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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Public Meeting Against Police Harassment Attacked by Local Community Centre

23-09-2008 00:51

On Tuesday 23rd September at 7pm residents of the West End will be holding a public meeting to discuss concerns over the accountability of the police to the local community. A change of venue has been forced on the meeting by the cancellation of the original venue.

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11th October London

22-09-2008 23:51

Please come along, organise something and /or spread the word about FNF 11th October to activist groups around the country!!!!

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Freedom to Express: Sat 11 Oct

22-09-2008 21:32

Call for all groups to make their presence felt in Church St on Saturday
11th October:

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First Sumac Debate tomorrow..

22-09-2008 21:22

State: Work with the Power?
The first of the Sumac Debates will take place at the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields, Nottingham, tomorrow evening. The State: Work with the Power is part one of a series of three discussions on Social Change and the Climate Movement.

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Mystery of Police Informant Posters

22-09-2008 14:13

Police Informant posters went up all over Camden In July. The professionally done posters had the picture of a well known local character. The man's head was pictured on the body of a rat and the posters stated that "this man is paid police grass". They were posted up two at time all over Camden and close to Pentonville prison. This was published in the Islington and Camden Gazettes.

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Philippine women’s groups urge lawmakers to pass Reproductive Health Bill

22-09-2008 12:45

MANILA, Philippines – A day before several lawmakers deliver their respective sponsorship speeches on the controversial bill promoting the use of both artificial and natural means of family planning, among others, a network of more than 50 non-government and people's organizations advocating women's and people's rights today urged other members of the House of Representatives to affirm women’s right to reproductive self-determination, and to support the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health Bill.

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Anti-HLS US Demo Tour, Monthly Roundup

22-09-2008 11:36

Over a period of thirty days and thirty nights, from mid-August 2008 through mid-September 2008, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) customers and profiteers across the United States were struck by a surprise anti-HLS tour of the country.

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Suffragettes interrupt the Energy Minister in preparation for the Climate Rush

22-09-2008 11:05

Who to trust? Girl with green hair? Grey politician?
Seven young women dressed as Suffragettes with red sashes that read: CLIMATE CODE RED and NO NEW COAL interrupted Energy Question Time at the Labour Party Conference on Saturday 20 September. The challenged Malcolm Wicks MP, Energy Minister, to defend his decision to build a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth. They were asked to leve but confronted him again as he left the conference room.

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Friends of Annociate Nimpagaritse

22-09-2008 05:16

Annociate Nimpagaritse
Annociate Nimpagaritse from Sheffield is being held in Dungavel IRC and is due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Thursday 25th September on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from Heathrow @ 20:00hrs to Nairobi and KQ470 onwards to Bujumbura, Burundi.

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Cologne street resistance to Anti-Islam Congress

20-09-2008 16:57

Street blockade
Demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed last Friday at the start of an "anti-Islamification congress" in Cologne. On Saturday police banned the extreme-right "anti-Islamification" rally in Cologne just as it was about to begin, following clashes with thousands of opponents.

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St Modwen admit no cinema for Farnborough

20-09-2008 13:51

once a thriving town centre
Developer from Hell St Modwen has been forced to admit what was common knowledge, that there is no cinema for Farnborough town centre. They were also forced to admit to yet more delays for their so-called redevelopment of Farnborough town centre, a town centre that was not in need of redevelopment until they trashed it.

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"All We Want is the Truth" - Menezes Inquest Opens on Monday

20-09-2008 13:08

On 22nd July 2005, Jean Charles de Menezes, an innocent member of the public, was killed by Metropolitan police officers in a grotesque and very public fashion. No one has been held accountable for his death.

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Zimbabwe: Land at core of Western anger

20-09-2008 03:13

The question is why are the Westerners pretending they are on a mission to discharge Rudyard Kipling's bastardised "white-man's burden", that onerous "responsibility" of saving the African from himself?

It is not difficult to unpack the West's icy response given the section of the agreement that has obsessed their media who have a sickening tendency of hunting in packs like wild dogs.

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Riots and 20 arrests at ESF Malmo

19-09-2008 23:01

As the full European Social Forum got underway for proper, Swedish police, backed by foriegn police made 16 pre-emptive arrests at Malmo central train station in the mid-afternoon.

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The financial Ike

19-09-2008 20:53

Fiscal paradises are prospering; people are suffering. Is this how humanity’s well-being can be guaranteed?

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Eyewitness reports from Pando massacre

19-09-2008 19:11

Eyewitness reports from the 11th September massacre of peasants by fascists in northern Bolivia.

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Bolivian union federation disapproves of Morales' negotiations with fascists

19-09-2008 19:08

The Central Obrera Boliviana sees no value in the current dialogue between Evo Morales' indigenous-peasant government and the separatist oligarchy. The president is urging the fascist governors to sign a grand national accord in the next four to five days.

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"With This D-Lock, I Thee Wed" [Shell Blockade Photos]

19-09-2008 13:42

Boycott Shell - Give Us a Wedding Present
A wonderful day, with fine weather, good company, a wedding and a d-lock.

(Images from video frame grabs, expect better quality photos and video later)

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What's Wrong With Shell Leaflet Text

19-09-2008 13:05

What's wrong with Shell?

You can be sure of Shell to have only one interest – MONEY- making profits from whomever and whatever they can. Over the hundred years of its existence, Shell has been at the forefront of human, animal and ecological abuse.

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Big Wedding vs. Big Oil - Shell Petrol Station Blockaded in Activist 'Wedding'

19-09-2008 12:56

Press Release: 19th September 2008; 12 noon

Ludlow, Shropshire: At noon today, on the forecourt of a Shropshire Shell petrol station, a Leeds couple will tie the knot, supported by around 100 friends and family forming a blockade of the petrol station. Max Gastone and Cath Muller's ceremony in Ludlow is a protest against the ecological and social damage caused by Shell (and the continued use of fossil fuels) and also a commitment to creating a different world and a celebration of the power of community and resistance.