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The Facts About Boycott Workfare and the Unions

21-06-2013 11:25


We feel we should publicly state the facts as they are at present regarding relations between Boycott Workfare and a number of trade unions. This follows the recent appearance of some misleading reports which suggest that the GMB, PCS, and Unite trade unions are affiliated to the campaign or working with us.

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UG#649 - Why Money Will End (And How To Prepare)

21-06-2013 07:30

This week, a special show featuring a 2-hour made-for-radio commentary on a recent presentation entitled Why Money Will End — And What to Do About It. Does a life beyond money have to be unthinkable? Or is it just that a highly funded campaign is trying to make it seem so? What if it was "bu$ine$$ as usual" that was in reality unthinkable, and there was a more beautiful world of abundance awaiting us, once enough people have the courage to say goodbye to money and its scarcity-inducing story of selfishness and separation?...

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Is #nosecondnightout just another Tory scam?

20-06-2013 11:48

failing to live up to their own name?

So, the night before last whilst out walking my dog, I found a guy sleeping in the gardens behind my tower block. Last night he came back. After an internet search I found details for No Second Night Out (NSNO) who claim that they:

focus on helping those who find themselves rough sleeping on the streets of London for the first time. We will ensure there is a rapid response to new rough sleepers, and will provide an offer that means they do not have to sleep out for a second night...

Elsewhere on the site , we are informed that:

Homelessness charity Broadway has won the £5 million two-year contract to take on the mayor of London’s no second night out project from June this year. Howard Sinclair, chief executive of Broadway, said: ‘We are committed to ending rough sleeping in the capital and by working in partnership on this tender – and by expanding the service to south London – we are confident that the great strides we have already made to ease homelessness problems in London will continue.’

So, is this expensive scheme involving Mayor Boris and a homeless NGO a good thing, or is it is just more spin which sees the Tories handing out cashpayers money, with little positive result to be gained? And yes, of course the question is rhetorical......

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Call for signatures in support of the Week of Worldwide Action

18-06-2013 20:31


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Celebrate 2years of active solidarity by Bristol Defendant Solidarity

18-06-2013 08:57

Benefit flyer
Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS) was formed in the aftermath of the street resistance in Stokes Croft in late April 2011. That resistance occurred when the state acted to defend a newly opened Tesco shop on Cheltenham Rd which had been the focus of widespread community opposition.

Now after 2 years of active solidarity work since its formation, Bristol Defendant Solidarity, with a little help from Kebele Sound Collective, present a benefit night of international radical hip hop, rap and conscious beats.

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Starved of Justice in Iraq: American Prisoner on Hunger Strike

18-06-2013 08:57

This is an article written by Narmeen Al Rubaye about an Iraqi man who remains in prison in Baghdad for the last 10 years who is currently on hunger strike, and whose wife who gained asylum in the UK in 2006 remains with their child separated from him. It includes a letter writing action at the end.

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A Brief History of the West: Gold, Land, Autonomy, and Rebellion

17-06-2013 18:36

A exposition on struggles in Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, and Athens

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Call-out for solidarity: Sleepless in Istanbul III

17-06-2013 09:42

This article is by Dominic posting 'Dispatches from Turkey in revolt' on the libcom website. Includes an update from Saturday & Sunday's escalation of state repression and violence and a call-out for solidarity actions. Read the original article here: (NB the author may update content).

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huge turkish solidarity protest in harringay as taksim square cleared

16-06-2013 00:23

despite a police ban, more than 2000 protestors marched to wood green in north london on saturday night as news was coming in of massive repression in istanbul

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UG#647 - Making The Universe Your Employer (Giving Up The Burden Of Money)

15-06-2013 09:22

This time we hear a combination of voices contradict the story of the selfish-maximising skin-encapsulated ego. Aided by Mark Sundeen, we hear from Suelo on how he decided to 'make the universe his employer' and give up money. Then an interview with Charles Eisenstein on stepping into the gift, together with a short speech by Amanda Palmer on connecting with fans and the benefits of giving her music away free.

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Misleading Half-Truths About Mental Health

14-06-2013 16:43

More misleading half truths from the appalling BBC

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Stop G8 Convergence Space Going Well

09-06-2013 09:32

Bringing Anarchism back to Soho! The Convergence Space has kicked off well - but more people needed!

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turkish solidarity in trafalgar square

08-06-2013 22:55

after the huge turkish protest in whitehall earlier in the afternoon, early evening saw police trying to disperse people from trafalgar square.

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Stop G8 Social Centre Now Open

08-06-2013 13:47

StopG8 social centre now open 40 Beak St, Soho, W1F 9RQ More info here:

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The assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán in Chiapas, Mexico

08-06-2013 05:32

“He gave his life for the land”

Another indigenous leader has been assassinated in the struggle to defend the land and natural resources from depradation and destruction.

Article from the June edition of Peace News

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UG#645 - Potemkin Justice (Whistleblowers & Surveillance in 21st Century USA)

07-06-2013 09:03

A stark contrast with UG#644, we look this week behind the facade of the separation of powers in USA. Do any effective checks remain on how the US government behaves itself? Or is the external threat of massive dissent the only check left to the ongoing rollout of the totalitarian state's surveillance and control grid.

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Birmingham's Turkish community show solidarity for the protests in Turkey

06-06-2013 16:39

Turkish people in Birmingham on the 5th June demonstrated in solidarity to support of their countrymen's defence of their democratic rights in the face of the brutal onslaught by the AKP-led government and against the police killing of demonstrators

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2 Brits arrested in Istanbul, Antifa murderd in Paris

06-06-2013 10:42

2 Brits among 11 foreigners arrested in Istanbul protests
Anti fa 'Clement Merik' murdered by gang of Nazis at Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris late last night (

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Anti-Capitalist sectarianism. (Part - 1)

06-06-2013 09:32

Given the persistence of political and religious sectarianism and its rapid proliferation into extreme forms throughout the world it is worth considering in considerable detail the characteristics of this reactionary tendency. In this the first of three articles the opinions of Marx and Engels in the 19th century on this vexed question are considered.

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UG#644 - Living Here And Now (Having A Personal Philosophy, Walden 3)

06-06-2013 09:10

A carpe diem show this week which asks "Do you have a personal philosophy?" If you are one of the many people who have not given the matter much thought, Professor William Irvine cautions against accepting the 'default philosophy' of hedonistic consumerism. Now is the time to decide what you stand for and to refuse to stand for anything less!