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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The War on Drugs Does Not exist

08-07-2007 05:49

Welcome to the WAR ON HUMAN RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, BELIEFS AND CHOICES…..For if it is a War on Drugs, why do we annihilate and persecute some, while giving supremacy to others?

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World Renowned Security Expert Slams ID Cards

07-07-2007 15:21

Security Expert Bruce Schneier says the problem with ID Cards is that they will make Identity theft easier, resulting in a nastier crime with a lot more Dame to individuals.

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Copenhagen - Summer of 69

06-07-2007 20:46

Wanna join the fight for our free places?

Come to Wonderful Copenhagen's 'Summer of 69'

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Saving Iceland conference and protest camp

06-07-2007 12:37

Between the 7th and 8th of July a conference is taking place followed by a protest camp and a 'summer of dissent' in Reykjavik, Iceland. The country's pristine, and often protected, wilderness is being systematically destroyed by the aluminum industry and national power company in their hunger for cheap energy and increased profits. The environmental impact is vast, both globally and locally. We struggle against these crimes, and if you wish to support us, visit our website and join the fight to save Europe's last remaining wilderness.

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SOCPA - The Movie at the Prince Charles Cinema 15/07

06-07-2007 11:12

SOCPA the movie
1pm Sunday 15th July
Plus Q&A with Director Rikki and SOCPA activists.

The Prince Charles Cinema

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UK`s Shame of Elderly Living in Poverty

05-07-2007 21:15

Only the bitter tones of vinegar from the whole community, young & old will put an end to this genocide, a social struggle worthy of only the Biggest of Rebellions. Where is the Million strong March against the war on the Old?

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British Airways Shame London Pride

05-07-2007 14:09

A very wet Saturday and security concerns after the failed car bombs failed to damped the spirits of London Pride 2007, and neither did the pathetic little protests by the National Front and their brethren from the Christian Right. Beer and broll'ies were the order of the day, with the pink pound ensuring plenty of both flowed through the damp streets of London.

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Welsh Cops Want Stop and Search Powers (from Gagged! Anarcho Newsletter)

05-07-2007 12:10

War on Terror = War on Civil Liberties

South Wales cops have asked the Home Office for invasive powers to stop and search people in Cardiff following terror attacks in London and Glasgow Airport. In a move which echoes politicians’ calls to extend internment without charge, the police here are using the terror attacks as an excuse to extend their powers and further strip away civil liberties. Section 44 of the Terrorism Act gives the plod unprecedented stop and search powers and has already been misused to hassle demonstrators and others.

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Statement of Solidarity: Free John Bowden

05-07-2007 10:44

If it is already pathetic that the state cries "terrorists!" when it is reminded of anarchism, then it is too much too bear in the case of John Bowden, a long-term prisoner sitting in isolation.

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NGO denounces UK lies Legal Advice for Asylum Detainees

05-07-2007 00:20

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) is an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention in the UK. We work with asylum seekers and migrants, in removal centres and prisons, to secure their release from detention.

In response to recent parliamentary questions the UK government made out the that the support that BID provided to women and children in Yarl's Wood amounted to adequate provision for legal advice on navigating the UK asylum and detention system.

The volunteers of BID totally reject this mis-representation of their work, read on understand what's really going on in detenion centres in the UK today.

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4 Million Suffer Fuel Poverty in UK

04-07-2007 14:47

This Damaging claim comes from the charitable organisation `National Energy Action`, from which it says the government is acting illegaly in not forefilling its obligation to Eradicate Fuel Poverty.

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Get Bent! Manchester's Alternative Community Pride Summer Festival Wants YOU!

04-07-2007 12:36

Get Bent! Shout Out to ALL unfunded grassroots groups and projects to have free info stall in Manchester City Centre venue over weekend of 24th - 25th August 2007! Get Involved with Get Bent! Manchester's 10 day free festival... Coming Out August/September 2007!

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!Anti-Canada Day 2007!

04-07-2007 03:47

On July 1st 2007, the third annual Indigenous anti-canada day event was held in Coast Salish Territories (vancouver, B.C.). A rail line in the native neighbourhood of Commercial Drive was blockaded as part of Indigenous People's ongoing resistance to the occupation of our territories by the state of Canada and capitalist corporations. This was one of many actions across the continent.

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Expatriate UK Bangladeshis money stolen by money transfer fraudsters

03-07-2007 15:29

The East End of London is witnessing a series of tussles today between those who are demanding the restoration of the money lost by the expatriate Bangladeshis in the UK and those seeking to deny the devastating impact the theft and fraud have had on the people whose money has been stolen.

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The Rebel Historian Eric Hobsbawm

03-07-2007 12:31

If the third millenium is crafted according to the theological dogmas of market radicalism, we will fail. The price for this failure, the alternative to a transformed society, is darkness.

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A Matter of Justice or the Failure of Nations

03-07-2007 05:02

Press secretary for the Bush Whitehouse, Tony Snow, stated that Bush “has the ability to exercise his ‘own authority’ ..,” [my emphasis]. The comment was made in reference to a dispute in Congress and to presidential discretionary powers; however, what everybody is at pains to avoid is the nature of this “authority” in the US political system. Yes, the authority that is invested in the president is invested by the people through the democratic process; a president then becomes the representative voice of the people; and all things being equal – which they clearly are not – democracy continues in a healthy State! And therein lies the tale; the sickest democracy in the world today is the American ‘democracy.’

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Immigration Reform Is Needed, After Bush

03-07-2007 00:40

Stewart Alexander, a presidential hopeful with the Peace and Freedom Party, says, “I believe Congress should work on comprehensive immigration reform after President Bush ends his term in office. I do not believe this important issue should be used as a political football or as a bandage for an administration that is hemorrhaging before the nation and the world.”