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URGENT: Manchester NO2ID promote Identity Fraud Protection TOMORROW, 1:30pm

Dave Page | 14.11.2007 23:40 | Social Struggles | Technology

Tomorrow, officials from Get Safe Online will be at Manchester Central Library running workshops on identity fraud on the Internet. The National Identity Register, a giant database with everybody's personal information, is a golden opportunity for identity thieves and fraudsters, and unlike Facebook it'll be illegal not to sign up.

Manchester No2ID Logo
Manchester No2ID Logo

We'll meet outside the library at 1:30pm and flyer workshop attendees and the people organising it. There'll be plenty of flyers, badges etc. to go around, so all you need to bring is yourself. The workshop starts at 2pm so we won't be there long - just long enough to get our point across!

If you need any more details or directions, feel free to call me on 07982 814 441 tomorrow.

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