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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Past their fly by dates

15-11-2007 13:22

Meltem Avcil
The Home Office doesn't always have it their way, when it comes to deporting people from the UK

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Hamedullah Hassani Must Stay

15-11-2007 13:17

Hamedullah Hassani
Hamedullah, is currently in Oakington Immigration Removal Centre and is to be removed from the UK on Tuesday 20th November, by 'Charter flight Ravel'. 'Ravel' is the operational name for the Home Office regular deportation flights to Afghanistan.

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Our key legal principles must not succumb to witch hunt mentality

15-11-2007 10:43

"This debate is not about Italy or Romania it is about Europe and the life of its citizens" Italian GUE/NGL MEP Roberto Musacchio told Commissioner Frattini during tonight's European Parliamentary debate on Directive 2004/38/EC on the mobility and residence rights of EU citizens and their families.

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URGENT: Manchester NO2ID promote Identity Fraud Protection TOMORROW, 1:30pm

14-11-2007 23:40

Manchester No2ID Logo
Tomorrow, officials from Get Safe Online will be at Manchester Central Library running workshops on identity fraud on the Internet. The National Identity Register, a giant database with everybody's personal information, is a golden opportunity for identity thieves and fraudsters, and unlike Facebook it'll be illegal not to sign up.

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Palestinian International Campaign - End Gaza Siege

14-11-2007 15:29

Nov 29th will see the 60th anniversary of the partition of Palestine which immediately led to the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous populations, culminating with what Palestinians call, ‘al Nakba,’ or ‘the Catastrophe'. Given the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza and beyond, what better time than NOW and during the next six months to raise awareness and help towards Ending The Siege?

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Activist Academics Call for Resignation of Sir Ian Blair

14-11-2007 14:11

NASPIR, a network of over 400 academics, students, activists and interested citizens, has joined calls for the resignation of Sir Ian Blair as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

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Buses To Karen Reissman Demo In Manchester

14-11-2007 03:26

Merseyside TUC has booked a double decker bus which holds 77 people
for the above demo. Tickets are only £1 return from Lime Street to
St Peters Square Manchester. (Leaving from the Empire Theatre Lime
Street at 11.30.a.m. and leaving Manchester at 4.30.p.m.

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Inquiry to be held into Stockline factory blast

14-11-2007 03:19

Over three years after the event, there is finally going to be an inquiry into the Stockline factory explosion in Glasgow that killed nine people and injured over thirty on May 11, 2004.

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The summit debate...

13-11-2007 15:35

Never before had a dialogue of this nature taken place between heads of State and government, most of whom represented nations that had been pillaged by colonial and imperialist powers for centuries. Nothing could have been more instructive...

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Fresno, CA- Veteran Needs Food and Shelter

13-11-2007 15:09

Socialist Party USA and Peace and Freedom Party have been sharply critical of the Democrats and Republicans, due to their failure to make ending homelessness a national priority. As a result of this failure, the nation’s homeless population may experience sharp increases within the next two years due to the recession and inflation. Federal assistance is now imperative.

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VIDEO: Ashonti Alson speaks at AK Press Event on Zapatistas

13-11-2007 13:10

Alson, a former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army activist speaks about his experience of revolutionary activism in the US and what he learned from the Zapatisas.

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Black Flag magazine's formal launch announced

13-11-2007 12:19

To mark the re-launch of Black Flag, a meeting is going to be held at Housmans bookshop (5 Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London) on Wednesday, 12th of December (6.30 for a 7pm start) .

The evening will include a brief introduction including the history of the Black Flag, the magazine and the anarchist symbol itself, followed by a discussion in which comments and suggestions for the new version.

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France: updates on student strikes

13-11-2007 11:17

Updates and reports from AG, blockades and strikes across France.
This update is not comprehensive but it has most of the available information, additionally some universities are still on holiday and therefore no action can take place.

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Shell's Wild Lie Corners Shell In Aberystwyth

13-11-2007 10:25

Aberystwyth Arts Centre is currently hosting the 2006 Shell Wildlife
Photographer exhibition, organised by the Natural History Museum and BBC
Wildlife magazine. The day after it shut, on November 10th, the Centre began
showing the counter-exhibition, 'Shell's Wild Lie', which will run
until November 17th:

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Nandigram massacre over Special Economic Zone in West Bengal continue...

13-11-2007 02:47

This follows the article posted on the 11/11/07

Originally forwarded by Narmada Andolan campaign...

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Quay Marinas Ltd - "Meet Your Moral Responsibility Head On!”

12-11-2007 22:37

Penarth Marina in Cardiff Bay Wales is 20 years old. It is run by Quay Marina Ltd. The major directors are former Crest Nicholson staff. Saturday 10th November the company celebrated with a champagne dinner at Penarth Yacht and Rowing Club. Preceded by an open letter, the Shalom Family, evicted with their own houseboat home 4 years ago, on a jumped up charge of trespass, presented themselves too!

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Save Carrington Post Office: March to MPs Office with Petition

12-11-2007 19:08

At 2pm on Friday 9 November customers of Carrington Post Office marched from outside the Post Office on Mansfield Road to John Heppell, MPs office in Trinity Square to deliver 3,500 signatures Later, this will be presented to the House of Commons.

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Harold Pinter: Free the Cuban Five...

12-11-2007 14:34

British dramatist and political activist Harold Pinter, recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature in 2005, added his voice to the demand for liberation of the antiterrorist Cuban Five imprisoned in the US for more than nine years.