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25-07-2005 23:02

Jessica Siavoshy, a Teaching Assistant and her Iranian husband a graduate of London University are campaigning to stay in the U.K. Although they have been married for over two years the Home Office refuse to grant permission for Hossein to stay or work in the U.K.

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Fixing facts: How Western leaders are in denial

25-07-2005 18:30

Someone should swab the toilets in Congress and the White House, like they did at the European Parliament, finding “substantial amounts” of coke. Jesus, what are these people on?

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Prisoner Support Group forming in Bradford

25-07-2005 15:47

Supporting Anarchist and Class Struggle Prisoners

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Myths of the Economy

25-07-2005 13:17

"Redistribution to poorer groups can increase growth.. the public debate about the economyand economic policy is dominated by the practical necessity logic. Desires, interests and goals of social groups play no role in the discussion of economic reforms.."

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Smash EDO Protest Camp 13-19th August

25-07-2005 11:38

Still twiddling your thumbs after G8?

Smash EDO are planning a week of action and peace camp against the arms trade in the Wild Park, Mouslecoomb, Brighton from 13-19th August 2005

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Cuban Internationalism.

25-07-2005 05:23

This excellent speech by an Australian economics lecturer is a must read for anyone interested in Cuba.

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U$A: Activists held: Terrorist Task Force raid on IWW/Animal Rights home

25-07-2005 04:30

Please help if you can. US Anti-Terror squads detain Animal Rights/Trades Union/Socialist Activists in New Jersey Raid. More Raids feared.

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No Hate Crimes

25-07-2005 01:00

no hate crimes
Recent public arts projects

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vigil in stockwell for jean charles de menezes

25-07-2005 00:13

protester and journalist
down the rain of sunday morning around 50 people gathered in front of stockwell tube station to remember jean charles de menezes, young brazilian , innocent victim of the state of terror and repression in which we live in, shot five times by police officers inside an underground train in this same station

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My story....

24-07-2005 21:35

Dear all,

Please can I draw your attention to my campaign which I truly feel is worthy of a sizeable article in your newspapers.

I am a British/English National, married to an Iranian man who has suffered profusely at the hands of the islamic regime in Iran.

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Audio from vigil for Jean Charles de Menezes, murdered by police

24-07-2005 21:32

Audio taken from a vigil of round eighty people outside Stockwell train station in south London, England, sunday morning (24th July) to remember Jean Charles de Menezes, shot dead by police last Friday. The police have since admitted that they killed an innocent man.

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Call for Investigative Performance Contributions: Media Watch

24-07-2005 20:31

KISSS: The Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression

K I S S S a series of performance events and interventions that include a s u m m i t , a m e d i a c a m p a i g n , a website and a nd a touring e x h i b i t i o n , a l l d e v e l o p e d a s a m u l t i m o d e p e r f o r m a n c e p r a c t i c e b a s e d, i n t e r n a t i o n a l c o l l a b o r a t i o n b e t w e e n e m e r g i n g a n d e s t a b l i s h e d h i g h c a l i b r e a r t i s t s .

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Pics and report of todays vigil at Stockwell tube.

24-07-2005 19:18

Locals in Stockwell are still in a state of shock over what happened on Friday. Today around 50 people gathered to remember the innocent victim of Police 'marksmen'.

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American Revolution, Now!

24-07-2005 15:29

Eliminate the One Party System with Two Faces

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Protest against killer cops - Sunday

23-07-2005 22:01

With the confirmation from the police that they shoot and killed an innocent man unconnected to the bomb attacks last thursday, a vigil has been organised to protest against state sanctioned murder and the shoot-to-kill policy.

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police murdered innocent man on tube

23-07-2005 16:50

Fuck it's true. Cops really did shoot and kill a man who not only was unarmed and not carrying a bomb but was actually not even connected to the terror attacks.

The man was followed by police from a block of flats that was under surveillance, chased onto the tube then pinned down while police fired five bullets into his head at point blank range.

The Metropolitan Police Service have now admitted he was not connected to the failed bombing on Thursday and have described the shooting as a "tragedy" that the service "regrets".

It was also revealed that the driver of the train was chased by cops and had a gun pointed at his head as he tried to flee the scene.

great... trigger happy cops and bombers on the underground - I'll stick to my bike thanks.

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The European Social Forum (ESF) - Athens 2006 - full details

23-07-2005 16:39

Where to find full details of the European Social Forum in Athens 2006

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New terror in the tube as cops get trigger happy

23-07-2005 16:22

The driver of the train which was the scene of a brutal police slaying on friday morning was himself chased by armed terror police who held a gun to his head as he tried to get away from terrifying 'shoot to kill' attack.

The driver started running as passengers fled from Stockwell Tube station following the shooting of a man it has since been revealed was unarmed.

According to officials from the train drivers' union Aslef, the train driver was chased by police who on catching up pointed a gun at his head.

Hearing about this outrageous behavior by armed cops given orders to shoot to kill, many train drivers have been understandably reluctant to continue working normally, the union's London officer Steve Grant has reported.

He said this incident highlights the tense atmosphere that his members are having to cope with since the 7th July attacks.

Apparently police have since apologised, which I am sure will have made the driver involved feel much better.

So, with armed tigger happy homicidal cops running around London we now have something else to worry us. We are therefore forced to raise the unofficial terror alert to 'dont run!'.

This highten security level means - don't wear bulky or baggy items of clothing if you are dark skinned - if you see police, walk at a resonable pace away from danger - whatever you do, do not run!

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political band wanted for g8 prisoner support night in Hull

23-07-2005 16:20

we are a collective in hull putting on a benefit gig for people arrested around the g8 actions. looking for a band to play some music on our alternatives to g8 film night. we're focusing on media misrepresentation and corporate news sources taking over , other stuff too.

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Tories compare gay Rainbow Flag to nazi swastika flag

23-07-2005 15:15

Westminster City Cl leader, and one other Tory, compared the Rainbow Flag with the nazi flag at a meeting on July 20th regarding the 'banning' of displaying the former outside gay venues in Soho- the epicentre of the gay community in the UK