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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Article: African Anarchists - The Peoples Parliament, Kenya

28-03-2007 17:42

Taken from Left Turn magazine in the USA this is an advoacy piece about the non-heirarchical Kenyan social movement Bunge La Mwananchi (Peoples Parliament) . Bunge shot to prominance at the Nairobi WSF after organising a free paralell conference and daily get-in-free actions at the WSF. They also inspired a food reclaimation/re-distribution action at a restaurant owned by the Kenyan internal security minister at the wsf itself, described below

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Reparations Group Demans Truth from Barclays on Slavery Link

28-03-2007 14:42

New York/USA -- Considering the 200th anniversary of the British closing of their Transatlantic slave trade, it is fitting that attention is focused on existing British institutions that participated in the practice. There are enormous online resources that help with the task of identifying these parties, and the Restitution Study Group, a New York non-profit, wants to share some with the public. Of particular note in their research of British archive and museum records is information on two prominent slave trading bankers, Benjamin and Arthur Heywood, brothers from Liverpool, England who founded Arthur Heywood, Sons & Co. (Heywoods Bank) in 1773, which merged into Martins Bank in 1883, which merged into Barclays Bank in 1968.

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No repression in Nanindigram - picket of Indian High Commission, 2nd April

28-03-2007 12:09

On March 14th, 15 people were killed and many more injured when the police opened fire on peasants trying to protect their land from being acquired for a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). On Monday the 2nd of April, there will be a demo outside the Indian High Commission to protest the tragic loss of human life caused by the violent expansion of neo-liberal economic forces.

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Photos - Starbucks welcoming in Whitechapel

28-03-2007 11:46

A crowd gathers outside the new Starbucks
Cold cold cold. One of the coldest days of the years without doubt yet a good group turned out last saturday to give Starbucks the welcome it deserved as it opened a new store in Whitechapel.

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Stockport Law Centre Will Fight to Stay Open

28-03-2007 10:38

Stockport Law Centre faces closure if Lord Carter's reforms of Legal Aid go ahead unchallenged. As a not for profit charity, Stockport Law Centre is heavily reliant on funding from the Legal Services Commission and this is set to change from an hourly rate to a fixed fee. This reform means more quantity, less quality advice.

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Trident vote day blockaders - court update

28-03-2007 09:25

Yesterday (27 March), nine activists trundled along to Horseferry Rd mags to answer two charges relating to the blockade of Parliament Square on 14 March - the day of the parliamentary debate/vote on replacing Britain's WMD.

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Zimbabwe: Mainstream Media Demonizes Mugabe

28-03-2007 07:33

From the onset let me say that given the sources of information most people are basing there opinions on, I am not surprised by nor am I opposed to people criticizing President Robert Mugabe or anyone else for that matter. It seems that, for the most part, many of Mugabe's critics resist any other views than the sordid ones they are presented with and that is what they share. I receive hate-filled emails from them and from the tone of the emails most are from a White point of view.

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Issue one of Voices of Resistance from Occupied London is out now

27-03-2007 22:09

Cover and all issue illustrations by Mac McGill
Voices of Resistance from Occupied London is the city's newest anarchist journal. It is free (as in freedom!) and available in both paper and electronic form.

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Justice for the Shrewsbury Pickets Campaign Update

27-03-2007 21:29

Here is the March 2007 update from Justice For Shrewsbury Pickets, campaigning for an inquiry into the 1972 imprisonment of Ricky Tomlinson and Des Warren, as described on tonight's BBC documentary with Tomlinson.

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since 16 am riot in paris at gare du nord

27-03-2007 21:10

solidarity with the french youth rioters

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Prisons in Venezuela: Extreme Violence, Extreme Indifference

27-03-2007 20:11

° Abolitionist text about the facts of three Venezuelan prisons: Uribana, Guanare and Sabaneta. Traslated from El Libertario (# 49, 2007), the voice of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas

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Mark McGowan Aaron Barschak to Burn Effigy of MP Liam Byrne in Birmingham

27-03-2007 15:09

effigy burning

In an extra ordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan and the comedian Aaron Barschak are to burn an effigy of Liam Byrne the Minister of State for Immigration and MP for Hodge Hill, Birmingham, in a protest against the deportation of asylum seekers to area's such as the Congo, Zimbabwe, Darfur, Iran and Afghanistan, to name but a few. The event is to take place this Saturday 31st March at 12.30am in Birmingham New Street at the junction with Needless Alley, just outside Starbucks.

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N9S rebrands itself - though it's still nazi

27-03-2007 13:07

What a difference a name makes - one at all

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Aussie Torture Victim pleads ‘Guilty’

27-03-2007 12:57

In circumstances that could only be described as ‘railroading’ and coercive, the Aussie battler, David Hicks has pleaded guilty to one count of providing material support to terrorists. Few Australians, including leading legal advocates accept the ‘trial’ of Hicks as legally legitimate. The flagrantly rogue court convened under the most biased and unfair conditions also disqualified Hicks’ civilian lawyers at the last minute. Hicks’ (now) disqualified lawyers accused the presiding judge, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Coleman of making up the rules as he went along – there is nothing new in the ‘legal’ proceedings at Guantanamo Bay!

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Manchester No2ID @ Oxford Road Station, Thursday 29th March 5:30pm-6:30pm

26-03-2007 22:56

Manchester No2ID Logo
Manchester No2ID will be holding a Fortnightly Flyering event at Manchester's Oxford Road Station on Thursday 29th March at 5:30pm. These events raise awareness of the anti-ID Card cause among the public, as well as generating attention in the press and elsewhere.

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First war of independence in the sub-continent

26-03-2007 21:27

The Rising
Sun 1 Apr 4pm Seminar, 6.45pm Screening

The Drum in association with South Asian Alliance and Sampad presents Seminar & Screening:

The Rising (12A)

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George Africanus: Re-dedication of former slave's grave

26-03-2007 16:52

George Africanus: Re-dedication of former slave's grave

On Sunday 25th March at 3 - 5pm in the St, Marys Churchyard, the Re-dedication of George Africanus grave. This event marked, was part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of the End of the Slave Trade. 'Abolition 200'.

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Gardens under threat

26-03-2007 16:43

suburban garden turned into a building site
Gardens are under threat from greedy developers.

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Fortnightly collection of rubbish an unmitigated disaster

26-03-2007 16:19

Across the country, fortnightly collection of rubbish has proved to be an unmitigated disaster.

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26-03-2007 12:40

31st of March 1st of April -Cowley Club- bighton
(12 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JA)

more infos
It is not to late to let us know you are coming!