are surrounded by an armed mob of over 1000 people.
By Cearbhuil Ní Fhionnghusa an eyewitness from Ireland in Cochabamba.
4 people have already been killed in the violent repression of protests. People have come from all over Cochabamba to "Plaza 14 de Septiembre" demanding that the Prefect resigns from office. The Prefect 'Manfres Villas Reyes is a right-wing oligarch who supports multinationals and privatisation. Reyes´ December convoking of an autonomy referendum, to allow the province more independence from Moralez government has enraged Cochabamba's campesinos. He must go', say the protesters.

Since Tuesday, all the main roads are blocked off and no cars, taxis or other vehicles can enter the main square or the surrounding area. Now today all main roads are blocked and nobody can leave or arrive in Cochabamba.

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Bush, Somalia and the Future

11-01-2007 14:39

Bush’s impending demise is marked by frantic and desperate attempts to portray the illegal Iraq invasion and subsequent plunder of the precious oil resource, as a war of “noble” intent! Wars based on deception, lies and plunder, with over half a million civilian casualties, would be difficult to record as anything other than what they are – theft, murder and neo-colonial expansionism at any cost. Unfortunately for Bush and his neo-cons, the Truth regarding Iraq is widely known and it is that knowledge which will enter the historical record, not the drivel that issues from the mouths of imbeciles and psychopaths!

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Testimonio de un integrante del FPDT Atenco

11-01-2007 00:24

Testimonio de un integrante del Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra, San Salvador Atenco, Estado de México, en que habla de su situacion de fuga, acusado de varios delitos.

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Venezuela 2006: Continued repression of popular protest

10-01-2007 23:43

* El Libertario, the voice of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas of Venezuela, analyzes the how and the why of the increasing state repression against the growing social discontent that belies the pseudo-revolutionary discourse of the Chavez regime.

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Christian lunatics hold homophobic rally outside parliament.

10-01-2007 22:16

See above for caption...
“Let him without sin cast the first stone” said Jesus to the unruly mob to quell their bloodlust and stop them from murdering an innocent woman. Unfortunately this part of the Bible seems to have been misplaced by the hypocrites standing outside Parliament on Tuesday night. The reason for this thousand strong demo? The House of Lords are debating a law that will give gay people the same rights as everyone else. This it seems is too much for Britain’s fast growing Christian Right. The law will make it illegal (for example) to refuse a hotel room to a gay couple. Or to refuse a job interview to a gay man or woman based on their sexuality. Many years ago a similar law was introduced to stop black people being discriminated against. This has clearly been forgotten by half the nutters present tonight.

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BBC relaunches a pro-racist Monica Ali to undermine the community again

10-01-2007 20:34

The BBC has today relauncerhd the notorious 'ethnic author' Monica Ali on the image of Brick Lane

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GAGGED! #15 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

10-01-2007 16:17

GAGGED! #15 Jan/Feb 07 anti-copyright
South Wales Anarchist Newsletter • • PO Box 70, Newport NP20 5XX
Much prettier here (with pics etc) on pdf -

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Wed eve: Vigil for Guantanamo detainee outside Downing St

10-01-2007 13:13

THIS EVENING (Wed 10th Jan), VIGIL FOR British resident - JAMIL EL-BANNA - is one of 9 British residents held in Guantanamo.
On the eve of the 5th Anniversary of the Opening of Guantánamo Bay
6pm, Richmond Terrace SW1 (opposite Downing Street)
TOMORROW, in Birmingham, demo outside HIATTS, supplier of Suppliers of handcuffs, shackles and chains - for African slaves in the 19th century to the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay in the 21st. BALTIMORE RD, 1.30pm.

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Collins Stewart London Boat Show Banned Family - Limited Picket

10-01-2007 12:07

St. Stephen's Entrance BMF House of Commons Dinner Picket
Apparently, ‘Kids Go Free!’ at this year’s Collins Stewart London Boat Show but not if you belong to the SHALOM Family from Wales - previously banned by BMF National Boat Shows Limited, following their Houseboat eviction by Crest Nicholson plc. This year at Excel, the Family highlight peaceful request to Tullett Prebon plc, owners of Collins Stewart, London boat show main sponsors.

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Night of a thousand bigots pix

10-01-2007 10:02

Pix show mainly christian fundies, including bigot in chief ian paisley on demo last night as well as gay rights counter demo.

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Millions Struggling to Survive On Low Wages

10-01-2007 04:40

The 110th Congress is now in session and congressional leaders are expected to move on raising the U.S. minimum wage. Congress is expected to move quickly to raise the federal minimum wage from the present rate of $5.15 to $7.25 per hour by 2009; it will be the first such increase since 1997.

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Photos: Homophobic Protest & Counter Protest (09.01.06)

10-01-2007 00:36

Credit: Marc Vallée, 2006. -
A number of homophobic faith groups protested outside Parliament in London today (09.01.06) against anti-discrimination laws. New rules outlawing businesses from discriminating against homosexuals were upheld in the House of Lords. A number of LGBT people also protested against the faith group’s protest.

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Close Guantánamo: Demonstration on the 5th anniversary

09-01-2007 23:14

Amnesty International is marking the fifth anniversary of the detention centre in Guantánamo Bay by calling for the closure of Guantánamo Bay. Events are taking place in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cardiff and Belfast.

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Advertising Cancer Infects NHS

09-01-2007 18:46

Yes, you read it right. Now that we have 'choice' in what hospitals we consume (sorry, 'use'), Merseyside NHS hospitals are going to start flaunting their wares in public spaces, in a bid to make you choose Southport General over the Royal Liverpool or whatever. Of course, as with any business, the money spent on advertising will not be available for wages or the actual services. And in hospitals, the services are quite important.

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Conspiracy Their Arses! Ricky Tomlinson (and Non-Celebrities) Fight Injustice

09-01-2007 16:16

Of course you know Ricky Tomlinson from his roles in the Royle Family and Brookside. But you may not know he was one of the Shrewsbury pickets imprisoned in the 1970s for 'conspiracy to intimidate' during a building workers dispute. Well now Ricky has donated £1,000 to a campaign for a public inquiry into the blatantly dodgy arrests, trial, and imprisonments. He will also be presenting a TV documentary later this year in a bid to raise awareness.

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Local Shorts Screening of Malcolm X in Smethwick

09-01-2007 14:53

Malcolm X walks down Marshall Street in February 1965
The next Local Shorts event is on Wednesday 10th January 2007, and is an Arts and Politics special, following the great success of the previous Arts & Politics event.

There will be a showing of Steve Page's Malcolm X: the story of when Malcolm X came to Smethwick, as well as a Smorgasbord of other short films.

Our special guest this month is Louis Campbell, musician, performance poet and film maker.

Local Shorts Film Club, Library Theatre Birmingham
6.00 networking/drinking
7.00 ish films

The event is FREE!

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'Injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist' Courts in Hull and E. Riding....

08-01-2007 12:45

In response to the recent 'injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist'
Courts in the East Riding and Hull Locality by the claimant East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who the Judge (HHJ Grenfell), at Kingston Upon Hull Combined Courts totally abused my basic human rights and 'ignored' all submissions within my case.

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Fortnightly rubbish collection creating a plague of rats

08-01-2007 12:04

Across the country, fortnightly rubbish collection is creating a plague of rats.

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B&K Beagle Shippers - Yusen

08-01-2007 05:18

"We do not expect that the actions of NARN will have any major impact on our company
in 2007" - B&K Spokesperson to Yorkshire Post (03/01/07)

Similar comments were made by Hillgrove, Consort Beagles and Newchurch Farm; all
with the same idea - that they will not be closed down.