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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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More4 video report on hunger strike and beatings

02-05-2006 23:03

More4s report on the April 8 demonstration, the following hunger strike and Amos Onokare, who was beaten for talking to the Guardian newspaper.

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Ribble Bloggers Launch!

02-05-2006 19:14

Save the Ribble Campaign bloggers launching their blogspot with a mass email to Councillors and a ramble by the Ribble

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BNPtv newsreader 'sacked' from day job

02-05-2006 16:27

Previously advised on Indymedia-15 April- follow up to story about sicko BNPtv newsreader.

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newcastle critical mass

02-05-2006 16:07

newcastle cm the 6th may at 12

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Peace in the Park Parade

02-05-2006 14:15

On Saturday 3rd June the general cemetary hosts the 4th Peace in the Park festival, but it would be a pity to just have just one little island of peace in the city, so we would like to have a Parade of Peace and Understanding, going from the centre and moving through Sheffield to the festival.

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London May Day Parade Photos

02-05-2006 14:02

Turkish trade unionist Süleyman Yeter died in police custody
Pictures and text on the May Day March in London, 2006.

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Police Mayday Victory Celebrations

02-05-2006 13:57

Man warning a mask of George Bush standing in front of Bank of England
2pm Monday 1 May 2006
Bank of England

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Official inquiry into the conduct of the Icelandic authorities

02-05-2006 13:48

One of many illegal arrests
An official inquiry into the conduct of the Icelandic authorities and police during the protests against the multinational corporate invasion of Iceland and the destruction of its pristine nature in the summer and autumn of 2005 is underway.

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02-05-2006 12:53

The above film was shown yesterday to a small crowd in the delightfully bohemian bonhomie of Tchi Ovna, Otago Lane, Glasgow

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Four Mapuche Hunger Strikers - fight for life,

02-05-2006 12:33

Today, Tuesday May 2nd, marks the 50th day of the hunger strike for the Mapuche political prisoners Patricia Troncoso, Juan Huenulao, Patricio Marileo and Jaime Marileo. Their health is now seriously deteriorating.

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Hack Lab Cooking this Thursday at Matilda

02-05-2006 11:44

Well at least me and The G will be.. Armchair is working i'd guess.. AD not sure and we have a newish person on board d4maths or Tony as they like to be named so what will we be cooking?

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02-05-2006 11:44

Video Mysterious Security Guard.
A quick impression of Mayday in London.

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May Day

02-05-2006 10:51

sambistas in the streets
May Day march in Manchester

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London Citizens Workers' Association

01-05-2006 22:23

Congolese musicians entertain the crowd
Today saw the launch of a new organisation to support low-wage and migrant workers across London, backed by faith organisations, trade unions and social justice organisations.

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Round up of London Mayday

01-05-2006 20:45

Brief round up on Mayday in London - More reports and links to follow.

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G8 2007 Newspaper Online Now!

01-05-2006 20:37

The mobilisation against the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany is well under way! A newspaper has been produced by a number of groups involved with the Interventionist Left (IL), one of the radical networks mobilising against the summit, and is out now!

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May Day in London - Time line

01-05-2006 14:03

reports from the demo in london

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Police harassment at Stockholm’s Critical Mass

01-05-2006 08:16

It must have been a slow day on the crime front in Stockholm on Friday as the police didn’t seem to have anything to do other than harassing a bunch of cyclists for cycling!

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'Chile: Mapuche People 48th day of Hunger Strike'

01-05-2006 05:03

48th day of Hunger Strike
Three Mapuche men and one Mapuche woman are now on their 48th day of a hunger strike. Today they have decided to go without fluids. They will die in the next couple of days if their demand is not met. They demand justice.

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Reclaim Mayday for anarchism (article from anarkismo)

30-04-2006 23:43

Reclaim Mayday for anarchism
by Anarcho Sunday, Apr 30 2006, 1:42pm
international / history / feature was launched for Mayday 2005 so this Mayday represents our first birthday.