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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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ACT TODAY! We need your help to REACH for a toxics-free future!

18-03-2004 15:55

Please tell your MEPs that you want hazardous chemicals to be substituted and
replaced with safer alternatives and that you want a right to know what
chemicals are in products you buy.

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Thirtieth Anniversary of the Chipko Movement

18-03-2004 14:12

Send greetings to Reni village as they commemorate the
direct action that saved their community forests and
inspired a generation of women to struggle for forest rights
in the Indian Himalayas

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Watering of WB (Ljubljana)

18-03-2004 00:12

Watering of WB
Local activists from Ljubljana have managed to perform a direct-action. The outcome had some comedic effects: painting the president of World Bank James D.Wolfensohn in the colours of spring. After the attack, there was also a small action in the hall where anti-WB banner was put on the scene behind the infamous orators. In doing that an important message was transmitted to all exponents of (neo)liberal organisation.

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Memorial service for Tom Hurndall in Westminster Cathedral - an invitation

17-03-2004 21:43

Tom's family and friends would like you to join them in paying tribute to Tom at a special interdenominational memorial service celebrating Tom's commitment to truth and humanity.

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17-03-2004 19:07


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Cambridge hunger strike against property developers

17-03-2004 16:30

A Cambridge priest is on hunger strike in an attempt to keep a community space. MPM Properties have siezed posession of the space, which they intend to redevelop, locking out charitable and community organisations.

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Media silence on state killings of Kurds in Syria

17-03-2004 14:12

Press release from the Kurdish Human Rights Project, an NGO based in London.

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A bad day for 'Baby Bush'

17-03-2004 13:47

Colombian President Uribe was dealt a diplomatic rebuff from the European Parliament when he arrived on 10th February after a controversial invite from the Socialist Group of MEPs. Campaigners had expressed deep concern at his imminent arrival in the wake of the Colombian government’s branding of human rights defenders as "terrorists".

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Appeal For the Release of the Imprisoned Tieshu Workers

17-03-2004 08:58

An update on the 6 workers imprisoned by the Chinese authorities for "disturbing the social order" following a peaceful demonstration, and a call for solidarity from individuals and trade unions around the world.

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The Murder of Democracy

17-03-2004 05:23

Democracy is only for the tyrants. For the normal person it has been consistently tormenting him and plundering his happiness. The democracy in Russia that started with a green bud perished before its bloom.

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Clearly Racist And Bigoted Skits On Clear Channel

16-03-2004 22:03

In the March 10 Bill Handel show on KFI AM 640, a pretend "Muslim" allegedly reading from the new Iraqi constitution refers to "hairy Iraqi women," "lovely Japanese schoolgirls," the "infidel custom of bathing on a regular basis," and "civil unions" between Iraqis and "loving camels and goats."

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16-03-2004 16:33

C4ISTAR in action - the world we all want to live in
The corporations behind the road.

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The ESF soap opera continues

16-03-2004 14:37

The London organising process has been a battle ground of different world views and organising techniques. The ESF process was brought to the UK by a small un-representative group, who then finding that they couldn’t, contradictable, keep control of the ESF in line with the principals that underline it closed the process to all but this small group by traditional authoritarian hard left strategies. In doing this they nearly destroyed the London ESF, it was only saved at the Europe wide meeting when they completely backed down and let lose all the techniques of exclusion that they had built up on paper. Though this paper change has not yet grown into an open cultural change.

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15-03-2004 19:51

Eyewitnes report from Madrid on the crucial Saturday before the Spanish Elections

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9/11 style propaganda spectacle backfires in Spain.

15-03-2004 01:51

Would-be masters of the universe in Washington DC would naturally presume that the spectacular tragedy in Madrid would help the current right wing Spanish government allied to Bush. But Bush's Spanish allies did not benefit from the mass murder like Bush benefitted from 9/11. A few days later, the Spanish electorate threw the ruling party out and elected the Socialists, demanding a full investigation to uncover the hidden truth.

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14-03-2004 09:25


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Core-Activist of an Anti-poverty movement in osaka arrested by Polizei!

14-03-2004 06:36

Geheimnis Polizei(Gestapo) kidnapped & arrested our precious comrade. We must mention about this terrible incident, and we must prepare to fight back against all enemies(osaka-city & osaka prefectural government, economic circles in osaka, and their subjects...etc) and must defend our homeless comrades & our tent villages.

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The Sinister Regimes

14-03-2004 04:39

Right from the days when the man was living in caves; the betrayal, prevarication, jealousy, avariciousness has remained glued to his soul and he has promised to shower this heritage to its posterity. The indomitable spirits kept honing these skills generations after generations without forfeiting the slightest surge of this possession.

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13-03-2004 20:21

Although Spanish officialdom at first accused ETA of being behind the blasts, arrests have recently been made of Moroccan and Pakistani Nationals in Spain. The leap to accuse ETA seems to be an electioneering tactic of political convenience, and a way not to embarass Minister Javier Solana and his pro Arab politics.

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Int. Women's Day / Health News from IPS

12-03-2004 15:13

International Women's Day News on Health from Inter Press Service