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Anti-HLS US Demo Tour, Monthly Roundup

SHAC | 22.09.2008 11:36 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | Social Struggles | World

Over a period of thirty days and thirty nights, from mid-August 2008 through mid-September 2008, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) customers and profiteers across the United States were struck by a surprise anti-HLS tour of the country.

After finishing off four days of actions in this disgusting nation's Capitol of Washington, D.C., activists went south to pay some visits. On Tuesday, August 19th activists stormed the front entrance at the office of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in Richmond, Virginia. With our voices, masks, signs and fliers we disrupted business as usual at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. We made sure employees knew that while they're stuffing their pockets with blood money it comes at the price of 500 animals being butchered everyday inside of Huntingdon Life Sciences' laboratories. Employees were clearly shocked, disturbed and sickened at the images of HLS's victims. It was very clear that they wanted no part in this kind of business. To all the employees we visited that Tuesday at 2248 Darbytown Road, Richmond, Virginia, until you and your company Wyeth stops doing business with Huntingdon and stops profiting from animal cruelty we'll be back again.

Activists then moved on further south to Greensboro, North Carolina to compliment the activity already going on in the area to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) for good. On Wednesday, August 20th, just after midnight, activists paid some late night surprise visits to the homes of HLS customers in Greensboro, North Carolina. Covered in black, with a megaphone and fliers, animal lovers stormed two homes of HLS profiteers. One of our visits even had the corporate scum come to the door for a second then shut off the light and slam the door shut. Chanting, "For the animals we will fight... We know where you sleep at night!" and "For the kitten, for the mouse... We are outside of your house!", while throwing fliers everywhere and marching all over their lawns to let all their neighbors know what kind of business their dealing with. To all those we visited that late Wednesday night and all those we didn't visit: until you and your companies Novartis, Syngenta and Bristol-Myers Squibb cut all their ties to Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and animal abuse, the locals of Greensboro will be back and you better believe... we'll be back too.

This hard-hitting surprise tour then made its way west across North Carolina to the town of Asheville. While there we decided Asheville's only Staples deserved a treat. On the afternoon of Wednesday, August 20th individuals, with 'Staples Kills' fliers hidden on their person, went into the store and left fliers everywhere they could. In all we left the Staples at 65 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina with hundreds of fliers. Oh and Staples, how do you think your potential customers will act when they find out that Staples supplies a vivisecting, puppy-punching, people killing business? Staples, until you vow never to do business with animal abusers and never to do business again with HLS we'll be back, but your customers won't be.

Can't stop, won't stop. The tour moved on. Next on our list was Glaxo SmithKline in Memphis, Tennessee. Glaxo SmithKline, we had to give it to ya. You are probably, in every way, one of the most disgusting customer's of HLS that way have to deal with. So you better believe we're gonna hit you hard. On Thursday, August 21st activists stormed 4480 Swinnea Road in Memphis, Tennessee to let all the kitty cat killers know that we will never back down. Fliers were of what HLS is and does were everywhere and when there was nothing left activists went outside and explored the building chanting "It's your money!... Your fault!" "It's your job... Your fault!" and "Puppy killers... Leave town!" "Kitty cat killers... Leave town!" "Bad company... Leave town!". Glaxo SmithKline, until you drop all your disgusting abuse, cruelty and exploitation we’ll be back. No compromise means NO compromise. GSK, cut your ties to not only HLS but to all your nasty business. If you don't drop HLS GSK, we can promise you that the so called "animal rights extremists" will never forgive and never forget. We'll be back Glaxo. We promise.

This rabble rousing tour then joined our friends north in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) for a post-RNC SHAC 7 support/anti-HLS event. On Sunday, September 7th in the rainy cold weather people made a home visit to a top 3M employee. 3M has been known to be a customer of HLS and is not unaware of this. 3M managers and executives have been visited numerous times within the last year. No rest for the wicked especially 3M, as long as those innocent animals are trapped inside of Huntingdon Life Sciences facilities. 3M, your huge houses far out in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota will not stop this campaign. You will drop HLS or you'll be shutdown with it. Deal with HLS. Deal with us.

This uncompromising, in defense of all life, animal defending tour then made its way to River City (formally known as Evansville, Indiana). Over the last year, the local chapter of Animal Defense League in the River City (River City ADL) has been waging Operation: Road Rage, a campaign against Interstate 69 and in defense of the animals, earth and people. With our love and rage we complimented the local activity with a series of actions. On Wednesday, September 10th, activists stormed the office of Mead Johnson Nutritionals: A Bristol-Myers Squibb Company at 2400 W Lloyd Expressway, Evansville, IN 47721. An employee saw activists and opened the door to find out what we want. This employee then began choking one of the activists when we started chanting and trying to make our way in. This activist immediately shouted "That's assault! We got it on camera!" pointing to the camera. The employee immediately back away and let us storm in. Fliers covered the ground of Mead Johnson Nutritionals. Activists chanted and point at the employees with chants such as "HLS... Shut them down!" "HLS... Shut them down!" and "It's your money... Your fault!" "It's your jobs... "Your fault!" "It's your company... Your fault!" could be heard echoing throughout the build.

Happy September 11th HLS!

Mead Johnson: "Knock, knock..." "Who's there?" "September 11th..." "September 11th who?" "You said you'd never forget!"

Mead Johnson: "Knock, Knock..." "Who's there?" "HLS's nightmare..." "HLS who?" "It doesn't matter if you try to forget who HLS is. We never forget. We never forgive. And we always win."

On the late night hours of Thursday, September 11th in the River City, Mead Johnson Nutrionals' were paid some unpatriotic visits. Our first stop was to the home of the President of Mead Johnson Nutrionals, Stephen W Golsby received windows being banged on, fliers all over the lawn and loud, angry voices in the air. Stephen Golsby, how do you think your neighbors will feel when they find out what kind of business Mead Johnson Nutritionals is doing? Stephen, how do you think your family members will feel when they find out your blood money comes from punching four-month-old beagle puppies in the face, dissecting animals while they're still alive, and sending products onto the market that kill dozens of people and hospitalize hundreds more?

Peace is patriotic... and that's the problem. This is no time for peace while 500 animals are slaughtered everyday by HLS. Our September 11th party moved onto Susan Wedeking's home. Susan Wedeking is the Associate Director of Corporate and Business Communications of Mead Johnson Nutrionals. Susan lives on an unpaved road, hidden deep in the woods. Susan, did you think a place like this would ever stop people like us from getting you to drop HLS? Think again. We left fliers along this whole unpaved road leading to the bunny killer's house. Susan we know you and your neighbors heard us as we screamed outside your place. And we know your neighbors woke up to fliers all over that long road. Until you and your company Mead Johnson Nutrionals forces Bristol-Myers Squibb to drop HLS and cut all ties to animal abuse we'll be back again. No justice. Just us. Smash HLS.

To all the corporations, offices, homes and individuals we visited over that period of thirty days and thirty nights, this campaign has one goal... to shutdown Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Your companies are responsible for keeping HLS barely alive. HLS needs you but you don't need HLS, and you don't need to deal with us. HLS kills 500 animals every single day. They test, murder and burn kittens, puppies, bunnies, mice, rats, fish, birds, monkeys and farm animals. These innocent animals are poisoned, cut up and burned. These poor creatures have limbs broken as they endure the cruelty of sadistic technicians who have been proved, in six investigations, to abuse and torture these animals in their care. HLS has been caught numerous times for conducting sloppy science. Huntingdon not only has been known to kill animals, but it has let unsafe products go onto the market that has killed and hospitalized people too. We are an uncompromising, compassionate and growing campaign. We will shutdown Huntingdon Life Sciences. As the chants go "All you cops and all your spies... We will never compromise!" "All your feds and private I.s... We will never compromise!" We hope you didn't think putting our friends, the SHAC 7, in prison would stop us from winning. Listen to our words when we chant "You can put our friends in jail... But we will drive the final nail!" HLS customers and profiteers it's simple, we never back down and we always win. Deal with HLS... deal with us.

We'll be back...

To everyone who reads this; those who were in this campaign before us; and those who have not joined us yet:

This is a growing campaign that we all should and must take part in. Together let us finish the job and shutdown HLS for our friends the SHAC 7, for the animals and for our uncompromising war against this system. Please, to the people who've left this campaign… we need your support to win this campaign. To those who can't come to demos, we understand but please consider contacting a local Animal Defense League chapter and giving us newer folks advice and guidance.

There are Animal Defense League chapters in: Washington, D.C.; Boston, MA; Portland, OR; Chicago, IL; North Carolina; River City (Evansville, IN); Long Island, New York; Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St Paul, MN); Salt Lake City, UT; and more in to come.

Be young! Have fun! Smash HLS!

Disclaimer: No Animal Defense League (ADL) chapters were in anyway connected to the organizing or participation of the actions listed in this article. The people who participated in the actions are in noway connected to: Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) Global, SHAC USA, Hugs for Puppies (Humane League of Philadelphia).

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