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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The Coming Insurrection: A Tiny Book That Could Change The World

27-07-2009 16:04

This is a review of the radical French publication, The Coming Insurrection. Because of its availability for free, and importance as a text, I think this is considered worthy of Indymedia.

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Joanna Lumley, she may want to speak to Alan Johnson next

27-07-2009 15:18

How/* to dislodge Gordon Brown and his cabinet colleagues, the answer may be coming from a most surprising quarter. Mr Brown and his cabinet colleagues themselves. No, not by any of them staging a coup. But by their persistent display of cruelty and lack of care. People are rightly afraid of the Government that leaves the most vulnerable to suffer….

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Spitalfields Fair 1009

27-07-2009 14:51

A few photos of the Spitalfields Fair 2009.
Near Brick Lane London.
26 July 12 - 6pm

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Sofia Mweni & Johson Kalu to remain in the UK

27-07-2009 06:55

Petition to Rt. Hon Alan Johnson MP, Secretary of State for the Home Office to allow Sofia Mweni & Johson Kalu to remain in the UK

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Online Appeal to save the Mansour family from deportation

27-07-2009 06:51

The family were detained on the 1st July and incarcerated in Tinsley House IRC. They made Bail last Friday and were returned to Manchester.

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Keep Abbas Sharifi in Sheffield

27-07-2009 06:50

Abbas Sharifi, a 49 year old disabled Afghani man is due to be forcibly removed from the UK, on a 'Ethnic charter flight', under the UK Home Office operation 'Ravel' programme on Tuesday July 28th 2009 at 21:30 from the UK, flight PVT008 to Baku for onward transit to Kabul/Afghanistan.

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In the face of unspeakable evil, is it even possible for me to go too far?

27-07-2009 05:36

Obviously the true enemy in this war is the system. The pitiless, soulless, murderous machine of capitalism and industrial civilization inculcates, indoctrinates, entices, bribes, and coerces nearly everyone to participate in its bloody, rapacious, and relentless assault on the Earth and its sentient inhabitants. Even those of us who recognize its malevolence and are struggling to skewer the heart of this wretched beast have to use the sociopathic master’s tools if we’ve a prayer of dismantling the master’s house of horrors.

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Demo in support of Amdani Juma [continued Immigration Limbo]

26-07-2009 11:54

At 5pm on Friday 24th July in the Market Square, he and his supporters joined a rally to highlight his predicament.

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Nationwide Antifa Action Day Iran, Germany

26-07-2009 11:11

Nationwide Antifa Action Day Iran: Attack the German-European collaboration
with the Iranian regime!
12th of August

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Bloggers vs A4e - Poverty Pimps Attempt Internet Censorship

26-07-2009 09:10

Calling all bloggers!

Poverty pimps A4e seem to be intent on starting a cyberwar after now seemingly shutting down two blogs which were critical of their shady shenanigans.

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Saifee Durbar: Trans African Rail

25-07-2009 16:45

Saif Durbar seeks to make Africa self sufficient with a coast-to-coast railroad.

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US Bases and Empire: Global Perspectives on the Asia Pacific

25-07-2009 11:56

US military troops and bases around the world, 2002
The US bases deployed around the World bristle with an inventory of weapons whose worth is measured in the trillions and whose killing power could wipe out all life on earth several times over. Their presence is meant to signal, and at times demonstrate, that the US is able and willing to attempt to control events in other regions militarily.

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Smoking ban upheld in Rampton

24-07-2009 18:29

soft cop social health creeping totalitarianism

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Latest rebellions in South Africa: Pics and analysis

24-07-2009 17:49

The hungry will eat
The international press has been giving considerable coverage to the locally organised series of increasingly militant rebellions that have been sweeping South Africa. But I see that they are generally using the resolutely anti-political language of 'service delivery protests' to explain what is happening - it reminds me of E.P. Thompson's point about the spasmodic mode of interpreting popular political action.

Richard Pithouse introduces a recent article about the rebellions with some quick updates

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City Council Rips off Poor Parents while the Sheriff Picks on Geese

24-07-2009 17:44

New blog posts on NCC's decision to very quietly reduce help for low income parents to buy school uniforms, while the Sheriff tries to stop us feeding Canada geese.

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Workers' Fightback: Vestas IOW Occupied, Showdown In South Korea

24-07-2009 17:35

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system! We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders! We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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ALF Visit HLS Supplier, Burn Animal Transport Trucks

24-07-2009 16:14

July 22, 2009 - USA

July 21, 2009 - Mexico

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Around the Campaigns Friday 24th July 2009

24-07-2009 07:40

Alpha Mbodi and family
You have the Power to Stop Deportations

You will need Courage, Persistence and Faith

An Anti-Deportation Campaign involves organizing resistance to restrictive immigration legislation, and simply means making the government change their minds regarding an individual case.

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Banks Exploiting Extra Credit/Debit Card Fee Loophole

23-07-2009 22:18

BANKS EXPLOITING EXTRA CREDIT/DEBIT CARD FEE LOOPHOLE, Ryanair credit / debit card charges / fees

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Poet who blew whistle on Sellafield dies.

23-07-2009 21:13

Duncan Ball outside Sellafield during Peace Vigil of 2007
Talented poet and former nuclear foreman Duncan Ball died on July 17th aged 49. He was a man who tried repeatedly to blow the whistle on unsafe practices in the Magnox plant at Sellafield where he was employed as a foreman. His subsequent experience followed the same route as the dissident scientists who were sacked from Sellafield after expressing doubts about nuclearsafety in the 70’s (NEW STATESMAN July 1983)